Xaga Doll Discussion

Jul 6, 2012

    1. You can try jerryama. I ordered from their site and they got my boy within 3 months. They are based in china.
    2. Thanks for the advice! But I've tried jeeryama as well. He only accepts Paypal or credit card and I have none of those right now. I'd really prefer to pay in cash and I'd rather not have the doll get shipped from Hong Kong to China just to come back to Hong Kong again. Thanks though.
    3. I like their girls' facies,very cute, but the body lack of details, especially the muscles, a little too thin, like a cartoon character
    4. Hello! I want to introduce you to my beautiful Xaga doll, 1/3 Girl Body type B, Erica.
      Her name is Elizabeth.
    5. I am waiting for a July. I'm so happy I ordered her!
    6. hannaliten, congratulations! Then I would like to look at this beauty.
    7. Can anyone tell me if this company has events, how often, and if they generally offer discounts or items?
      I'm thinking about placing an order soon, but if there's a possibility of an upcoming event then I might wait a bit.
    8. I actually can't remember them ever doing any events, but I'll be more than happy to be wrong on that one.

      I'm thinking about getting a 1/4 Amie sometime in the future. What are you looking to get?
    9. I thought that might be the case. I searched and searched for any mention of past events and couldn't find anything.

      I was hoping to get 26cm Bobby during an event. Both of my other two dolls were bought either secondhand or during events, and I was hoping to keep the trend going. lol But I ordered Bobby anyways. She's just so darn cute and the price isn't bad at all for this size doll, so what the heck. :)

      Thank you!:D
    10. I would love picspam of your bobby, please. Bobby and Tata are in my wishlist so it would be great to see pictures of one of them.
    11. I'd really love a xagadoll sd girl, but I'm not confident on how to order one? I'd be looking at a layaway with the doll arriving late November - any ideas?
    12. astromayhem
      Try contacting an administrator clover-singing. Perhaps he will help you

      XAGA June Sale-12% off until 2016-06-30 00:00

      And my SD - Erica
    13. Is this for a specific dealer? I don't think MOC is taking preorders for them right now, and Alice Collections isn't showing that they're having a sale.
    14. I currently have a July on order from Legenddoll.
    15. Kymera
      Clover-singing is the same as jeeryama
      I bought them a doll and now ordered additional parts with 12% discount. And i have no problems
    16. I've tried contacting them but I am in England and he has a warning on site of shipping fees :(

      What clothes fit the sd girl well? How long a wait was she?
    17. I most definitely will! :D She's on order right now, but as soon as she arrives I'll be taking tons of photos of her. ^_^

      I'd like to know this as well. I ordered mine through Alice's Collections on June 7th, but she was full price. :atremblin
    18. Rikkiti replied that it was "Clover-Singing" which is apparently the website of Jeeryama/Doll's Singing, and the sale is only through that site, not through any of their other channels. I actually didn't know Jeeryama had a separate website, so I was really confused when I didn't see the discount or Xagadoll on their EBay.

      What I noticed though, is that the prices on Clover-Singing are actually higher than Mint on Card (they're $235 on MOC and $256 on CS, and CS doesn't even have the full catalog of dolls). I think the difference in price accounts for the free EMS for orders over $100... so at the very least, you're not really getting free shipping.
    19. One question for xagadoll owners. I have a dimdoll flowne head and my idea is hybrid her with the xagadoll body, as I have read their normal skin is pink and can be a good match. Anyone with dolls form both brands maybe? I will order a full doll because I love a couple of their mini girls, but it would be great to know in advance.

    20. Free ems? Is that only for a certain location? Cuz the only postage information I see on CS is that to where I live (Europe) is expensive?