YouplaDolls SD Dolls

May 17, 2016

    1. YouplaDolls has released a new SD sized head called Zenji. I figured I'd start a new thread to discuss Zenji and any other SD sized heads they may release in the future.

      Here's a direct link to Zenji's page. Zenji - information page - Youpla Dolls
    2. I got my beautiful boy yesterday and it fits very well my Iplehouse YID normal skin body.
      The skin match is very good... 90% or better and the neck size is also fitting.
      The face up is from Youpla.
      I love her work very much and I hope to see more owner photos of Zenji.
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    3. I just ordered my Zenji and am so incredibly excited! I stumbled across him and he is absolutely perfect for one of my characters and I can't wait to get him home. I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone else does with theirs!
    4. @fairithilien Congrats! I can't wait to see what you do with him.
    5. So lovely! I'm looking for a body for mine. Do you mind showing a picture of of well the neck fits on that body? Thanks!
    6. I am actually curious to see what bodies people are planning for theirs. I've put one of the 61cm classy doll boy bodies on layaway for him. It's shorter than the recommended but the breadth of the shoulders is the same as what he was on in the ad, so I'm thinking he won't look bobble headed. I'll update on how it ends up (though it'll probably be a while) and how the resin match works. I am most likely planning on dying them both though (the zenji head has the perfect facial structure for one of my characters, but is a couple shades too light), so I'm not too worried about the match, I'll share how it works before dying anyway so other people getting the head can see if it's a good option for them. :)
      Do people getting Zenji have bodies planned already? Or are you waiting till you get him to decide?
    7. @Raesha: Sorry for the bad quality but it's getting evening here so the light is not that good. I hope the photo helps a bit.


      I hope you will find the perfect body for your Zenji and I'm looking forward to all the arriving Zenjis.
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    8. The quality is fine for the task--thank you! It does look like a good ft.

      I stuck mine on a 68cm Mirodoll body just because I had one lying around, but the neck is too skinny for the head. Classy Doll is one I'm considering, as is Angel Studio, Island Doll, and Clover Doll. I don't like the very muscular aesthetic and I'm having trouble finding the build I like with a price tag I want to pay. XD;;
    9. Yeah it's really hard to find a nice balance between fits the head and fits your aesthetics for hybriding, let alone when you throw cost in the mix. Maybe look on eBay for some older dolls not on the recast lists? Some of them have slim builds, and a lot of the older bodies have excellent prices, a friend found a great slim one for a $150 starting bid the other day. You'd be surprised what you can turn up. You just have to be more cautious about recasts, though very few of the older dolls have been recasted.
      I really like the classy doll body because while it's very muscular it also looks sorta soft and gentle to me, so I decided it would be perfect for the character. I'm a sucker for that slouch.
    10. Oh thread ! :)

      There was a bit of sun : I went out with Zenji this afternoon ! Hope you'll like the little picture ^-^


      For body, It's difficult to find not muscular at this size. I think switch 60 might work but it's not a low price...
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    11. @Youpla: The photo of your Zenji is wonderfull. Thank you for sharing.
      Does he use the Switch HD 65 Body in this picture?

      I could take comparison photos of the Zenji head with the Switch HD 60 Body and the Spiritdoll Elegance Body (which are not muscular) if someone would like to see this, but I'm not sure it will fit.
      Some Luts bodies are also not very muscular and Luts is not that expensive but my friend with such a body doesn't live in the same city, so I can't take some pictures.
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    12. Haven't taken any good pictures, and it's not his planned body, by my Zenji just arrived and I tried him on the new Mirodoll 66cm body and he fits perfectly. The resin match is almost perfect as well, with the Miro being slightly more pink. Nothing that blushing can't fix. So if anyone is still wondering what sort of body to get theirs that's a wonderful and affordable option. (I'm planning to do a body review soon too. The posing and quality is fantastic).
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    13. Did anyone take comparison photos / leg movements review?:D:chibi