Youpla Dolls - Discussion - Part 1

Apr 15, 2017

    1. Aw yay!
      You're in France, you might the first one to receive yours **!!
      What options did you choose?

      I got mine in tan w/ faceup^^
    2. Ahah, yeah, I hope her for tuesday !
      I've took her in blue, with full bust, and no makeup :)
      The default makeup is awesome, but I wanted some white/violet tones ^^
    3. Nice! :D
      I look forward seeing what you do with her**
      Please share photos with us ^o^!
    4. YAY - I can't wait to see more girls on this thread!!!
      [​IMG]Summer Day by Ban, on Flickr
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    5. Hello everyone, I can finally join in this thread! I purchased one of the Ziyas that Youpladolls had up for sale ealy summer after a convention I think. She was shipped out early June and I thought she would arrive any day, France to Sweden should not take long. I was so wrong! A month later she was nowhere to be found, neither by the French post or the Swedish, and they both came to the conclusion that my Ziya was lost forever. Youpla was so nice, managed to squeeze an extra Ziya into the Vana preorder and I was so happy to know my new Ziya would arrive in August. Youpla is amazing, it takes one great person to turn every doll hobbyists nightmare into a great experience!

      Junping forward to this Tuesday. My mom calls me in the car as me and my boyfriend are heading out of town for a few days, she says there is a package for me and sends a picture of a slightly beaten up doll package. It must be my replacement Ziya! I could not open her until I finally arrived home early afternoon today. I had fifteen minutes before I had to be at work, but just could not wait any longer and squeezed my first box opening in three years in.

      One hour into my shift I had some time to check my emails, there is one from Youpladolls and I think that is very convenient since I need to tell her the new Ziya arrived. It is just that in the email she tells me the new Ziya is ready to ship and she wants me to confirm my adress to really make sure the new one has the best chance possibme to make it to me. We both realize that the Ziya waiting for me at home is the original one! She made it home to me just three days before, and was opened just an hour before, the new one was to be sent out. She just made it! Like she knew she was being replaced if she did not find her way home immediately.

      She is so beautiful and I am so excited to be getting back into the hobby after three slow years for me :D Ziya inspires me so much already, she truly is an amazing doll!

      I wish I could share a picture of her but flickr is so confusing, finding the right url always takes me forever. I do not even know if I can do it on the iphone :sweat

      Edit: Yay, I did it

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    6. Wow that's some story! So glad you got your original ! ❤️ She's beautiful!

      I received my (second hand but new) Ziya today, and also got a shipping notice for my Vana! I didn't really knownwhat to expect with Ziya, but I think I really like her - she poses fantastically and she feels so nice and sturdy to hold. Can't wait to get her faceup done, have to send her to the spa for it. Also so lovely to get Vana also, and see these two side by side.
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    7. Resi, my goodness, what a journey your poor beautiful girl must have had. I'm so pleased you have the original - and she is absolutlely stunning!. But all this underlines what a lovely company Youpladolls is, so considerate offering to squeeze another one in for you at the last moment. Enjoy your sweet girl, she is very special. :daisy

      Maria, oh gosh, a Ziya and a Vana - you will be in heaven !! :)
    8. I was unable to resist as well. So yeah... am gonna get that lovely Ziya as well :-) can´t wait to sew for this lovely piece of resin - hehe
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    9. Aaand my shipping notice just now. I'm SO excited! :dance

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    10. Yes, Youpladolls really is one amazing company! I was so nervous when I first started to suspect that the package was lost but as soon as I had emailed Youpladolls she just had the answer to all my worries!

      I can't wait to se all the Vanas coming home! She is such a beauty :D
    11. I'm beginning to wish I'd ordered Vana ! :)
    12. My Vana is here! I called the Danish postal service today because Track and Trace from France said she was ready to be delivered but on the Danish site they didn't know her. So they told me on the phone she wasn't in Denmark at all. An hour later she was delivered. :roll:

      Anyway her she is:


      I know her eyes aren't set right but I'm having trouble doing that.

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    13. Dustbunnie your Vana is gorgeous!!! I love everything about her. Those freckles are so cute.
      Did the eyes come with her? They are a lovely colour. I like her outfit too.
      Wishing you and Vana lots of fun together :daisy
    14. Thanks pianissimo. Yes the eyes came with her but they were not placed in her head. I think I've had the wig for almost 10 years. Nobody has used it for a very long time but I feel it's perfect for her.

    15. Your girl is so cute dustbunnie!!
      Lol Danish post is being weird XD Nice to see she arrived safely!
      Thank you for sharing a picture w/ us!
      Seeing your girl makes me even more excited about receiving mine^o^!!
    16. Thanks flivine. You're going to love her. Her hands are so delicat and beautiful.

      From Ban's pictures I thought she'd be way more grayish but she's such a beautiful colour.

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    17. I received my Vàna today!! :D

      aannnddd I love her!!!!

      Like you said, Dustbunnie, her hands really are beautiful and so is her resin skin:love She's got this knee system and she can hold different angles, it's genius!!!

      I'm very happy with the random eyes she came with, such a nice colour ** They're keepers! I'll just have to get her a wig and clothing when I can, but she s already beautiful naked and bald XD

      You can find more photos of my girl in this album!! ^p^

      [​IMG]YouplaDolls Vàna unboxing by flivine, on Flickr
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    18. Congrats flivine. She's so beautiful. The eyes are lovely, now you just need to find a wig that looks good with them. I find her easy to pose.

    19. flivine, your Vana is gorgeous!!! what an amazing face-up!
    20. I just found these dolls thanks to this thread. All the pics of her are so gorgeous I think i'm in love~
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