Xaga Doll Discussion

Jul 6, 2012

    1. I want other dolls right now actually and I would need to move things around in my room before I could have another doll that's an SD or bigger. I'm also looking into getting a new job so maybe after that I could put her on layaway or something then when I actually get that job. I'm also looking into getting wigs, eyes, clothes, etc. for some of my new dollies still coming in so there is that to save for too. I promised myself though that if I found an SD or bigger that I loved when I got my first paper job that I'd put it on layaway. I actually didn't think I'd find something close to 70CM that I liked but behold, I did lol. I also just need to bond with some of the newer dolls coming in or I'd feel guilty for getting more rofl.
    2. I understand that completely. Alma is going to be the only SD girl in the house until I get Uzi home. I have a feeling I will start that project later this year, but lately, I'm liking Xaga's boys too.
    3. They just need to make more MSD boys, the Elva boy was so pretty (I love my boys haha) and I love Xaga Doll so I thought why not. I really want to play around with his jointing and mess around with him for one day...then I think I'll unstring him and wash the parts and then body blush him. That's whenever I get around to it I guess. I don't feel like unstringing my YOSD from them sense I already had a bad experience trying to restring one...it had tiny leg and arm wells lol.
    4. That's a terrible experience. I went through that with my Yo. When Alma's body gets here, I'm gonna try on all of her small box full of commissioned clothing to make sure of it fits. Then, I need to figure out her first hair style look and make her name brand look a like headphones. I'm excited about this hybrid!
    5. Hello everyone! I have a question about Xagadoll's 63cm boy body: I can see in the pictures that the arms are double-jointed, but I can't tell if the knees are double-jointed too. I'm thinking of getting Van or Nat but knee posability is very important to me. Can anyone help me?
    6. Has anyone got a Rex? I'm going to be putting him on layaway next month and the lack of owner pictures is making me a bit nervous.
    7. zinery: I would think that the knees would be double jointed too. Their MSD line has double joints along with their YOSD so why no SD? I don't think you have to worry. By the way...I'm in love with Van...I want him someday too lol. Sorry for no one answering quick...I don't keep tabs on this thread as much as the waiting one. I found a picture of their 70cm body, even though it's bigger I should think it would keep your mind at ease, it shows that the knees are double jointed. http://imgsrc.baidu.com/forum/w=580.../18d8bc3eb13533fa6c1f67cca8d3fd1f40345ba3.jpg

      fidelis: Like I said in the waiting room...I want/WISH I had him. This Chinese site I go to has an owner picture (of a blank Rex). Here is a picture of different angles of his blank head though first from Xaga http://imgsrc.baidu.com/forum/w=580.../dbb44aed2e738bd465f5bcd3a18b87d6267ff978.jpg . I couldn't find the full blank Rex like I did last time but here is a link to the site. Just click on some of the images and you'll see owner pictures of some Xaga Dolls. There are even some limited Hecate and Skuld pictures in the mix. http://tieba.baidu.com/f?kw=xagadoll&tp=0&pn=0
    8. Thanks for the links, Kazuki933! I've checked on that site before, but I haven't looked at every thread yet.
    9. I just saw Skuld....I definitely missed the ball on not getting her (damnit...... >.>). She's so pretty!
    10. woohoo no longer need measurements
    11. So did you get your Van? :D He is also on the very top of my wishing list >w<~
      But MOC stated the waiting period is up until 40 weeks scared me D:
      All their sculpts are so lovely <3 !!
    12. Has anyone found out what exactly fits the SD girls?
      On another note, my Xaga MSD boy fits in baggy JiD tops (Maybe not baggy as well) for Iplehouse girls. I got these tights off of etsy that fit nice too, it's a good idea to get some type of custom pants because while normal pants do fit, they will usually ride too low and show their butts a bit.
    13. Anything standard SD13 should fit the Xaga Doll SD girl body, possibly SD13 long leg pants for the Xaga SD boys.

      The Xaga Doll SD boy body has double jointed knees and elbows and so do their girls.
    14. Thanks! I was comparing measurements the other day to other doll companies and the SD girls are pretty close to what other companies have, it's nice to have more of an idea of what will fit though.
    15. I put Rex on layaway yesterday ^-^ I'm so excited! I've been eying him for months.
    16. Yaaay, someone else waiting for a Rex!
    17. Were you able to find any owner pictures of him? I wasn't able to find a single one:( Be sure to spam us once you receive yours!
    18. Nope, and I looked all over. Russian sites, Chinese sites... plenty of places talking about him but no one saying they own him or posting pictures of him. I'll take lots of pictures of him to make up for it, don't worry, haha.
    19. Oh good ^-^ Are you getting him with the company face-up? I thought it was rather pricey!
    20. Yeah, I'm getting him with the faceup. I asked for them to change the eyebrows more in the style of one of their other dolls... more 'normal', I guess? So I don't know if they'll do that or not. I can only hope.

      I've got a problem where if I don't order a doll with a faceup it'll never get a faceup, ever, because I'll keep putting it off :sweat