Ylisande and TL2/twigLimbs2 body Discussion Thread

Jun 1, 2008

    1. oh wow, no.... mine did not come with any blushing or mani pedi, i guess it was a present? or someone else who changed their order?
    2. bamna, I think you ordered the last vanilla doll? Possibly she was already blushed and they tried to remove it since you hadn't ordered the blushing. Either consider it a freebie, or if you really didn't want it, I hope it won't be too much trouble for you to remove it.

      RROSS, not sure what the price of the soles will be yet. I would be putting some patterns either online or as a printout to go with them. There won't be a pattern for the Gladiator boots though, but they are pretty simple to make so I'm sure you'd be able to make a pair without too much trouble.
    3. News about a new Ylisande is here.. it's a one of a kind collaboration between Twigling and Cristy Stone. GO here to see this lovely girl!

      I have updated the news thread as today is the last day.. good luck!
    4. just want update..... i have just received my Twigling's body in the pink white. i originally wanted the Vanilla in hopes of matching to Dollstown Freshskin, but as it was sold out, i opted for the pink white (i have the full Yislande in the Peach)... much to my surprise the pink white can be used with Dollstown Freshskin..... it is a bit pinker in tone, but with face up on the head, i don't think it would be very noticeable...... so for those of you thinking of this combination.... it is possible..... my Estella is currently residing on the body, she looks wonderful in IMO....:)
    5. Thanks for letting us know, Miss Ally ~ hopefully we will be able to make more vanilla dolls available in the future.
    6. my pleasure..... just to prove my point.... even without a face up you can see how good she looks..... one sexy femme fatale on her twigling's.... just a slight shade difference.... as i don't have the Vanilla for comparison, i don't know how much closer the match might be.

    7. Vanilla is pretty similar to peach, just lighter, so I don't think it would have ended up being a better match than what you've got there. She looks great!!

      Would you be able to check and see what in your collection matches the peach resin?
    8. here is a little comparison i put together...... hope this helpful.... :)


      1) twigling's pink white
      2) Soom NS
      3) twigling's peach
      4) Dollmore NS
      5) Leeke NS
      6) Minimee-old matches Spiritdoll NS
      7) Minimee '09 NS
      8) Dollstown freshskin
      9) Domadoll NS
      10) MSdoll old NS
    9. Thanks so much Miss Ally!! This is very good, and also interesting for me to see! Looks like there is some wiggle room for some of the resins to match the Yli colours you have:)
    10. Wow! Your tan girls are soooo beautiful!! :aheartbea I have a Vanilla on layaway now and can't wait to get her. I hope the tan is available in the future.
    11. Hello! I'm sorry if this is obvious, or has already been answered but I really want to make sure. Ylisande (well, her head anyway) is limited right?

      I am truly in love with this doll, and I don't want to miss out on her just because I thought she wasn't limited! ^_^;;;
    12. impurecelestine, there are 50 Ylisande's in this run, she will not be released again as the same doll/configuration. Future releases will be somewhat different, although I cannot say exactly how as I am still working on the changes. Both the body and face will be altered and renewed though, so if you like how she looks now, you might want to order while there is still stock.
    13. She's gorgeous, iamsiam71! What size eyes do you have your girl wearing in those photos, if I may be so bold as to ask?
    14. Kiya, I think Iamsiam71 has opened the eyes on this Ylisande, and slimmed the nose as well (but isn't she stunning.....?), but I am guessing they are 14mm eyes.
    15. She sure is - all the Yli's I have been breathtaking! I'm planning on opening my girl's eyes up a bit, too. ^__^ It's good to know 14-16mm will fit in her well, since I have lots of those two sizes.
    16. The brown eyes are 12mm.
      The blue eyes are 12mm also.
      I have 10mm in my unaltered Ylisande head, which I plan to keep unmodded.
      I just love the original sculpt, too!
    17. She is beautiful, just lovely.
      I am looking forward to my girl's arrival, unfortunately I will be away next week, that' s probably when she'll get here, ugh.
    18. Stella... did you get your Ylisande yet? Oh, you just wait!
      She is an amazing poser!!
    19. I just got home today from vacation, and she was waiting for me, she is INCREDIBLE!!!!!!! I love her sculpture, all of her body parts are so beautiful and detailed. My husband loves her feet, he says she looks like a dancer. I love her ears, they are the most gorgeous ears. I have to put her in a wig that shows them off.
      I wanted to stay home and paint her but I had to go out. I hope to get her done quick.
      I am just blown away by this girl.