Ylisande and TL2/twigLimbs2 body Discussion Thread

Jun 1, 2008

    1. I have just made a resin matching and body swapping thread for Ylisande and the TL2 body. If you have some resin match observations to contribute, please share. I have already copied some posts from this thread into the new thread that contained information. If you have the body and have tried other heads on it, I would also love to see and share these pics. I can upload the images on my server to host them as well.
    2. I will plunk some other heads on her lovely body as soon as I can get around to painting her. I can't get over how lovely her body is. I was talking about her with another DOAer, and we were saying how some bodies look as if they were done by very juvenile sculptors, but yours is a matured artist's body. Every time I pick her up I am enchanted by the details. I don't even want to dress her, she is so exquisite. However, she keeps popping out of the top of the little suit she came in, rude girl.
    3. Stella, sounds like she needs some boob tape;) If you could do some headswapping, that would be great to see!! I'm glad you like her now that you've finally got her home:)
    4. Yes, I would be glad to try some heads on her. Especially since it's raining (now there's something new and different this summer, NOT!) and she can't get her face done today.
      twigling, I am so pleased to have her, she is stunning. I can't stop gushing over her, she is so beautiful. I wish I could buy six of her, I love her face, body, everything.
    5. OK, I was a big loser at head swapping, I went to put my School C head on her body and I hit myself in the face. My DH wasn't around, and I foolishly tried to do it myself. Now my bottom lip looks alot like Ylisande's. Except crooked. Embarassing.
      The good news is, here she is, Innola (it's a Native American name that means "little fox"); Wow, she was really fun to paint. I was intimidated because her features are so strong, but I think I did OK, I hope you guys like her.
      Her eyes are by Ginarolo, wig by Tinybear, and incredible outfit from Flowergirl.

      More images here!!
    6. oh wowie wow wow...... she is stunning, what a striking face up. i adore what you've done with her.... bravo.
    7. Ouch! Sorry about your lip... You'd better try again and see if you can get the other side this time to even things out;)

      Innola, looks very bold, Stella ~ I like the strong eyebrows. I moved most of the images to their own Gallery post for you, btw.
    8. Oh thanks twigling for moving that, I thought "I should have just done a gallery post with a link" about two hours after I posted. And yes, I should figure out how to even up my lip, because with the puncture I gave myself with the needlenose pliers, it looks as if I had a bad piercing experience, heh.
      Thanks Miss Ally, I'm glad you like her. I am pleased with how she came out, I was most surprised she wanted to be a redhead. Comes from being a Leo I guess.
      BTW, I was given a pair of Mimiwoo high heeled shoes, and they fit perfectly!
    9. Happy happy I am : I've just paid off my Ylisande Peach !
      Can't wait to get her now ! :)
    10. Oooh, dark_angel, can't wait to see what you do with her!
    11. Thank you soooooooooo much for creating her !!! I just can't wait to work on her ! I plan to mod a little her eyes, and I just can't wait to do her a make-up !!!

      And... She's on shipping !!!!! :sumomo:
    12. Stella Maris & dark_angel, congrats on the arrival of your girls! :D

      And Stella Maris, you did a fantastic job on your Ylisande, she's gorgeous, love the name you chose for her too. Sorry, though, that your mouth was injured, hope you feel better soon! :bcake

      And of course, my own girl, Tanit. :aheartbea

    13. Wow!!! your Ylisande have that divinely eccentric look to her, may I ask who did her faceup?:fangirl:
    14. Thanks, face-up by me. Tanit's character is that of a Phoenician water / elemental goddess, so I decided to use ocean inspired colors for her.
    15. wow earth.spirits, that is a great picture of Tanit! My husband showed me how to set my zoom lens so I don't distort her face, her features don't need that. Tanit's photo shows her face perfectly.
      So, a week later and I still have a scar. My dollie friend says that Innola definitely didn't want another head on her body lolz.
    16. Took some comparison/headswap pics between my Yli (Yamilet) and RS EID Jessica today: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showpost.php?p=5268753&postcount=11

      Headswap seems to be an improvement for both parties as Yli's head is a bit big for her body, and Jessica's a bit small for hers. The colour match is better in photos than in real life, and it's not a colour that is generally available, but might work for the peach/vanilla Yli and NS/WS Jessica?
    17. :aheartbea:aheartbea:aheartbea

      dark_angel, she's beautiful... those big eyes... she's sweet and sultry at the same time!! Thank you for sharing!!!

      I moved most of the pictures to a Gallery thread, since this is a discussion thread. Love the pictures though, I have saved them all on my hard-drive.
    18. OoO! I love her dark_angel! She is just marvelous.
    19. oh dark_angel..... what a sultry lady, she looks wonderful...