YouplaDolls Tiny Doll discussion part 1

Jan 19, 2016

    1. Aa thank you so much :D
      I finished his new wig tonight, so I'll get photos of him in that too soon ~
    2. Oh, I realise I forgot to post Aslan's new wig here. It's not a great photo, so it never went up publicly anywhere but instagram, but it may take some time till I get a better one, so might as well share. I decided his golden hair looked good pulled into a heart-shaped ish, nihongami-inspired top, so I went for that. It always reminded me of something but I couldn't pinpoint what, and then it hit me today; he reminds me of a Jangmo-o, oops.

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    3. My boy's finally starting to come together fashion wise too! How are all of your Zopas doing? And anyone else also waiting for Ziya?

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    4. Ah your boy is just fantastic Winona! And I love his new shirt <3


      My guy's master recently got a wagon so a few weeks ago he was seen travelling ;)
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    5. Aww, thank you! It's not really his, it's far too large (it's pinned in literally everywhere), but I'm hoping to make him one from the same fabric :3

      I am so in love with that photo, Roter! He looks quite pleased to be traveling :P
    6. Your Zopas are looking amazing! :D

      Fashions for mine are sort of coming along. I'm having difficulty finding a fabric I'm happy with, but on the plus side there's only that one final fabric left to source. All his other fabrics and trims are ready.

      Recent pictures are kind of too low-quality for me to want to embed them haha, so you can look at his progress here! I'm really looking forward to finding the final fabric and having him dressed!
    7. Hello... I am probably gonna be getting a Zopa boy soon and I was wondering how everyone likes his posing?

      Do you find him hard to pose?

      Does he hold his poses well?

      Have you found any clothing that fits well?

      Thanks in advance for any information!:D
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    8. I live in South Carolina so we're having lots of wind and rain here from Hurricane Florence...

      Yesterday, I took the majority of my dolls out for pre-hurricane pics since I like the overcast in my photos...

      Here's my sweet Zopa, Zed, just enjoying nature before the storm...:aeyepop:

      [​IMG]Zopa, Zed, by YouplaDolls... by shaira, on Flickr

      [​IMG]Zopa, Zed, by YouplaDolls... by shaira, on Flickr
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    9. @ShairaStar7186 I Hope you and your family is well.
      Thank you for sharing photos of your boy. :D
      His shoes are beautiful. Do you mind sharing the maker?
    10. Anyone else have an Ophelie on order? I just received word that mine (in petal skin) will ship tomorrow. :cheer I have nothing ready for her--she won't even have a faceup. She'll join a Ziya and a Vaeron in my Youpla family.
    11. Congratulations! She is such a beautiful doll, I would love to her once she has arrived!
    12. Thanks! She's not in the tracking system yet--hopefully tomorrow, with delivery sometime next week. (Fingers crossed.)
    13. How long do you expect to have waited for the doll beginning on the day you ordered?
    14. I ordered on March 22nd and she hasn't arrived yet. That's 100 days. I did account for weekend days but not any holidays that fell during that time.
    15. Wow! I hope she arrives soon!
    16. It should be this week sometime. USPS finally updated to show the package has arrived at US Customs. From there, if they're not backed up to kingdom come, it could get to me tomorrow or Thursday.
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    17. Ooo please do post pics when you receive her! :chibi
    18. She won't have a faceup on arrival. I can show her blank or wait until I have a chance to paint her. (Or both!) She cleared Customs just after midnight. :celebrate Expected delivery date is Thursday, which means she could still show up later today if they got her on a plane quickly enough.
    19. Yayyyy! I’m so excited for you :thumbup I would take before pics but save the post for the after pictures!