Xaga Doll Discussion

Jul 6, 2012

    1. Will do! I meant Kiki. Not really a huge difference anyway, though.
      They're all so cute! :D
    2. i'm considering ordering an Amie, but was wondering how long it takes in general it takes to make for them to make a doll and where it is best to order from, MOC (global) or directly from Xaga (if that is possible?)??
    3. Amie is so adorable! I'm not sure what would be best and who would be better to order from. I ordered my Nono and Elva through MOC and everything was great! If you ordered directly from the company you more than likely would be paying more for shipping of course and with MOC it would be considerably less (Unless you live in another country of course...). MOC submits the order for Xaga Doll on February 6th at 4:00 P.M. EST unless they decided to change it. When the order was submitted for my Nono it took maybe somewhere around 2 months and that's what I'm expecting with my new boy as well, two to three months. You CAN order directly with the company but you have to contact them though e-mail...and they have multiple e-mails from what I can tell. They need order buttons -_-. But yah, I'd rather order through MOC and if something goes wrong with the doll they know how to handle it for me so I don't freak out lol.
    4. hehe yeah she is really adorable.
      I live in Europe but i don't know if there is any european sellers of Xaga??
      I will probably end up ordering from MOC then if not think pink or someone else sells them ^^
    5. As far as I know MOC is the only official dealer of Xaga Doll at this time. I obsess over this company because I guess I want most of their dolls lol. So yah, on bjdcollectasy.com it does not say Xaga Doll has any other dealers besides MOC...unless I didn't read something in the last long while. I think MOC would be your best bet though.
    6. Ended up ordering an Elva girl instead of Amie, as i thought Elva would match my character more.
      Is there an thread for people who are waiting for a doll from Xagadoll?
    7. Yep, there is! I made one but it does not seem popular. No one has posted in it except for myself (Sad face). (Also, from what I know and ordered...Elva is a boy unless you ask for the girl body?)
    8. i see, can you link me to the thread? i can't seem to find it >.<
      yeah i asked mint on card if it was possible to genderswitch and they said that i just had to write it in the comment box when ordering ^^
    9. thanks.

      Don't know if it is just me that couldn't find it on the mint on card website, but when ordering on layaway will the deposit then be automatically taken from my account by MoC, or will i have to transfer the money to them?
    10. It was my first time doing a layaway just the other day when ordering my Doll Chateau Ada so I had the same question. They automatically take the money out of your bank account and then the next so many times you have to pay they email you asking if they can charge your card. You can also email them through their layaway email if you want to make payments before the due date.
    11. Sorry for posting another after my last one but...I wanted to share an Xaga Doll Candy box opening from that Chinese site. ^-^

      Anddd also a link to the picture of one of their newest girls...with an actual faceup. MOC posted a teaser on their facebook page of her without the faceup.

    12. Thank you for sharing :D !! aw 1/12 ones are cute too.. makes me wanna add more tinies~~and oh :o the new doll.. what size is it? 1/6? 1/12? looks rather different from before in term of body proportion~ but really cute :3 I love their eyes :)
    13. I went onto that Chinese site again and found the names for the two girls, Kimi and Miki. I don't know which is which though lol. They are 1/6 as far as I know next to the Nono and Lara. I like head but not the body so much.
    14. ooo~ :o yea the head really cute :3
      wonder if they will sell the head separately.. maybe it will suit for 1/12 tiny body :3 *just maybe*
    15. Maybe, but from what I've seen their YOSDs have broader shoulders than those girls and it might look awkward. I have a Nono, but I am not convinced one of the heads would fit on his body. Would love to try someday though on one of the 1/6 bodies. The 1/12 bodies would definitely be WAY too small though, bobble head haha.
    16. I see XD so the head is kinda stuck in the middle :< hmmmmmm......
    17. I really like their 1/6 doll Lara! She's so tiny and so beautiful! Her sculpt is incredibly detailed for her size - I'd have no idea how to do a faceup on her!! Does anyone have her or have pictures? I'd love to see!!
    18. Lara is pretty! I remember reading stuff about her somewhere and what clothes and stuff she fits in...but I don't remember where it is. I know that she can fit in some clothes meant for Momoko, but they don't always fit.
    19. Here is a new picture of one of their new 1/6 girls with the weird body. Like the knees but the bust is something left to be desired lol. It turns out that the open mouth one is Miki (I think sense that's what it said in the heading, only Miki).

      And what's this?! Hand's from Xaga Doll perhaps?! If they make them for MSD I WANT a pair! http://i.imgur.com/DIAb5nj.jpg