Ylisande and TL2/twigLimbs2 body Discussion Thread

Jun 1, 2008

    1. Congratulations, dark_angel, your girl is gorgeous! You did a lovely job on her! :aheartbea
    2. For those who have ordered Ylisande and find her to be a little finicky to pose; I found the sueding on my Yamilet to be insufficient, because I used a tan leather rather than the regular cream pliver I used on the artist cast dolls. Of course production Ylisandii do not come sueded anyway, but I bought some silicone disks from CoolCat on eBay. I got both sizes and have used the larger ones in the shoulders and ankles, and the small ones in the upper part of the elbow. Not sure the disks would sit well in the knees, and one would definitely need something bigger in the hips, but the immediate effect was very good in terms of making the doll more stable and rigid when posing. The disks could probably use a bit of trimming as they stick out a little bit and can be seen, but it's not too bad. I know I've seen bigger sheets of silicone somewhere too, where you cut your own size disks.. that was on Shuen's site Pupapa.com.
    3. I love her posing ablility, I think she's perfect.
      You can also get liquid silicone, you paint it on and let it dry. If anyone wants contacts to buy this, send me a PM. I don't sell it but I can tell you where to buy it, we use it in our work.
    4. Stella Maris, is this liquid silicone different from bathroom caulking, or RTV silicone that I use to make molds? I found that silicone caulking does not add any grip between ball and socket, while the RTV moldmaking silicone... well it doesn't stick to anything and I don't think it would have the tear-strength and durability to handle this, so I'd be interested to know what sort of material it is you use at work, and whether you've actually successfully applied it to BJD joints?? :)
    5. Man, these girl are HOT!!
      Stella Maris and Dark Angel, kudos to your beautiful women!!
    6. Holy Cow Dark_Angel, she's a beaut!
    7. Cudos also to earth.spirit and dark_angel. They are all gorgeous. She is such a wonderful sculpt.
    8. I have never applied it to BJD joints, but I will try this weekend. I have tried to use it to add some grip to the head (in place of wig block) with limited success. Actually I can just ask an FX friend of mine who is very knowledgable about chemicals. Puts that on the to-do list...
      I took Innola to an NYC meetup, she was much admired, as she should be (heh, so modest).
      Actually T, now that I went back and read your post again, from my own knowledge, the silicone we use definately bonds to resin (but will peel off clean after it dries) and it dries to a hard but not brittle non sticky surface.
    9. Thanks to all for your very kind comments on my girl !
      She's been a real pleasure to customize ! She's now even more sultry as she has eyelashes ! ;)

      I'm still customizing her (I've separated her fingers, and did a full body blush) and I'm working on her outfit and jewelry ! She deserves the best : she's a Queen after all ! LOL

      About her poseability, I find her easy to pose, and she takes amazingly natural positions without any hard work.... Couldn't be more happy !
    10. *comes dancing in* I have just recieved a pair of AMAZING Ylisande legs that I purchased. *throws flower petals and skips around* I LOVE them. SOOOOOO much. They are fantastic. :D:D:D:D Twigling is my hero. :aheartbea
      But I'm not sure what that thingy in the knee/thigh is? Just something to keep them together? When I string her, do I string around that part?

      Not that I'll be stringing her anytime in the immediate future. It's the first part for a character of mine. I must now figure out what to use for other parts (torso/arms/hands) I am leaning a little towards sculpting a torso myself. That way I will KNOW that the legs will fit right. ;)
    11. The wire in the leg stops the upper part of the knee from making a gap when you bend the double joint. The top half of the knee joint should only bend to 90 degrees, and then the lower part of the knee joint should engage. When you string, just try not to tangle the elastic with the wire. As for torsos, I am not sure what else would fit, so it would be cool to see what you did if you decided to sculpt something yourself, especially since it's a bit hard to come across lone torsos in the MP. Let me know if you have any trouble with the stringing though;)
    12. Twigling, I have a question, in your signature I see "Doe Eyed Face-Mod" which I am assuming is for Ylisande, but when I click the link I just go to the bodies page. I still adore my Twiglimbs body, BTW, wish for another one.
      Where can I see this head?
    13. Is it possible to order the doe-eyed mod from the enchantment doll site?
    14. Yes, you can only order from EnchantmentDoll, all the remaining Ylisande dolls have been modded to have wider eyes. ArtistDolls.com did commission three custom dolls that are already sold, (those are the ones in the pics above). I just linked to the pictures there as an example since there are none on the EnchantmentDoll site yet.
    15. Wow they are gorgeous, I am a little jealous now! I think you should change your sig to reflect that these are whole dolls as well as just bodies, IMO it is vague.
      I hope to see more of your work, I just love it. The body that I have is just amazing.
    16. Well, the link is to the bodies, but the banner is linked to the page for the whole doll, but yeah the text I could change a little.
    17. Waouw ! I love thoses Ylisandes, they truly are gorgeous !!! and so different ! I guess, modding them makes them unique, right ? Well Iset-Neferet is so unique to me also ! ;)
    18. Wow, loving the photos. I've been waiting to get some cash in and it finally arrived so hopefully, I'll be placing my order soon.
    19. Eeep, she is amazing dark_angel.
      Hobbysue, you won't regret it, the body is one of the most beautiful BJD sculptures I have ever seen.

      And your signature made me lol.