Xaga Doll Discussion

Jul 6, 2012

    1. Did he arrive yet? :D
    2. Yep! He arrived just today! The link to his box opening is above your post. (:
    3. I love Nono!! I am starting my layaway soon. <3
    4. Congrats! He's so beautiful ;w; I'm definitely looking forward to getting a Xaga doll one day~
    5. Awww, thanks. I hope you get one someday too! They are so cute!
    6. i saw that mint on card had a xaga doll kiki in stock, so needless to say a little yo named 'patience' is on the way. i am excited, but it's so sudden i do not even have a wig yet.
    7. Awwww! I want a Kiki someday too! Will you do a box opening? (Pictures or even a video?). I would love to see! I pre-ordered my boy so his outfit and wig were sitting on my shelf for about a month because I took me about a month in itself to find the right look for him. I love Xaga Doll! I think they will be a company I'll be buying a lot of my dolls from ^-^.
    8. yes i will be posting a box opening once i get her, probably just pictures though. well i ordered some shoes from mint on card for her, but not a wig...i should have gotten a wig at the same time :sweat but i have one on the way so hopefully in about 2 weeks she will have hair.
      i also want the nono eventually.
    9. Here is my review on the 1/6 Xaga Doll body. Mine is the NONO, but I think all of the 1/6 dolls from them (Besides Lara) are the same body. Hope this helps with anyone who was thinking of buying one of their BJD's!

    10. This is the Xaga Doll discussion form, not the Angel Fantasy one. You might want to look around DOA for one, I tried looking but didn't find much for you. People on this form might not be able to answer your question AND this form is not too active right now. I luckily saw a new post here and wanted to see if someone popped in to talk more. Anyways, it's a good idea to try to find another form or make one that pertains to that doll company. It makes me kinda sad that only a few people have gotten Xaga Dolls. It's also sad when the sculpt your looking for (the head you want) you can't really find. I hope you find what you are looking for though!
    11. Kazuki933 I saw your video on youtube the box opening one and body review of Xagadoll ~ I really like it :D

      I kinda have my eyes on Aine .. the MSD one from Xagadoll ( ;_; ) is there any picture or video of it, other than the pictures from their web / MOC? D; because I can't find any other.. I'm not sure whether this is just a temporary excitement or I do really love Aine :( not until I can see more pictures of her.. (> A<)
    12. Has anyone ordered a v-normal yet? I'm kind of hoping it might be similar to the volks oldskin white but I haven't seen any photos. MOC was really nice and sent me a photo next to Dikadoll, but it looked pretty light soo I'm not sure. :(
    13. Aivy - Aine (Type one or two?) looks cute, I actually JUST ordered the Elva boy MSD today. I was drooling over him for about a month and a half sense MOC decided not to put him up on their site for a longgg time. He will be turned into a deer boy with antlers I'm having custom made. They should be here by the end of next week I hope. He will also have one green and one brown eye. He is my grail doll and I love him so. I don't think there are too many people that order the MSDs from Xaga Doll, there have been quite a few people that have ordered Lara, but she's more of a mature tiny. They also put up a new girl MSD sculpt, Amie. Thanks for looking at my videos, I like to know what I'm buying and I'm pretty sure other people like to know too. Yuuri (My Xaga Doll Nono) says his thanks!

      Biff - I wonder if someone will order with the V-normal skin someday, all I usually get are normal skinned dolls. Except for my SD who has normal yellow skin. Hope everything turns out well.
    14. Kazuki933: That's very sweet of you, Yuuri :)
      Seeing your post about the new dolls posted on MoC I hurriedly check it! :o and wow Elva is a pretty boy! I kinda thought he's a girl at first glance. x) He's just too pretty~ Can't wait to see him as deer boy :D

      oh.. and about Aine. I prefer Aine type 1 personally, but type 2 is pretty too. :) I kinda waiting to find her picture somewhere that doesn't come from the company (;_; ).
    15. I know the feeling with the wanting to wait to see a non-company photo. I might be able to help you out there though. I always go to this Chinese site (Can't read it though funny enough, I only know enough to navigate through some pages.) when I look for an Xaga Doll sculpt...cuz no one else usually will have it in the US or on English sites (pouts) Sooo here are some links for you.
      The last one is one that the company DID do but I don't remember seeing it before...or I'm just tired and am just thinking that.
      Hope this helps you out. Aine is a pretty doll.
      I'll also post a picture or two here of Alex whenever he comes in...three months? MOC wont submit the order till Feb.6 so I am floundering in my seat waiting here lol.
    16. Kazuki933: Uwah~! :o Aine is really really pretty. Thank you very much!!
      Actually, yesterday I found pictures of her posted by one person in Flickr :) and now am super happy seeing more pictures of her.. :D

      ugh (' ^') I want her... Hoping in the future I can get her :3 .. I've just spent most of my savings to get an SD size doll last month.. :( So, I can't get another new doll for quite some time.
    17. Random post; just subscribing myself to this lovely thread.
      On a less random note, I'm planning to get a Vivi within the upcoming two years. :D
    18. Aivy - That's cool! It's nice that you found some pictures of her. I hope you can get her someday too.
      Yuna- Ooohhh, keep us posted whenever you do get the Vivi (: