Youpla Dolls - Discussion - Part 1

Apr 15, 2017

    1. The first dress is cute but I LOVE the second one. It is just too adorable.

    2. Youpla, your dolls are just stunning and I can't wait to see more of them!!
    3. Oh, the second on is just precious! It goes so well with her hair and skintone too :D
    4. I know I just spammed but I got these amazing, hand-made boots from Nymphodisiac on Etsy. They fit like a dream...
      [​IMG]boots by Ban, on Flickr
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    5. So lovely. I really wish to own a Ziya one day. She'd be the perfect ravel mate
    6. I thought I'd add to the photo spam!

      This is my little Ziya, Amandine. I recently purchased her on the secondary market, knowing nothing about Youpla dolls, well I am so impressed with this beautiful little girl.
      She poses like a dream and I love the sculpt of her body, the soft muscle tone is just right.
      Her tan skin colour is gorgeous. Her face-up, which is I believe is by Marie, exquisite.
      I am absolutely in love with her and would definitely recommend Youpla dolls.

      I'm enjoying seeing and hearing of everyone's dolls here.:)
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    7. You should hurry up - The last preorder will end September 2nd!!!
      She is beautiful and lucky you! I felt the same when I got my girl. I knew nothing of her- got her on a whim but she is now my favorite <3
    8. A few days ago I payed the last installment for my tan Vàna. I'm so looking forward to getting her. I ordered her with face-up and only after a while so I won't be one of the first people to get her but that's okay.

      I have at least 4 wigs I can try on her and a couple of eyes but I wasn't able to find the eyes I would really like. Something similar to the brown eyes she's wearing on the site but in green. I found some that looked a bit like that but couldn't get them smaller than 14mm. SIGH!

    9. Yeah, finding small pretty eyes is a drawback... :(
    10. Ban Sidhe, thank you very much for the boots recommendation, I bought some of those boots from Nymphodisiac on Etsy and they are amazing, and fit perfectly! I like the shorter boots too.:)

      and some more spam, Amandine now has new eyes and wig
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    11. She is BEAUTIFUL and glad I could help with the boots!
    12. @pianissimo - she looks lovely! I love her pose too.
    13. She's absolutely beautiful!
    14. Just read from Youpla Dolls' Instagram that the Vanas are ready to be sent out this week :)
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    15. Wennie, thank you. I was very surprised to discover how well these little dolls pose, the engineering has been well thought out.
    16. This was really helpful to see!
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    17. I got the shipping notice for my Vanà this morning!! :D
      Anyone else got theirs too?
    18. flivine, great news. How long did you wait for her?
      Lots of photos please when she arrives!!
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    19. Not for very long!
      I ordered in late april with layaway and paid her off only two weeks ago! :D
      I will definitely !! ^o^/
    20. Me too ♥
      I can't wait !
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