Youpla Dolls - Discussion - Part 1

Apr 15, 2017

    1. Yes @vermont chick, it's very complicated to find correct shoes for Ziya.
      @Oliveoil : your dress is simply perfect and lovely!
    2. Thank you @vermont chick and @Fablaette45!
      The shoes are frustrating. I wish artists would make the feet same size as MNF. To bad on eBay seller closing. I noticed Debs is still selling on eBay.
      I wondered about Moe shoes. Good to know they don’t fit. Some YOSD fit but most do not. :(

      Do you know the brand of shoes from eBay? Maybe we can do a search. :)
    3. From the measurements, they should be able to wear shoes for Narsha, Atelier Momoni (Momoni size) and Lillycat msd girls. I have some from an etsy seller but she doesn't have any listed now. I sent her a message to see if she will still make them.
    4. @Oliveoil - I believe I got them from Debs. Her message on ebay said she would sell out her stock and then retire--or words to that effect. I haven't been back to look but I presume that all the styles I liked would be gone by now. Maybe I should go look again.
    5. @nancy_schroeder_ca Thank you! Where would you get Narsha shoes?
      @vermont chick Yes Debs is open. Remind me again what size And style did you get?
      I wonder if Paola Reina shoes would fit?
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    6. I bought flats for Dianna Effner 13" Little Darling vinyl. They have a bow on the front.
      I don't know Paola Reina. Is it the name of an artist, a brand or a doll?
    7. I found a measurement chart for Paola Reina that listed the foot as 4.8 cm long and 2.2 cm wide.

      Paola Reina is a vinyl doll company and one of the dolls is 13 inched.

      According to Youpla. The feet are 4.5 by 2.5.
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    8. @nancy_schroeder_ca Thank you for answering the questions. They would not work. :(
      @vermont chick Thanks! I have several pairs I will try again. I think some work and some don't.
      I have been using the 14" Kish shoes but as we both know they are very long. I don't mind if she has socks on.
    9. Thank you! I will check it out.
    10. I have a bunch of Boneka shoes. I will see what I can find
    11. [​IMG]New shoes. I recently got some shoes from Etsy. (Seller was summomo82). I like them! I don't think you could use them with socks, but they can stand in them too.

      edit; this is YouplaDolls Vàna and Ziya.
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    12. This shibori kimono is stunning. I love the colors and the details!
      Is your Haru in grey skin?
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    13. Haru is beautiful. I love the shibori kimono. Beautiful colors with her resin. Thanks for the heads up on shoes. I may have to try them.
      What size did she make them for? Minifee or Moe body?
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    14. yes, I got her in the purple grey resin preorder. she's a lovely colour.

      Also thank you on the kimono! I adore kimono silk, and Doll kimono always seems like the right thing to make of kimono.

      thank you for the kind words! I agree, the Grey purple resin goes with so many cool colors!

      The shoes I got were for the Moe size body.

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    15. My order arrived from Deb's Adorables. The light brown shoes are the ones I bought last time. They fit with foam insoles. I purchased them in white and purple this time. The floral shoes are supposed to be the same size (all are for 13-inch vinyl Little Darling dolls by Diana Effner) but are actually smaller--and therefore a perfect fit without socks or insoles. I absolutely love them!

      @smilingcrescent - Your Haru looks delightful in her shibori kimono. Such pretty colors!
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    16. Oh wow! Great fit! I have many Little Darling shoes from Debs but are too wide. It must be the style. Thank you! Love the floral ones. :)
      Have you tried the sandals or boots?
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    17. It probably is the style. The floral ones are an exact fit, so I'd love to find more in that style. With my luck I got the one pair that was a mistake in sizing and there aren't any more. I'm not sure I need sandals but I'd love to try a pair of boots. I have both Lupita and Celeste on order on the new body, but I think the foot size is the same. Hope so. That way I can buy more shoes that all 3 of them can wear.
    18. @vermont chick : Can't wait to see your next dolls! I'm really curious to see the new body. I think it's thinner than the first one. The floral shoes are cute. It's an address to remember!