Xaga Mini Dolls

Feb 5, 2015

    1. She is really sweet, I hope you don't need to wait too long for her brother!
    2. Thank you so much !!
      Last time I wait for this girl it took about 9 weeks, for this time the dealer said it will be much faster because last time Xaga company have a break on holidays xD
    3. Aww May twins sound really, really cute. <3

      My May made it home, too, but I'm waiting to unveil her until she's had her face up done and the little mod that I wanted to have done as well :D Hopefully she'll be ready to present in another month or two.
    4. Oh no! :aeyepop:
      That's really unfortunate that they got the body wrong. D:

      Twins do sound adorable though, and less than a 9 week wait shouldn't be too bad.
    5. Thank you so much! :daisy

      Your May looks adorable! Congrats! :love I'm sorry the dealer ordered the wrong body for you, but I love, love, LOVE your idea of twins! :XD:
    6. I can't wait to see your little girl have her present :D Also curious about your mod too xD

      Yes thank you so much :lol: At first I also felt really sad and confuse when I opened the box, it was my first bjd so that kinda suck :shudder
      But after I decided to keep her and make them twins, then everything turn out to be great :dance

      Thank you so much !! :wiggle Can't wait to have a boy here to make those twins cloths :cool:
    7. I'm really happy with my baby vampire Clotho!
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    8. omg she is adorableee
    9. I own Ken and Cyrus by Zaga, they are 1/6 scale. I love the quality, nice resin, The do not pose well at all tho, I need to restring and suede them.
      With the long Xaga Wait times, I did a 6 mo Layaway thru Mint On Card and within a week of paying them off they were shipped.
    10. Clotho is so cute! Thanks for sharing! :D

      I really want Micoco eventually.. <3

      Also, my 1/4 May is at the artist's house, as we speak. :) She's going to get a slight eye mod, to enlarge her eyes a little, and she'll get a pretty face up. Really excited to see her progress photos! <3
    11. Hi has anyone have a Minono? How does she on posing and what kind of clothes fit best?
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    12. Guinan, I had Minono but she was adopted by someone else on the forum.

      I foundthe posing pretty good, not amazing but sturdy and reasonably flexible. Her actual torso isn't huge so some larger MSD clothes fit, but better with clothes meant for Big BB/ Baby Mini size. Disney animator is way too big.

      This a mini size dress from POTW
      [​IMG]Xaga Minono by Georgie, on Flickr
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    13. Thank you ! I really love her face :)
    14. Hello everyone :3

      Would someone happen to have one of the BB dolls and a 'normal' (non-BB) doll and could take a pic of them together? I already did a quick photoshop to get a feel for the sizing, but I'd prefer to see a pic of an owner before purchasing if possible.

      My eyes are currently on a MIBobby and I'd love to add her to my MSD horde -^3^-
    15. I got my Dorothy! She is adorable! But she needs new eyes and a proper wig!
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    16. Lately I just visit Xaga doll page, and then realise that their page seem like down ?
      And on acbjd or mint on card, there not much update on new doll that xaga has.
      So I go check on legend doll, and they are have everything new :sweat
      Their new limited dolls look so cute omg
      Those horn and fantasy concept :drool:drool:drool

      I may have to put the Sarah girl to my wishlist to make her an adult version of my girl :cheer
      Anyway, here my girl, she is xaga May :abambi:

      [​IMG]IMG_0818 by yume kaori, on Flickr

      [​IMG]IMG_0828 by yume kaori, on Flickr
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    17. I'm planning to get May and Mizzle girls but can't decide whether to get the body ver. 1 or 2. Can someone help me?
      It seems to me ver. 1 is more poseable while 2 is more aesthetically pleasing but I really don't know. Reviews would help me greatly. :)
    18. My finger has been hovering over the buy button for the May boy for months now but I decided to bring my Clover Doll Elvis home first as he's been on the wishlist a smidge longer and it was only fair - but I haven't fell in love with a doll as fast as I did with May since my first doll, so I'm super excited to get him ordered and bring him home. I loved seeing all your pictures and beautiful dolls :)
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    19. I can't speak for v.2, but the v.1 body is a really nice poser! everything stays where I put it, and it stands and sits well. I personally preferred the aesthetics of the v.1 body, so I can't really help you in that area. I did find that the sculpting and details of the v.1 body are really subtle and nice, and the only complaint that I have is that the arms seem to bend back further than they should.