Xaga Mini Dolls

Feb 5, 2015

    1. So I painted my May and thought I'd share a photo of him here:


      I was going for a smoky look. Apologies for his baldness---I haven't found the perfect wig for him, yet.
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    2. He's cute! I am actually going to get ordering a girl May.. perhaps next month? I think the sculpt is so sweet <3
    3. Thank you! :blush

      The May sculpt is beautiful---I'm sure you'll love yours. I look forward to seeing her! Do you plan to get her in WS or NS?
    4. I wanted to go for the NS. I like a pinkish resin.

      Going to also order a "Volks" NS body for my Gella head :) Hopefully it works out.
    5. @PeppermintPocky : omg your doll is so cute :D
      I love May Xaga boy ver, though the company picture of him look a bit girly to me, but now see him in your face up, I think I definately gonna buy him !! He is so perfect and cute !

      Sadly, right now I'm pretty busy with my school project so I can't have any time to earn money ; ;;;;;;;;
      Hopefully in next month I can have time to do that, that's why now I will just stick to this topic and watching every one's doll :thumbup
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    6. OoOoO! Yes, Gella is a lovely head. :D

      Most of my dolls are NS as I tend to prefer that (and tan), but Eon will eventually be made up to look like a catboy once I add his fluffy white tail and ears. I've made them but it's just a matter of finding time to get everything together. :XD:

      Oh yay!! More Mays! I'm thrilled you like my boy. :blush Thank you for your kind words. Please post when you've ordered your own because I can't wait to see him!
    7. Necroing this as my Xagadoll Minono arrived! She's really adorable, and I'm so pleased with the yellower resin colour, all my other Xagadolls have been the pinky normal which I find too pale. This is much nicer :)

      Pics soon when she's got a face up!
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    8. Cannot wait to see :) I am eyeing Micoco, myself. Hoping to order her after my next wave of doll orders come in. xD
    9. I have Micoco on order!
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    10. Can't wait to see, @nancy_schroeder_ca ! She is probably my favorite of the 1/4 babies from Xaga/AE, based on the company photos. :)
    11. OOOOOO! Congrats!!! I look forward to seeing photos! <3
    12. Yay! Congrats on the new dollies!!!!! I can't wait to see them!!!!!!!
    13. Your doll is stunning! So pretty <3
      Its really helpful to see everyone's pictures!

      I've been contemplating for months on what doll to buy and I think we have a winner. I am just loving the Xaga aethestic. ...Now I just need to figure out what sculpt. I would get Mizzle, but I don't want the elf ears. I think female May and Mini Ted are calling to me the most.

      Where did you all order from? The Mint on Card website is currently listing them as out of stock, and I don't see an option to purchase them from the official website. I guess I will email them and ask about it?
    14. Clover-Singing will get the doll to you faster than MoC, generally speaking, and they allow for layaways as well. You might even get free EMS shipping out of the deal.

      Please let us know which one you end up ordering!

      A female May is definitely in my future. :) I've had to sort of put her off due to a number of Limited releases that have ensnared me. :) But I am hoping to order her by the end of the year.
    15. I will definitely let everyone know what I order! I'm hoping to place the order in a few days, and at the latest by the end of the month. I like that the May sculpt has a lot of character, so honestly I'll probably end up with her as well, haha.

      Thanks for the tip! I didn't know about Clover-Singing, do they normally offer free EMS shipping or do I need to ask? I checked their website too and they don't have 1/4 May listed, so I guess i'll email them instead. :p
    16. No problem! Cannot wait to see your cute new girl!

      Not going to lie, I'm a little jealous ;)
    17. Alice's Collections and Stacy's Pink Ocean also carry Xaga.
    18. I ordered my Xagadoll May from Clover-Singing (I was actually the one who asked Jeeryama to add the sculpt to her website, hehe). My wait time was very reasonable---I think 2.5 months? Maybe a few weeks more? I also qualified for their free shipping promo.

      I look forward to seeing photos of whatever beauty you choose!