Youpla Dolls - Discussion - Part 1

Apr 15, 2017

    1. My girl is wearing all MNF clothing that I made myself. One or two pair of pants took a second to pull up past her hips but once up they fit like a glove!
      If that is your only concern, rest assured ;) Ziya has totally stolen my heart - you should get Vana!
    2. Thanks, that's great to know! I asked, there's going to be another preorder for tan Ziya in August/September, thinking if I'll wait until then if I have the courage to take the plunge... OR get Vana now and Ziya from the next preorder... Decisions, decision. Meanwhile, feel free to spam your Ziya to your heart's content! She's gorgeous!
    3. I took the plunge and placed a tan Vana on layaway :D I'm hoping to get a tan Ziya as well from the next preorder. I just could not pass this up as I've fallen in love with both girls. So excited to get my girl!
    4. YAY - good for you! If she doesn't create a new face by then, I might be tempted to get a NS Ziya... love this girl so much
      [​IMG]Prowling by Ban, on Flickr
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    5. Your girl is beautiful as always <3
      I'm kind of hoping she won't create a new face - I want Ziya as well and if there's another beautiful girl I won't know what to do...
    6. @Maria, Congrats for your girl ! I look forward to see her here ! (And maybe you'll some AMAZING outfit for her).I have to say, I wanted to order some stuffs from you and next day, pouf, everything was gone, haha.

      @Ban Sidhe, If you're curious, here a pic of my wig !I really thing it's too fluffy. I'm waiting Ziya to re-cut the bang. But I'll do it again ! I wanted a half bun but I can do it with this one.

    7. Finally home ! <3


      But, I don't like the color, at all... :/
      So she's gonna leave, maybe I can find one in NSD instead !
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    8. Oh, what a shame :(
      Priya stepping out for some fun...
      [​IMG]from the shadows by Ban, on Flickr
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    9. I'm sorry to hear you're dissapointed with the colour Mylene. One consolation is that it'll probably be quite easy to sell her on The Marketplace.

      I have decided that when I get my Vàna she's going to live in another room than my other dolls. She'll be so different and I don't think her colour would look good around Fairyland tan and Iplehouse tan. She's also so different in other ways. She'll probably look best on her own.

    10. Is that the normal tan they offer? Looks so dark in the pic or maybe it's just the lighting? Oh man, if you were selling her like two months from now I'd totally go for it! Still thinking of ways I could possibly afford her...
    11. It's true - she doesn't look good with MNFs or JIDs. Which is a shame, I thought she'd look good with a JID guy 'cause they are more realistic than MNFs but NOPE. The JID guys look goofy next to her. Their bodies are fine (I love the size difference) and their facial sculpting is good as well but their eyes are too big in comparison. (If I could mod his eyes smaller they might work together but you're right about the skin color as well. I know there is a LOT of variety in real life but... well, this isn't and I want colors to work with each other when I take photographs.)

      [​IMG]Comparison Photo by Ban, on Flickr
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    12. Ban it was actually your comparason picture that made me realize they wouldn't work together. I'm still going to love my tan Vàna though. I just LOVE the shape of her ears and those freckles (I'm getting her with face-up) are soooo cute.

    13. Ooooops - LOL
    14. Don't worry about it. Since you're not as old as me (64 next month) you're probably not senile yet. LOL

    15. Well, here I am spamming again... Just can't leave this gal on the shelf ;)
      [​IMG]end to the evening by Ban, on Flickr
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    16. Oh Ban what a beautiful beautiful picture. I just LOVE it. Can I use it as a desktop wallpaper for a while?

    17. Uhm... sure. I haven't had anyone ask me that before :D
    18. Hey, there's a Youpla thread now! I've had my Ziya since Ldoll 2016, so she was one of the first batch. She's an absolute beauty and I still adore her as much as when I first saw pics of her on Youpla's IG. I would 't be surprised if one day I bring home a tan Ziya too.
      I'm on my ipad and I can't figure out how to post a Flickr image here, since it won't let me copy the BB code. So I'll share the link instead, to show that my Ziya (Saffron) has decided that she does indeed fit in with my MNF and similar-sized crew: Medieval crew
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    19. Absolutely gorgeous, as always! <3

      Thank you for the pic! I have a Minifee at home and a FL Sircca on the way, great to see you can 'mix and match' them :D

      OOPS I did it again... I got @Mylene's tan Ziya on layaway - I'm now waiting for two Youpla girls <3 So excited! Thank you Mylene for being so wonderfully flexible with everything!
    20. @Maria - You're welcome. Congrats on the new purchase. It will be so great to see more of these girls around!

      Now that I am on a regular computer (at work, oops), here's an official photo of Saffron for the thread :)

      by Wendy, on Flickr
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