Youpla Dolls - Discussion - Part 1

Apr 15, 2017

    1. nightybunny, I discovered these dolls by accident too, took a chance and bought one - best thing I ever did. Beautiful dolls, fabulous posing ability, and - I am in love too!!! :daisy
    2. Thank you!! It's the default faceup by Youpla**
      I totally agree, it's amazing! The attention to details and the lovely freckles, I'm glad I got mine with faceup :D
    3. I just got my mint Vàna today and she's amazing. :D I like her so much and plan to order Ziya too. Would anyone here happen to know how the layaway system works? I don't seem to find any option for it when trying to make the order. Or are we supposed to contact the shop and ask for it? I'm so confused and don't wan't to miss this girl.
    4. @AnnieStar Congratz on the arrival!!
      For the layaway, you need to order via email ^^ You email the shop, tell them what you want to order and ask for layaway. For payments, it's easy, they'll send you an invoice every month via PayPal.
    5. @flivine Thank you! Aah, you saved my day! I need to email them asap to secure the Ziya order before the pre-sale ends. :)
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    6. Ufff... made last call decision! Ordered Ziya with layaway. Actually I already ordered one doll from Myou. But I just could let Ziya go! It last tame we can order her and I really really love her features!
    7. De-lurking to say all these arrivals have convinced me that I need a mint Vana. XD

      @Resi WOW. That's quite a saga. I'm so glad you finally have your girl! and I adore that sweet tomboyish vibe she has. :3

      @Dustbunnie & @flivine Your Vanas are so gorgeous and earthy. <3
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    8. I received my Vana two days ago, I'm in love :D:love

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    9. Maria, what a gorgeous Vana ! And you dress her so beautifully too :)
    10. Thanks rianne :)

      Maria she is wonderful. I love her wig and the way you styled her.

    11. Ban - are the boots MNF or Moe size? My poor girl is shoeless at the moment.

      Marina - Amandine is a sweetheart, I love how you've styled her ❤️
    12. My girl is wearing LittleFee shoes.


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    13. Kathryn, Ziya can wear moe boots and shoes, I bought Amandine some boots from the shop Ban recommended, and little mary jane shoes from summomo on etsy and they are really sweet, look fine and fit well.
    14. Thank you both
    15. LOL guess I don't really need to answer ;) (they are Moe sized) I am so so SOOOOOO glad people are finally getting these dolls. They are amazing and there needs to be more traffic/spam on this thread!!!
    16. Dagmar got a necklace and is wearing a new outfit.


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    17. Dagmar looks lovely- these little dolls were just made for spoiling with gifts of clothing and jewellery :)
    18. Girls gotta have bling ;)
    19. Thanks pianissimo and Ban. I could very easily use 500$ at Marcia's site . . . if I had them that is. I'm actually thinking about sending her my girls heigh heel feet and ask her which shoes fits. I could then get them back with some shoes. Not sure I'll do it though.

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    20. All your ladies look so lovely! I have a tan Ziya on layaway right excited to see her in person. I love how everyones Ziya's and Vana's all look so different! I was curious on what shoes would fit her so the suggestions were awesome. They have a lot of clothing options :)