Youpla Dolls - Discussion - Part 1

Apr 15, 2017

    1. Yes, really photogenic. And well dressed!
    2. , Thank you very much! :-)))

      She is beautiful!! Like her so much! Your handmade clothes for dolls are very nice!
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    3. (Random Info, ftw!): I can confirm that my Ziya and Cerisedoll Manon can wear the same wigs. Ziya's head is 15.5cm and Manon's ranges from 15.5cm to 16cm depending on the angle. I have a custom wig made for my Manon that my Ziya kinda stole, even though it doesn't fit perfect due to being an odd shape and a hard cap wig, lol. But a normal wig would fit both easily. I'd also look at larger headed tinies as options for wigs. And wig stop! Velcro = love for too big wigs~
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    4. She's really gorgeous! Very lovely posing and cute outfits. :)
    5. My Ziya and Cerisedoll Amy are 'sort of' able to wear the same wig too. I hand made the wig cap so the Amy wig needs to be stretched a bit in the back to fit Ziya but a pre-made wig should not be a problem.

      Sooooo, who has ordered Lupita on the new body? I got her in tan to match my Ziya, with extra hands so they can share. :)
    6. I ordered Lupita, same color than my Ziya (dark tan) to share the additional hands ! I'll try to change busts between Ziya and Lupita too, I've ordered the small one ! I can't wait to see all these beauties !
    7. I just ordered my Lupita in dark tan. I wasn’t around for the ziya or Olive preorders but I would love one of them in Oetal one day. My collection of youpla dolls is growing but I am so in awe with their quality that I am sure Marie will steal all of my money
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    8. Oh, you'll have to let us know if the bust swapping works as the bodies are different :D

    9. i can’t show you the comparison yet since I don’t have Ziya yet but I have put a mayaksdolls Nitori head on a minifee boy body (take off the neck connector and put in a 3 mm thick S hook from the hairdware store and it works like a charm) Her Uma also makes for a great boy head (and she’s having a little preorder for that head right now if you want to DM her and shows off Uma on a boy body on her insta which looks AMAZING and where I got the idea to rurn my Nitori into a boy. I can show you compared to my Ophelie. Also think Mika (who has a smaller minifee head) will work too (showing you Amandas mika who is still residing at my house now) [​IMG]
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    10. I have Ziya in NS, but I will try to find new home for this lady. She is very beautiful, but It's not my doll format I think
    11. Hi everyone :)

      I believe there's not many Olive here (compared to Ziya :p) so here's mine, Amelia :) Sadly she's looking for a new home because I don't have the choice, but she's still very lovely. Hope you'll like her too. Make-up by Youpla, wig by Frapzilla.

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    12. She is beautiful! Sorry you have to sell.
    13. Just a reminder: DoA rules prohibit mentioning that we have items for sale. I wouldn't want to see anyone get in trouble. :hug:
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    14. Does anyone know if Minifee high heel shoes fit high heel Youpla feet?
    15. Youpla high heel feet are smaller than MNF high heel feet.
      I can make some of the smaller/tighter MNF shoes work by using socks or stuffing the shoes with a little bit of tissue paper though.
    16. For the "official" from fairyland, they are way too big, halas :/ Didn't try moe version, however.
    17. Okay! Thank you both. I was looking at some great heel shoes for MNF on Ebay..I believe the seller is He-meife.
      I better not take a chance.
    18. I have ordered some minifee and tonner 22’ shoes from he-meife for another doll, but if they fit my ziya I will let you know, but minifee moe feet look much broader than ziyas feet
    19. Moe size works. At least on my doll ;)