YouplaDolls Tiny Doll discussion part 1

Jan 19, 2016

    1. Ah I understand you so well x) I'm so bad at sewing....

      I took a little picture of my Zopa :)

      Little boy !
      by Youpla Dolls, sur Flickr
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    2. I am hoping to be able to pick up a Zopa at LDoll this year to be the apprentice to my dwarf smith and wanted to ask if anyone had tried Iplehouse KID clothes on him yet? Specifically I am looking at this set (which is kina more hobbit than dwarf XD) because I want to pick it up in advance to drag it with me to LDoll.

      (Excited? Me? Why you think so? XDD)
    3. I tried Iplehouse KID clothes on Zopa and they fit! The pants fit very well. The Tops are little bit overdimensioned, but fit too. ^^"
      I was very surprised, but now i know where i can buy clothes for Zopa. <3
    4. @Doomtrain :D Thanks for the info! My Zopa is currently wearing JID trousers, which are of course too big, but I wanted to be safe rather than sorry, with his wide hips. Luckily they look comfortably loose, rather than swamping. :D I now know KID is an option!
    5. Thank you Doomtrain! Now I can order an outfit for my guy 8D
    6. So, I got lucky to get one of the two customized Zopas Youpla brought to LDoll this year


      Meet Rahul. He is too cute <3
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    7. The golden eyes truly fit him well. ^^ In my heart he will always be D'Rahul. ;)

      I got one of the blank Zopas at the LDoll this year. So yes, now i have two. One in normal skin (Adam) and one in dark tan (Cedric ... no, not the guy from Harry Potter). xD
    8. Ahh, I'm so happy. I managed to nab the dark tan Zopa of the last sale today, so I'm finally getting one home myself too :D

      Everyone's boys looks just beautiful!
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    9. Congrats @WinonaFlammery ! :D There's not enough pictures of this beautiful boy around. (Partially my fault, I can't redo my paint until it gets warmer and drier! I can't wait until it does, for that reason.)
    10. Thank you <3 There certainly aren't enough of him indeed. I've been looking for owner photos and there are so few, and it seems there are none without either factory paint or Youpla's face-ups (which are both beautiful, but I'd love to see how he looks in someone else's style too).

      I look forward to you posting more of your own when it gets warmer then, and hopefully I'll be good at posting my own too (and since he's the same size and supposed to be a friend to my most photographed girl, I'll probably get quite a few photos of him) :D
    11. Ah! I hadn't realised my image links in the thread had broken actually, whoops! @WinonaFlammery here's my tag on my doll tumblr if you're interested: Little Peeps You can see him with the face-up I did for him! I wiped it some time ago though, because I felt I wanted to improve it. The season just isn't right for doing his new face though, so he has to wait. He pops up fairly commonly on my instagram though!
    12. The newest picture of my boys is found here. My dark tan Zopa still needs a face up so that's the first picture of him since the LDoll last year. v_v
    13. @WinonaFlammery: Congrats for snatching up a Zopa. I'm curious what you will do with him.

      @nattherat: Please show you finished Zopa. -^o^-

      @Doomtrain: Your boys are so cute even without the face up. ^^

      On an other note, here is also a photo of my Zopa with Youplas face up (I love her FU work very much):
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    14. You have a flickr group at this address : YouplaDolls group !

      Don't hesitate to post your pictures ! <3
    15. Ahh, Nattherat, he's so cute! I look forward to seeing him with his new face-up also <3

      I like the style you gave yours, Doomtrain. He'll be even more awesome when you get him a face-up :D

      Thank you, Saiyaku :D All I know so far is that he's named Aslan, goes to dance class with my girl Kess and is a close friend of hers. I'm toying with giving him bright "dyed" yellow hair eventually though, but he'll keep his black wig in the mean time once I get him at least. Your boy is absolutely stunning too; he has a very mori-ish vibe :D

      Thanks for the flickr-link, Youpla. I'll make sure to post whatever photos I get of mine eventually there.
    16. My guy's heeere! He unfortunately does not fit as well as I'd liked with Kess, who I intended him to be a friend for, but he's such a beauty <3 I look forward to working on him. I've named him Aslan. (Full box-opening here)


      They both have 5-6" heads, but there's still such a difference :O
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    17. Congrats once again! I think I was so adrenaline fulled when you told me you got him :lol:
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    18. Ahaha, thanks! So was I pfft :P I was so adrenaline filled when I sat there ready to get him too (especially since I was just back from my workout then) ^^;
    19. And I finished Aslan's wig. Except now that I'm finished it's not what I want after all. Now I want an undercut (either black or gold, but maybe black?) and shorter hair overall, so I'll likely start anew soon. This color for certain though. And then I need to make him some clothes also.

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    20. The color is really cool with his dark tan skin and eyes ! :) <3
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