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Jul 6, 2012

    1. My Rex arrived yesterday (really fast shipping, wow), and he's perfect! Sort of. I was so nervous opening his head because the box was semi-crumpled, but it was in good enough condition... the tip of one of his ears had broken off, but it had been put back on with what I think was epoxy. I'm not bothered by it, so it's okay. I had asked for his eyebrows to look differently and they got that correct, so I'm happy with him! I didn't get any pictures, or at least any good ones, I was rushed and trying to open another box at the same time, haha. I really love him, he's got the thickest resin I've ever seen and he's so so heavy and smooth.
    2. My Cyrus is on the way to home) I waited 2 month))
      If you have 1/6 Xagas too, please, say me, what clothes they need?
    3. fidelis, I am so sorry to hear your Rex too arrived with broken ears ;-;

      Here's a picture of Rex 2.0
      I am in love with his body, I can't stop talking about it. However, I really don't like his face, his lips are too red.
      I don't plan on keeping him long ~.~ But god, that body @[email protected]

      Edit: the more I look at him, the more I don't like him. Blah ._.

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    4. Arekushia>
      He looks amazing though! Their bodies are so well sculpted and they pose so very well, too. Hope you figure something out.
    5. For dolls like your Cyrus I would guess that Momoko or even some Pure Neemo Azone clothes would fit (more so the size M or higher). I have a mature Cordelia coming in from AE and that's what I was told she could wear. Apparently the mature YOSD dolls can fit in most of that stuff. The Xaga Lara and AE's mature YOSDs have close to the same body.

      For regular YOSD bodies they can wear almost anything that's labeled YOSD size, my Nono boy can wear all the YOSD clothes I have at the moment actually.
    6. I really want a Ximigo, but are the wait times really 40 weeks?
    7. Hey y'all! Are there any proper pictures of the 30cm boy body? Do any of you own one? I would love to see it!
      There are good pictures of the 27cm girl body and you can even buy it separately. But not the boy body? -_-
    8. Hello, friends! Does anybody have comparative pictures of Xaga 1/3 Girl Body type A and type B or type B only?
      I mean nude pics to watch details and proportions.
      Please share, I will be very appreciated!
    9. I kinda like the head :) I would want to put it on a girl body though... been asking if that is something that can be done.
    10. I really love the look of the Xagadoll sculpts :D

      ...am I being thick or is thee no way to order from their main site? I can't find an 'add to cart' button anywhere.

      Also, does anyone know how big the Red Obsidian line is?? They seem small in the hand but their proportions look mature.
    11. I ordered miki in 2013 and she was perfectly strung initially. It didn't take long for her to get floppy though T_T I wonder if it has to do with the head being big and heavy compared to her body. I used to get her to stand on my bed and now I can't get her to stay up on the carpet.
    12. I just logged into my MOC account to check out some Island Doll girls. I decided to check out some other companies as well, and found these two beautiful boys :D



      At home I have 3 Dollmore Banjis, and I absolutely love little tiny and tiny mature dolls!

      I can totally see myself getting these 2 boys in the future. I think I'm falling in love with the Red Obsidian Series dolls.

      Is there an own thread for the Red Obsidian Series? I'd like to know more about these dolls<3
    13. Hi. I'm wondering if anyone can compare Xaga doll's normal skin (not the volk's skintone) with other companies such as littlemonica's ns or switch's ns (or just other companies in general)? I'm half planning to do a hybrid (I have too many floating heads) but I feel that I really like their normal skin color that seems to have a pink undertone and am trying to make up my mind on which skin tone to choose... *cries

      Thank you in advance for your kind reply.
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    14. I have a quick question... I'm planning on ordering Ted on layaway. Do I need to finish my layaway first before MOC puts in my order or do they order it even if I'm still paying? Next order date seems to be December 17th... I'm just trying to figure out if I should just go ahead and pay it in full just to make sure. >.<

      EDIT: Nevermind, MOC actually had an answer for this on their FAQ. :sweat:doh
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    15. @purplepaws May I ask what skin color are you choosing? If you're choosing their normal color and have some time would you mind doing a resin comparison please? ;; v ;; ) (I apologize for bothering you.. )
    16. @reitsuki I haven't decided yet but if I get their normal color, I'll definitely do a comparison! ^__^ (Though it will take a while before I get the doll judging from how long everyone else had to wait for theirs :atremblin )
    17. It's my Xagadoll 1/3 B-Body, V-Normal skin.

      Sent unstrung, and until now still lurking in the box waiting for my spare time :)


      And it's the official image from Xagadoll

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    18. Hello. I was wondering if anyone has a 63cm boy body that they can take photos of?

      I looked everywhere and I couldn't find any goid pictures. The weird angles photos from Xagadoll really sucks at showing how the body really looks like.

      Oh. I already emailed the same question butr they don't understand english very well.
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    19. Has anyone tried ordering from the official site and not from one of the dealers? I'm really interested in their Elsie girl and since their office is based in HK, I figured I should try to get her while I'm here. I've tried contacting them through email around 5 times, but received no reply from them :(