Youpla Dolls - Discussion - Part 1

Apr 15, 2017

    1. :whee: one of those owners is me. I made my girl a wig, but I am literally a terrible procrastinator about faceups, so I get shy of showing my dolls off.

      I love her, and she has great posing. In fact, she made me buy a Celeste right after. :wiggle

      The only problem is dark resin tends to dry out on the surface, so she looks a little ashy sometimes. I feel like it changes with the weather?
    2. Ahw I actually managed to write a profile and take some pics but I’ve been otherwise superbusy with work. But here’s my dark tan Lupita.

      Long story short: ordered her in Chocolate, she arrived, she was great, found her in Dark Tan, decided to go for it, sold the Chocolate Lupit and now I own this babe in dark tan and I absolutely Adore Her.
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    3. Are you using MSC uv? If yes, this also often causes dark resin colors to look powdered. Or does this also happen without any sealant on her resin?

      @Antika Your girl is beautiful!
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    4. I haven't used any MSC yet, this is just the dark resin doing its own thing. It probably happens on paler resin, but isn't as visible.

      My theory is that most plastic products naturally have oils in them (most being a byproduct of oil), and it's just a natural reaction of the surface to dry air. Someone else mentioned putting certain SAFE oils on their doll I think? And I think that makes sense. But it might cause a reaction if you use it in combo with MSC?

    5. Don't mind me, just showing off this babe!

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    6. She's gorgeous!!! :love
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    7. She's wonderful!!
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    8. Absolutely amazing girl! [​IMG] I'm happy to join this thread because I received my Lupita in the middle of November and love her so much! But she doesn't have faceup because of closed borders.. Can't wait to send my Lupita for a spa :D
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    9. Congrats! She is such a gorgeous doll! Has the CuTeST nose!
    10. Thank you! ♥
      Agreed, her nose is the first thing I fell in love :D
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    11. Hi ! I come with you to speak of this nice company !
      I've one Tamara and soon a Ophelie :D
    12. I received my Ziya a couple of days ago and I am in LOVE! I just got a new wig for her yesterday (not the one in the photo), but haven't decided about it yet. Here's the first pic of Piper!
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    13. she's lovely! congratulations!
    14. That blouse is as pretty as she is! The smocking is beautiful.
    15. Your Piper is adorable. I also love her blouse.
    16. Thanks! I need to take some new photos, though I'm not really sure about the new wig I got her either. I actually think I got that blouse of the MP, but it's been so long I'm not sure anymore!
    17. Hi! Does someone know Lupita's exact head circumference in cm?
    18. I've gotten a new wig for Piper and she's heading out soon for a new faceup from AngelToast.
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    19. Crossing fingers that your girl will be soon back from face-up, @Kirahfaye . I'm sure she will be gorgeous.

      This thread has become so silent, so maybe it's time to share a picture of my latest addition with you. She's my third Olive who just returned from her face-up session with Mikiyochii. I love her, but I still haven't figured out a name for her.

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    20. She's so sweet and serene looking!