Ylisande and TL2/twigLimbs2 body Discussion Thread

Jun 1, 2008

    1. She's exquisite, you guys did a wonderful job on this stunning girl! :aheartbea

      Echoing everyone else ~ I would absolutely love my own tan Ylisande! She'd be the perfect avatar for Tanit's sister-goddess. :)
    2. Stargazer is just incredible. I'm blown away over here. Wow.
    3. Sales have been opened now. you can buy a strung, seam sanded body for $530. High heeled feet are also available with any body purchase for the regular price.

      Thanks and congratulations to Twigling on the creation of her Stargazer!

    4. that's such good news, a question...... will the bodies only option be limited in amount? or will they be available to order at any time? i just want to know if i need to jump on this soon..... thanks.... :)

      also.... about the resin color, i have one of the old bodies, and it is a fairly good match to Dollstown fresh skin, which i find also works with the Minimee head that i have, which of the new colors, if any, would be the closest to the old color.... vanilla?
    5. All of them are lovely, and the body knocks me out. The knees are so to die for!

      But that dark tan girl.....yummy. I recently had visitors here from Bombay and showed them my dolls, and they were puzzled that I only had "white" dolls. I tried to explain the difficulties of tan resins. I wish someone could perfect a tan resin that could overcome the casting problems.
    6. Miss Ally, the bodies and dolls will be available as long as there is any stock left.
      As for the old body, are you referring to the original twiglimbs? Any resin matching with the old body is totally haphazard and was not controlled or measured in any way. The old bodies were cast by me, the new bodies were professionally cast and we had some semblance of control over the resin to be able to match one doll to the next.

      That said, I'm not sure if vanilla or pinkwhite is the better match for Dollstown freshskin, but Peach would be closest to orientalskin. I haven't got any DT samples, or indeed any Ylisande procast samples to compare and check with though.
    7. awww, that's ok, i'm sure i can figure something out..... i bought the older body recently from someone in MP, i can only assume it was hand cast.... it is a lot heavier, and does not have the "mobility" thigh joint.
      thanks for the reply..... :)
    8. so i finally decided that im in love with this girl :( sadly I dont see myself having the funds for her for quite a while... Love her though :) congrats to all who are going to be getting her
    9. I stumbled upon Ylisande in my late night surfing and whoa I fell in love.... so now she's on her way!!!
      Thanks Twigling and Dollfair!!!
    10. iamsiam71 ~ I'm sorry you didn't come across her before;) And congratulations on your new girl, please share her with us when she comes home, and when you have painted her (I am guessing you will paint her?) Thank you so much for ordering:D
    11. I want to know who won the Tan "Stargazer" Ylisande who was on eBay! Whoever it was, you'll be spamming the Gallery with photos, right? Congratulations!
    12. Has there been a date for the basic tan release yet?
    13. No date set yet, sorry. We're hoping to sell most of the dolls that are already in stock before we can take on any more production costs for a new run.

      As for the auction, I feel it is not my place to reveal who won, but it was a DoA member. Whether or not they will post photos I don't know.
    14. Oh, of course not! I'm hoping the winner will post themself. :)
    15. I received my Ylisande today and I'm completely ga-ga over her. Twigling, you outdid yourself in both the body and the facial sculpt...I'll post pics when I complete her face-up... she is truly a marvel...
      Thank you for sharing your gift with us!!! :)
    16. Will the heads be offered for sale separate from the bodies too?
      I'd like to order one... she's irresistable....
    17. Iamsiam, you can order the heads and bodies separately. I don't think there is an order page up for the heads, but you should be able to email Dollfair and order a head of three if you like. Note that Joan who is the customer service person is on holiday, but somewho should still respond to your email.

      Are you planning to mod the second head or just paint it? I'd love to see more people modding their Ylisande heads XD
    18. I'm planning on modding the one I have here and then have the second to leave as she is because she is so beautiful as she is!
      BTW how do you pronounce her name?
    19. iamsiam71, thanks for your head order which is on the way now!

      Here we pronounce Ylisande as "illy-sahnd." Her nickname is "Illy." Twigling may have a better pronunciation than ours!

      Best wishes again, and thanks!

      We are almost sold out of Vanilla colored bodies and full sets.
      In addition to Vanilla, we have the delicious Peach and Pink-white.

    20. Setsuna and I were wrangling with a written pronunciation for Ylisande just the other day... it's supposed to have a french sort of flow and starts with an Eeeee sound like the name Yves. So: [Eeee-Lee-Sohnd] or something like that.