Xaga Doll Discussion

Jul 6, 2012

    1. Well there's always Mint on Card! And their beautiful layaway system! I think it's great you've found not only dolls you love, but a whole company!
    2. I think Mint On Card is great!
      Everyone has their own taste in dolls and companies so it's interesting what kind of dolls other people get and where they come from.
      I didn't use their layaway system though, I payed in full. I don't have too steady of a job yet to even try the layaway stuff but when I get a better job then I know I'll be doing it. There are toooo many dolls that I like for me not to use the system. (:
    3. XD I hear ya! I'm doing a layaway right now, but for me I don't like doing it all in one payment because I have to wait for everything anyways. I'm on a 4 month one right now because I expect to wait about a month, and my pre-order is sent in at the end of the month anyway. I just really don't like having paid in full and not having it XD
    4. I don't like not having it when paying in full either but I make due with it.
    5. I can't XD I'm so impatient!
    6. I just found a box opening for two Nono's and a Kiki all with faceups from the company. This box opening is so cool! Ok, I think I found a link that works for the page.(I'm just going to say right now that sometimes the link sends you to a search window on a Chinese site and sometimes it does not...it's a gamble.) http://tieba.baidu.com/p/1453434533

    7. Anyways, I'm getting so impatient for my boy to come in >.<
      I've already bought his outfit, which is alligator/green themed by the way. Yuuri will be my extra special baby who loves leaves lol
    8. Anyone have order a doll from Xaga Doll ?

      I felt in love with Kiki and Anthony... <3
    9. I have. I ordered Xaga Doll Nono with boy faceup. The Kiki's are nice and cute and so is Anthony, but I just fell in love with the Nono's.
    10. Nono is so cute !
      When you have order ? And your order is already send ?
    11. I ordered on the 30th of July and have been waiting for almost 9 weeks. He's not done yet though.
    12. Hows the communication with the company?
    13. Well, I ordered through Mint On Card so I'm not too sure on that. MOC does not get order updates as far as I know and I have not tried to contact Xaga Doll as of yet. I might just to see what they say. ^-^
    14. I want Skuld's wings to be released by themselves, I can't even afford a blank doll right now.:(
    15. I really love Sheer, but don't like to order with no owner pic's to check out. I have had to many bad experiences. It is tempting very pretty.
    16. Well, there has been a development! My Xaga Doll Nono is on his way to Mint On Card as of today! I am sooooo excited! >.< So it took Xaga Doll around two months to make and send him...that's not bad in my opinion and I kinda expected it to be two months, though I don't know why.
    17. Ooh i can't wait to see him!

      By the way, did anyone else see the new limited dolls and their adorable event animal?? They're gorgeous!
    18. Thank you naynay123! Also, do you mean the event animal doll Bobo (I think that's what they call it)? Too bad they are not selling them individually or I might of bought one myself. Anyways, I've been told that my boy should be at MOC late next week and I know it only takes about a day or two for a doll to get to me because of how close I live to Michigan. I'll make a box opening video and post pictures in the box opening thread on here when I get him. (:
    19. -squee- yay! I'm so excited~
    20. -Flails- My boy is coming home tomorrow! -squee-
      I want to do a body review on him too, so hopefully I can get around to that also. I almost can't wait! ^-^