Xaga Mini Dolls

Feb 5, 2015

    1. Painted Minono and it was such a disaster I'm starting again...

      Did discover that her sculpt is very assymetrical, she must be hand sculpted. Her nose is higher on one side than the other! I'll sand that down when I wipe her.

      I can report that she fits Disney animator shoes perfectly, but the clothes are much too wide for her. Her body is chunkier than MSD, but not dramatically.
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    2. She is ADORABLE!!! <3
    3. She is very cute! I like her outfit!
    4. @babytarragon Awe! She's so cute! I love the color of her dress, it really makes her wig color pop! Great job on her!!!! Please, share photos anytime!
    5. Ah how lovely is she?! I love the face up, and I adore the sculpt!
    6. I had a wonderful surprise when I got up this morning! I got the shipping notice for my MiCoco from Clover-Singing! It's been just over four months and I ordered the faceup and outfit!

      I'm so excited!
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    7. Congratulations Nancy! That's so exciting! :) Looking forward to seeing pictures!
    8. Congrats on your shipping notice!!! That's awesome! :)
    9. I just ordered May from Clover-Singing this morning! She'll be my first resin doll. <3

      Hopefully she'll be home before Christmas!
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    10. Yay!! Congrats! Did you order her blank or with face up? I'd love to hear what you have planned for her. :love

      My May boy is excited about your order, too. :XD:
    11. Oooh congrats on your order! I'm rather jealous! :D

      I want May, myself! Hopefully will order her once companies stop releasing new Limited dolls that I just have to have. :(
    12. I ordered her blank, in the pink normal skin, with the large bust. x3 Yay!

      Depending on the vibe I get from her when she arrives, she'll be one of the 2 characters that I want to develop. I'm hopping that having a physical doll around will help inspire the story and details behind who she is and what she does, haha.

      The plan is for her to become "Cadence", a young nomad in some sort of self-imposed military/cadet like organization. (It might even be just her in an organization of 1). There will be elements of fantasy and maybe just a few small distopian aspects. I wish I knew what her mission is, but unfortunately all I know is that she's generally pretty quiet and keeps to herself, is observant of the little things in life, and might perceive the world differently than others. I think she is unknowingly going to be her own biggest enemy.

      ...also, Cadance is kind of a cheesy name for a military inspired doll, so I might change it to Candace or come up with something else, haha. :)
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    13. OoOoO! I love your concept for her. It always makes me smile ear-to-ear to hear owners' detailed characterizations! :XD:

      And I am a sucker for (most) sculpts blank. The May sculpt is no exception! ;)

      I wish her a speedy arrival! My boy only took two or three months from Clover-Singing---much faster than I had anticipated given Xaga's notoriously long wait time.
    14. Thanks guys! It's fun to share the excitement! ^_^
    15. [​IMG] I got a XagaDoll Ximilu I named Camille.
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    16. i like may...
    17. The picture is broken so we can't see your Camille! :)

      aaohcat, I like May too. ^^
    18. I cannot get pictures work sadly, have been trying for days. Flikr does not seem to like me.
    19. Perhaps you will have better luck with imgur @taribulovesyou . ^_^ I'd love to see your pictures!