Youpla Dolls - Discussion - Part 1

Apr 15, 2017

    1. Let me introduce you to my Rochaella!
      I knitted his sweater very cozy but crop top way! I made the wig and her makeup. I wanted it very soft and natural.
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    2. She's adorable! I love the soft makeup!
    3. She is lovely! The wig is perfect. Great color!
    4. She's very sweet. You did a good job with the sweater, as well as the makeup.
    5. That is adorable. Love the soft look makeup
    6. Thank you very much! I'm glad you like her makeup! First of all, I found it too sweet. But when I see her pics, I'm satisfied.

      Thank you very much! I love this color. I find that it matches very well with tanned skins! But the wig is not perfect. It was my first one!

      Thank you very much! I've been knitting since I was a kid. My mother taught me. I want to make thin sweaters. I'm looking for the perfect wool!

      I think she's adorable too. I thank you for your kind reply.
    7. Hello! Here is my Ziya) She is not a shy person. Nice to meet you, friends!
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    8. She is beautiful! Did you make the wig? :)
    9. @Fablaette45 - I use laceweight yarn for my dolls. If I may mention the brand, it's Malabrigo. They have two laceweight yarns: Baby Merino (wool) and Silkpaca (silk and alpaca blend). The stitches look big because they're double crochet. (If you are in Europe, I think it's called treble crochet there.)

      @Lerrons - Your Ziya is lovely. What size are her eyes? They look like small iris/small pupil. They're perfect for her.
    10. Thank you! No, I bought it from wig master. I can make wigs too, but the quality is not so good)

      Thank you! I use 6mm kemperdolls eyes (fish form), but this green eyes is an artist, handmade one. I think It's 6-6.5 mm. I am not sure)
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    11. @ vermont chick: your sweater looks comfortable. Thank you for the brand!

      @Lerrons : Your Ziya is absolutely stunning. I love her makeup. Green eyes are my favorite!
    12. This face up made by PauliAnna from Insragram. I think It's very soft and sweet)
    13. I just ordered Celeste in petal skin with face up. :D Usually I do the makeup myself, but I figure if I'm doing layaway I won't notice the extra cost so much. Vaeron has been waiting for an elf girl to keep him company. I can't wait to create an outfit for her.
    14. I found a pattern for how to crochet a tartan plaid baby blanket and just had to try it, except I made it into a dress for Ziya. Some of the vertical lines look crooked; that's just where the skirt is gathered.
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    15. You are so creative! Cute dress! Ziya is very pretty.
    16. Thank you! Ziya and little Ophelie have switched wigs and both look better for it. Ophelie is wearing the red braids I used to have on Ziya.
    17. It's very creative! I think It will be intresting with crochet summer top too. I mean without sleeves)
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    18. Thank you! I should try it in cotton yarn for summer instead of wool and then pair it with a sleeveless top. Thanks for the idea.
    19. I just finished a dress for Alish (Youpla Olive). I really love this doll. Sure wish I could find more shoes.

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    20. What an adorable outfit @Oliveoil! I love everything about it, especially the polka dot boots. I know what you mean about the difficulty finding shoes that fit. While waiting for Ziya I ordered shoes on Etsy that although made for MiniFee Moe girls were supposed to fit her; they didn't. Luckily they fit Ophelie perfectly so they didn't go to waste. Ziya has exactly one pair of shoes that she can wear. They came from a seller on ebay who was closing out her shop, so no hope of going back for more.