Xaga Doll Discussion

Jul 6, 2012

    1. The new girl has such a cute look xD and dress too.. :) and Woah OAO"!! Jointed hands!? I always love them :D
    2. Yah, the new girl is cute as long as she has the clothes on. She is no swimsuit model haha.
      I DO hope they make the jointed hands for all of us to buy, I want some :)
    3. Anybody know when the Miki will be released?
    4. Not sure, I can never find info on that type of stuff. If I knew when they released dolls I probably wouldn't have been so antsy to check if the Elva was out every day. It took about a month from the day I first saw the picture of the Elva until they had it out. Maybe sometime this or next month? You could always ask MOC if they can ask Xaga Doll. The worst they could say is they don't know.
    5. Oh! So glad I decided to check in here! *waves*

      I've been obsessively waiting for more info on the new 1/6 girl/s! Mint on Card doesn't know when they'll be released last time I asked them...which was about 2 weeks ago?

      Oh and I have Hecate =) Her name is Malin! No real great pictures atm though ^u^;
    6. aw :o the head is really cute.. :D even though I don't like her body
    7. Same here. I like the head but they could have done something else with the body. I want to see more pictures of your Hecate PrincessTomato. Hope you can take some nice pictures soon. I haven't seen her with the new faceup yet:D
    8. Miki and Kimi as well as some option hands for them are on MoC!!! :fangirl: :fangirl: :fangirl:

      And for those who didn't like the big boobies~ there is a small bust option, too!!
      They are both amazing...I think I'm going to order them both and some option hands when I get the money together :aheartbea

      Kazuki933~ I'll get some of her asap. I've just not had a very good chance yet!
    9. Yay pictures!!
      Ooooo, really?! If you do order them both let me know. It's a good thing they have a smaller bust option, it makes the doll more appealing to me actually
      Anddd Alex!!~~ When are you coming in?!?! -sighs- I kinda want to attend my first doll meet in April but I want Alex and Yuuri with me when I go. Anddd I need to get to the craft store soon to make Alex's chainmail outfit. Dollies come innnn! lol
    10. Pretty sure Kimi is just the cutest little thing I have ever seen :3 Those knees are too funny! :aheartbea
      I am glad they have the small bust option too, but I would prefer to order straight from the company since I am in Australia, do we think they will be added to the company site soon, or is it a MoC exclusive? Of course the layaway option from MoC does sound mighty tempting since my work hours will be reduced over the next month. Hmmmm...
    11. You could always use one of Xaga Dolls e-mails from their page to try to contact them to see if they'll sell thorough their page. The layaway option is also a good idea from MOC. Either way you will be paying EMS I think.
    12. I emailed them yesterday after checking the site back and forth for a few days, actually. She's just too cute to resist! Has anyone else taken the plunge yet?
      The good thing about EMS from Asia to Australia is that it's about half the price of EMS from USA to Aus, aaaaand if I can order direct from the company next week it will cut back on two months of extra waiting while we wait for MoC to place their order at the end of May. I love ordering instock stuff from MoC but their pre-order waits are crazy pants.
    13. I know what you mean! I live in the US so it's better for me to order from MOC. Right now I've been waiting a total of 80 days in all and the people who got their orders submitted with mine have been waiting around 55 days. Mine is higher sense I ordered a month before my order was submitted. If MOC would have put the doll up on their site before submitting orders then my wait time might have been lower.
    14. Popping in to tell that I too emailed Xaga directly on Monday and still waiting on an update for the MOC orders. Alma needs her body!
    15. I have now found out that I HATE ordering at the beginning of the year. I got my first doll in July of 2012 and never really knew that this kind of thing could happen...until I read different forms and stuff talking about different wait times during the year...Unless I want the doll bad enough I'd probably wait a while. I ALREADY have another doll planned too. Alex needs to come home to see her when she comes into lol. It'll be his sister.

      I didn't get an e-mail from Xaga Doll back either. I'm thinking they don't check their English inbox.
    16. A new doll Xaga put on their web site >.<. She's so prettyyy. Her sculpt name is Cloris and I remember going onto that Chinese site the other day and seeing a blank head with this name. I think there is also another doll coming out, a male one, so we should be on the look out for that too. I think Cloris is about 70CM and she is their first 70CM girl doll. I want her someday -sighs-. She is now on Xaga Doll's English site as of today.

      Edit: She is actually 65CM, I just rechecked it on that Chinese site, tieba.baidu.com, today.

    17. One word about the new Xaga doll girl: temptation.
    18. Don't I know it rofl. I wouldn't be able to get a girl like that for months even with layaway. This is when you sing about pipe dreams and winning the lottery lol.
    19. I really like big dolls since I put her on the dollie wish list!! I think you could get her if you wanted her bad enough plus I can give you some money saving tips over PM to help you out.