Your favorite doll characteristics?

Jul 8, 2017

    1. I like dolls that don't look too kiddy, but not too old too. And also detailed ears, veins at the arms and hands, collar bones. Nowadays I love to look at the small iris eyes I just got for my boy, they are so small yet so sparkly :love
    2. Anything fantasy. Elf ears, horns, hooves, wings... I also love big eyes. Like, CP's Dark Elf Soo is one of my favorite sculpts because she has the most gorgeous eyes. Dollmore's Trinity Lumie is another with big, gorgeous eyes. Also love teeth. Open-mouthed and smiling sculpts with teeth get me every time. Trinity Elysia has a gorgeous open mouth with a plate that shows teeth and tongue. Very delicate and pretty.
    3. Large or otherwise unusual noses... i'm weird, I really like noses hahah. Dolls with aquiline noses, crooked noses, big noses... yessss. I just find those little cute button noses most dolls have to be really really disappointing. Noses are such a huge part of the face and I dunno, they add uniqueness.
      Also fantasy ears. Pointy, finned, folded over, don't care, just fantasy.
      Fantasy feets, paws, claws, talons... yessss
      and fantasy colours.
      Why get a regular toned doll when you can have one that's GREEN or freaking purple man?

      I really like unusual characterful faces and wierdly, I kinda like asymmetry because it makes the doll look well.. more human. People aren't symmetrical, and asymmetry aids this organic, hand made look in my eyes. It's a pain to paint when you realise one eye is wonky and smaller than the other lol, but it's also quite true to life (I have one squinty eye hahaha) and handling something that's imperfect like that makes them feel just that little bit more "alive" to me.
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    4. Big, sparkly eyes! I also love a kind-looking face!
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    5. I LOVE smiling dolls and eyes full of wonders. I like to give "surprised" eyebrows to my dolls so they look like they are constantly excited dicovering life.
    6. Pixie or faerie reminiscent sculpts (I love highly stylized sculpts, but if they look too human it can get unsettling for me); big eyes; green, dark brown, or black eyes; long lashes; wider hips from the front but a bigger bust from the side; tan or cocoa skin; wigs from wool or mohair; an expression that looks as though they are listening to their bones. That last one is hard to describe, but it's an expression that's vacant and deep at the same time. Totally lost to the world, but totally immersed in what they're contemplating. Elsewhere, but not daydreaming.

      Clothes-wise, I like a more unique, artistic spin or a strong surreal feeling. Something that will capture a story rather than set the doll up to perform in a story. High fantasy, historical replicas, and modern fashion just don't interest me on dolls.
    7. Proper head to shoulder ratio and big noses! Also greens, tans and some purples. Oh and realistic eyes
    8. I want big round noses and smaller eyes, bonus if it's with monolids! I can't seem to find feminine sculpts with monolids.
    9. Pointed ears and dreaming eyes are my favorite doll characteristics. Also dolls that give off that otherworldly/fantasy vibe, and eyes that look like they are actually looking at you.
    10. Big, soulful eyes for girls of any age.
      Strong noses on guys.
      Beautifully shaped, expressive mouths on both sexes.
      Bold eyebrows on guys, and on some girls, too.
      A more anime esthetic, instead of a super realistic one.
      Lean, long angular bodies for men. Not skinny! Lanky.
      A changeable facial expression from different angles. Every single one of my beloved dolls has this, somehow!

      Linda S.
    11. Definitely teeth. Teeth and features that aren't typically pretty. I like something closer to odd than beautiful. Also, expressive faces!
    12. I am a sucker for...

      -bigger noses-- roman or aquiline ones, especially. (not so easy to find when your collection is firmly towards the 'mini' side of things, but...)
      -natural red wigs!
      -Fantasy parts/animal accessories, either things like ears that magnet on or ones on headbands, tails, wings, horns/antlers... most of my dolls have some kind of fantasy/animal thing (or in Mar's case, she just is a fantasy creature).
      -Mature minis (mature tinies, for that matter)
      -Fashion. Too many styles to list, my tastes are eclectic and I just go gaga for all of it. (I'm not always successful when it comes to trying to make my own, but experimenting is a part of the fun)
      -Beautiful hands!
    13. Realistic faces 100%
      I like strong chins and jawlines on male dolls, smaller (i.e. more realistically sized) eyes, faces with interesting planes and angles. I also like natural looking resin colours (such as Granado's tan and bronze, and Iplehouse's Peach Gold, Ebony and Special Real)
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    14. I got pulled down the BJD worm-hole because of how realistic and beautiful these dolls were! And the fact that they had MEN - not just boys but real hunks! At last, dolls that could appreciate all the tiny things I collect LOL Plus they can be customized easily and can pose beautifully. I have a 1:3 scale dollie world but in includes 1:12 scale babies, 1:6 toddlers, 1:4 kids as well as all the different sizes of SDs - cause humans come in all shapes & sizes of course. Totally possible w/BJDs - not so much w/any other dolls :d
    15. Smiling sculpts - prefereably open-mouthed and with visible teeth

    16. In general I love SD size or larger, female sculpts, and white skin, the whiter the better! However for beautiful ethnic girls like IH Ashanti, Lahela, Aaliyah, Soom Epidia and Mirodoll Mika those I would love in brown or dark brown skin.

      I am also a sucker for aqua,turquoise,or teal eyes. I can't wait until ersa flora starts selling her eyes regularly like she did on her site. I wish I had bought a bunch when she did have her site as all of her eyes were incredible but I thought her site would be around for awhile.

      I also love long white wigs. Not platinum blond but pure white wigs is what I love. I also love big eyes and full lips. I also go nuts over very long and very full eyelashes. I adore glamourous faceups especially with some glitter or shimmer.

      For bodies I love large chests small waists and curvy hips which is also called an hourglass figure. I prefer a doll have a large chest and if there is an option for a larger chest I will always choose it but for dolls whose face I adore with no large chest option I can overlook the chest as long as I love the face.

      One thing I find beautiful on human beings which I don't see on bjds is high prominent cheekbones. I suppose if I had any talent I could try to mod a doll's face to give her cheekbones but I have absolutely no talent and wouldn't even dream of trying to mod one of my dolls.
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    17. -teeth!
      -msd girls ( I love the cute look )
      -SD boys ( love tall boys xp )
      --gray or tan resin
      -horns and other fantasy parts
    18. Flowing, rounded forms like Fairyland's sculpting. No stiffness, not too many veins. A cute curve in the legs. I like cute things, I like dark things, cute+dark is my favorite combo.

      I also love sparkly, shiny, unnatural colored eyes and wigs.
    19. Oooo, I love chubby dollies and big ears! But I also love unusual sculpts and anthro sculpts
    20. I naturally really love plump full lips!!

      Along with smaller eyes! At least smaller to me!

      With that being said I have dolls without those characteristics. It just tends to be my overall aesthetic And what I gravitate towards.

      For face ups and stuff like that...
      I enjoy a crazy amount of freckles and thick full brows on dolls... it's just a weakness of mine and all my MSDS so far share this ‍♂️ Can't help it!