Ylisande and TL2/twigLimbs2 body Discussion Thread

Jun 1, 2008

    1. YLisande= Eeeee-lee-SOHND (accent on the last syllable?) LOVE IT!
    2. Yes, I think that's it!! :D

      When you google it, you get asked "did you mean lysande", which is a Swedish word that means "glowing" or "shining". There is no connection between them other than similar spelling. Ylisande is a made up word that doesn't mean anything.. I wanted it to sound a certain way, but have a unique spelling and purpose so it would show up in searches.

      iamsiam, can't wait to see what you do with the one you are modding:D
    3. Yep, working on her right now....nothing major but you'll see.
      #2 head should be coming today :) I'm leaving that one alone.....
    4. I saw on the site that her resin in pink white matches Limhwa normal. Are there any pictures of it? Also, does anyone know if any of the three colors matches Supia or Elfdoll girls? I'd love to have such a beautiful body for them. I'm blown away by the posing pics of her!
    5. Rebecca, I believe peach would be the best match for Elfdoll NS but I cannot confirm. Pinkwhite would be the best match for Elfdoll white skin. I am not sure about the Supia or Limhwa colors, Dollyholic would have to do a quick comparison for us. I know it says in the FAQ that pinkwhite is a good match for Limhwa NS (urethane), but there are no pictures of it. I would believe it though, as Armeleia had all the samples at her place and compared to all the different resin they had in the house. From what I understand, Supia and Limhwa are cast by the same casting firm in Korea?? Their colours might be similar but I honestly don't know.

      If you are thinking of putting an Elfdoll head on this body you would have to sand the neck down a bit, making it thinner and rounder at the top to suit the smaller Elfdoll heads.
    6. Thanks Twigling! I hope Catrina can say about Supia and Limhwa.

      I can imagine so many photoshoots with this girl. I've never seen a doll that could get into so many natural looking poses. I wish I could get my hands on her right now!
    7. Hi Rebecca,
      Regarding your resin matching questions.. oohhhhh very tricky! Because with the Korean artists, sometimes the colors vary slightly from shipment to shipment. However, I think the pinky white Ylisande should be a good enough match with pinky white Korean urethane dolls. I don't have Elfdoll NS here to compare it to though. I'll take a peek at Limhwa's normal beige, and see if that is close.

      There is a new limited edition Ylisande! She's ROMANTIC YLISANDE, and we have her on Ebay now. She features custom costuming and shoes by Twigling, and facepainting by Armeleia.

      Just gorgeous.. you can see her here in the news thread.

      She's got a low starting price, and no reserve.. so have fun bidding everyone... just beautiful work from twigling...
    8. Wow, those gladiator shoes are FANTASTIC!!!
    9. I just ordered a vanilla Ylisande :D
      I was only interested in body, but my mom really liked her face, so I ended up ordering her as a whole.
      Maybe I missed something, but I didn't read anything about estimated shipping time.
      When can I expect her to come? My mom and I are super excited right now xD
    10. Bamna, the dolls are already cast, so it depends if you ordered a faceup or not. With the customer service person on holidays there may also be some shipping delay, but hopefully you'll have your new doll by next week?

      We're also hoping to have the shoe-soles molded in the not too distant future, so they can be offered for sale. It will just be the soles, and then you are free to build the shoe around it.

      I dunno if I mentioned this before, but Iplehouse EID female shoes should fit Ylisande's feet. I will confirm once my EID Jessica arrives.

      To Rebecca in FL: You'd have to talk to Dollyholic about it, but maybe you could send in a headcap or something for the head you are hoping to put on this body, and then they would be able to tell you more accurately which skintone is the best match for your particular doll?
    11. Hi everyone,

      It had to happen.. VANILLA IS NOW SOLD OUT! :o

      We have peach and pinky white still available, in both full doll sets (with head) and body-only sets (no head). For both options, you can also order high heeled feet to match your doll's skin color. :)

      We are doing a shipment today of Ylisande, so if you ordered her recently she's probably on her way now to you.
    12. wow, all sold out..... well you got me again, i ordered my "body only" option with the high heeled feet in the pink white..... with my whole Yislande, my "old" Tiwglimb's body, and now this one... i am up to 3!
    13. Wow, Miss Ally, you're on a roll there ~ what head are you planning to put on the pink white body?
    14. heh-heh.... yes, i cannot get enough of these.... i have a variety of heads to choose from, so it will be a swap and see situation, as i am not quite sure what resin will match. at least i will be able to offer some matches to the thread.
    15. That sounds good and is certainly something I can appreciate and will look forward to! It will be great to find out what other resins match the pink white!! Actually... do you still have your Dia, or some form of Elfdoll (or other brands for that matter) that you could compare to Miss Fritzie's resin?

      I should also say that if anyone missed out on vanilla resin, the girl with the gladiator sandals that Dollyholic mentioned above IS vanilla coloured, so if that's the colour you had your heart set on, it might be worth bidding on the auction and get a gorgeous dress and custom pair of sandals as well if you win;)
    16. I am in love with those shoes. Will you be selling more?
    17. Not of those particular shoes, but we hope to have the shoe soles available for sale soon, so people can make their own shoes and boots, a la the Unoa.
    18. That would be great. Do you have a price set? WIll you also release patterns for them? (You should *hint-hint*)
    19. I picked her up today :D!
      ..And i have a question for those who ordered her w/o body blushing.
      Did your doll come with mani and pedi done??? Mine did.
      Her body looks like it was blushed before, but not so thoroughly removed.
      Is this normal with Ylisande's???