Your favorite doll characteristics?

Jul 8, 2017

    1. Larger, fuller style lips. Chubby cheeks. White lashes used alongside pretty, sparkly makeup. Pretty, pointy elf ears!! The list goes on!
    2. I love so many sculpts for so many reasons it's hard to make an exhaustive list but I'll try.
      Sweet/gentle and mildly sad expressions, especially on child dolls
      Really masculine or androgynous features on adult sculpts (dimpled/cleft chins, strong jawlines, sharp cheekbones)
      Expressive hands, whether jointed or fixed
      Face-ups that make the skin look luminous and warm, especially around the eyes
      Natural hair wigs! Wigs that replicate natural texture!
      Glossy dark resins, warm and cold and all along the darker end of the spectrum
      Adult doll sculpts with hefty/bulky figures. Whether it's "fat" or "muscle" or just a defined larger size, I love dolls that look like they have substance and flesh on their bones
      Creative and creepy fantasy sculpts. Looking at you, DC Elizabeth!
      Smiling sculpts, especially joyous ones

      Umm, brain empty...
    3. I love unique and bizarre fantasy dolls ! I've always been a fan of myths and legends and the idea of human animal hybrids is my favourite thing :cheer
    4. I love a smiling doll such as harucasting Adori and fairyland Reni and Soso. Pink cheeks and wide eyes with childlike features is something else I love along with elf ears.
    5. Big eyes and kinda grumpy!
    6. For male sculpts it is all about the jawline. Well, the eyes, too. When there is the perfect combination of a squared jaw and realistic scale eyes, I am over the moon. For some reason, with my male dolls I don't want an anime aesthetic, I want more realism. I saw one, most likely Granado, that looked exactly like Daniel Craig, and I couldn't stop staring!

      My female sculpts I want some mischief in the face. I like a bit of a smile. From there it is the faceup that will draw me to a particular one. I prefer soft colors, but do love dramatic color on the lips.
    7. I loooove full lips. Bonus points if they have a kinda pouty expression. (not duckface-pouty tho)
      But yeah. The lips are definitely the most important thing for me if I want to buy a female doll.
    8. Features of actual sculpts/bodies:
      -smaller eyes
      -larger noses (down with tiny thin noses!)
      -uniquely shaped eyes, I have a Limhwa girl with the prettiest curve to the inner corners of her eyes <3
      -fuller and wider lips (I just don't love super pursed looking lips lol)
      -half-lidded eyes are super cute!
      -nice jawlines on girls <3
      -cute and kinda anime-ish body proportions that are on the thicker side
      -mature male bodies that are thicker and softer looking (even though I can't think of any lololol I just want something that is neither super ripped/muscular/veiny or thin and lanky)
      -feet that don't look like weird little bricks or sausages! I get that they need to support the weight of the doll and keep it balanced but don't let them look terrible :-( !
      -sculpted fingernails on girl's hands that are just a little bit long
      -anime style dolls!
      -bodies that are very subtly pear-shaped (not the super exaggerated pear shape that's been so popular recently lol)
      -Minifee bodies (not big on any of the heads really though)
      -anthro dolls that are more on the animal side than the human
      -different expressions for the same sculpt!

      Styling/customizing stuff I love:
      -white wigs!
      -lemon yellow wigs
      -small irises
      -pupiless eyes
      -eyes with little stars in them
      -super bold eyelashes, especially super bold lower lashes
      -wigs with buns
      -lots of red blushing around the eyes
      -peachy pink lips
      -tiny turned down eyebrows
      -stars on faces
      -really colorful and vintage styled clothes (50s-90s kinda vintage)
      -painted fingernails
      -thick eyebrows
      -dark brown corners of lips (it adds a lot of depth to faceups imo)
      -layered necklaces/bracelets
      -cat ears/cat-based characters
    9. It was a real puki's smile that got me started (just this past February) - a smiling face still seems to be my strongest pull, and I like how the smiles are so often accompanied by elf ears.
    10. I tend to like the look of slightly wider-than-average hips on female dolls. I also really love albino dolls - white skin, white hair and face details and really pale eye colours.
    11. Just a few of my weaknesses, because this could become a very long post: A natural slouch, where the doll looks at rest even when unceremoniously flopped down. I like vein details on hands and feet, long fingers, and that poochy little jowl shape beside the lips, that slight fullness, especially on a male... for some reason that drives me crazy in the best way.

      LONG POINTY NOSES. Seriously, I keep telling myself I have no place for a Dollshe Hound in my collection but I have always melted at the sight of his nose. Like, a too-flat nose can actually be a huge turnoff, such as in the case of some Granado sculpts I otherwise think are gorgeous.

      (Hmm... I realize I married a guy with a pretty jowls and a strong pointy nose... at least I'm consistent.)
    12. big dolls that don't have baby faces, noses that aren't sharp enough to cut cheese and boys that aren't mistaken for women, or at least ugly women XD
    13. My tastes have changed over the years. For a while I was looking for dolls that fit various characters I had in mind. Right now I'm about sculpts with African features. I spend a lot of time admiring Iplehouse dolls.
    14. I like odd looking dolls like Doll Chateau. I love curvy bodies, especially pear-shaped ones. Legs are also a big thing for me - I kinda like the ones that are really curvy and cutesy. But, I think the thing I pay attention to most, is how the hands look. I love elegant/detailed hands and fingers. It's sort of a must for me. It's why I like Fairyland hands so much T_T But I've been looking for a body to go with a head I plan to buy and honestly the hands are the most important thing to me. I've been having a hard time finding a body that is the right size and in my price range that has hands I love.
    15. I really like dolls with big eyes and a baby face, so cute! But I also love dolls with 'smiling eyes' like the Juri 2005
    16. A few of my favorite doll characteristics are:
      • Pale skin
      • Asian features
      • Sleepy/dreamy expression or downwards gaze
      • Gray, blue, and brown eyes
      • Dark hair
      • Thin lips
      • Closed mouth
      • Youthful but doesn’t look like a kid/baby
      • Small nose
      • Gradient lip tint coloring (girls)
      • Slim body with defined features (detailed hands and collarbone, etc.)
      • Nice arm and leg shape
      • Clothes with tiny details
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    17. Innocent eyes and fuller lips.
    18. big eyes (usually big head too) and a solid torso
    19. In faceups, I like a slight frown or a stern expression.

      In sculpts, I like eyes that aren't exaggerated (or at least, not too much!) and realistic-as-possible features...but I like 'em in fantasy colors. Show me a stern-eyed doll in magenta or grey or blue, and I will swoon and open my wallet!
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