Your favorite doll characteristics?

Jul 8, 2017

    1. So what's YOUR faveorite facial feature on your doll or Grail?

      I love dolls with all kinds of facial features, but the female ones with thinner lips and slightly narrowed, but still open(vaguely Asian? Not fully though if that makes sense...? Sly or Sexy.) eyes are my absolute favorites! The FairyLand Liria doll faces are gorgeous, and I've seen many with both thicker and thinner looking lips (faceups and mods are awesome) and she's my fave faceup from FL.

      Does anyone know what brand makes dolls like this? What about YOUR favorite dolls, and what makes them your favorite? Do they match your OC perfectly or what would you change about it to make it perfect?

      Just figured I'd post something to get folks chatting about faves again....sorry if it's an over-done topic....^^
    2. Haha, wish I could help you find a doll like that, but I don’t pay much attention to female sculpts. :sweat This is a fun prompt, though! One thing that makes me like a doll the first time I see it is vampire teeth and *subtly* tipped ears. It’s what made me fall in love with my boy Rizoel, who’s a Mystic Kids Tremmel. However, I couldn’t pinpoint a favorite facial feature on my actual grail doll. I didn’t like his tipped ears the first time I saw them; they were nearly a deal breaker, but now I sort of like them on other dolls because they remind me of him. The main thing that drew me to him was because it seemed like fate that Ringdoll should release him—Ashford EVO, a militant vampire—at the exact time when I was trying to find the perfect sculpt for my vampire prince character. He’s just a gorgeous doll all around, especially with the company face up.
    3. I absolutely love thicker lips on dolls!! My grail is definitely a DC Evangeline one day. The lidded eyes and everything, yes!!!
      I also really enjoy dolls that are sort of... ugly? Haha. I cannot think of any off of the top of my head, but dolls with wide-set eyes, or ones that are just generally creepy? I have an Impldoll Yves and she's SO cute to me, but I know lots of people find the sculpt freaky! The teeth are everything to me though.
    4. I'm always on the lookout for dolls with cute teeth showing!!! And not just slightly parted lips with a flat area between. I'm talking prominent sculpted teeth. I love them so much, they're so cute. Not enough sculpts have them so I always add some teeth if there's any room for them.

      Also, my grail dolls DC Snowborn and DZ Benjamin both have adorable long noses.

      I can't really explain why those features in particular appeal to me so much, but I think they both help depict sort of an exaggerated character. Also I feel like they make my dolls look nerdier and a bit more flawed/less "perfect".
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    5. I have a wide range of unusual sculpts in my collection and I can't say that there's honestly much to tie them together looks wise.

      I do know though, that I'm drawn to narrowed eyes, overly large or almost non-existent noses and any sculpt with things protruding from it's head.
    6. Fragile, twiggy models with sensuous, sedate glares, masking the pain. Broken girly girls, etc.; nothing is more attractive or relatable to me.
    7. Wings. I shelled out for Dollzone Gene, doll chateau Zenobia, F60 Erda, and now that new 1/3 dream valley doll, all because of wings, and most of my dolls are getting wings added to them.

      Boobs. Realistic boobs. Twigling, and the doll chateau y-06 kind of stylized but still realistic kind of bodies. I’m talking myself into/out of a pieta with the smallest bust because that is also a weakness. Small boobs (who’d have thought, cause in real life I’d love for mine to be bigger...) the dollstown 18 yrs is also a tall girl, with nice small boobs, and wow. That’s exactly what I need. Specifically tall female sculpts are just nice.

      Fantasy colours. Blue, red, obsidian, paper white with the right faceup, Dark purple. So few of my characters are human, and this means I can make the ones I have any colour I want. Also tan resin. Some companies just have a really, really nice tan (soom tawny, FL tan, AS tan, etc.) and anything in Dollshe Honey resin. Like Caramel tan is gorgeous. Honey sapphire is everything I’ve ever wanted.

      Slimmer male bodies. Sure some of my guys are more masculine, but I just want men that aren’t massive sometimes. I’m not personally attracted to men, so I’m just shelling characters, and most of my characters aren’t a level 20 barbarian (one is tho!) so most of them don’t need to be that huge.

      Horns, tails, fin legs, hooves, claws, other fantasy bits and such. I just love nonhuman characters. That snake-demon by miracledoll is also beautiful and o do want him, I just don’t have a character...

      Mature sculpts. All of my characters are of age. I don’t have any of the children from when they were children (one of them is the daughter of two other characters, but her doll is from when she’s like 19-20). I’m not into writing children, and I’ve got no maternal onstinct to speak of, so I my dolls to be adults. Some of them look young-ish (f60 Erda) But they all have to look at least old enough that they pass for 18-ish. Ironically, that Erda is 226, but looks 17-18-ish?
    8. My favorite attributes would be tongues, smaller, sly, or mature eyes, and slim bodies. I really like these on male dolls because I'm just really fascinated by those attributes. They look mature, handsome, and in some cases, very aesthetically pleasing! :XD:
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    9. I really love shiny full lips, as well as long fingernails. I like painting my dolls’ nails and having pretty nails and toe nails makes it easy and visible. I also love it when a doll has a more defined yet subtle facial expression like a scowl or a smirk!
    10. I have a slightly weird criterion here, but if a doll is a vampire they should have showing teeth with an open mouth. Then I'm sold.
      Other than than, I like goth fashion. And the more detail on a doll, the better! My Souldoll Janne is totally not what I'd typically like but her hands are so beautiful that I've held on to her for years...
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    11. There's so many things I love. But the one thing that is an absolute must is that they have to look/seem happy. There's something about upset dolls that really bother me. But I love their thin elegant hands, fantasy sparkly eyes- especially in pink or unrealistic colors, and fantasy elements like horns or wings.
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    12. It is so interesting to read what everyone is drawn too! I had no idea so many people loved teeth. Teeth are probably my biggest deal-breaker, I find them sooo creepy for some reason. I really like dolls with neutral expressions, like open to interpretation. My dolls are part of my writing process so if a doll looks all one way, like happy all the time, that makes it harder to envision the character feeling a spectrum of emotions, if that makes sense. Lately I'm drawn to unusual, romantic, interesting sculpts, like Doll Chateau. Broad nose-bridges, thin wrist joints, and I like a prominent brow and jaw on the guys.
    13. A longish oval face! I'm not one for very round faces, I also like small eyes.
    14. * A semblance of realism. It doesn't have to be a portrait sculpt, but I find that I appreciate smaller eyes and larger, more realistic noses more than highly stylized faces.

      * I like softer face-ups for the most part, but I've always liked pale lashes, which can tend towards a more "fantasy" look.

      * A more serious look. This one surprises me, because most of the dolls I've gravitated towards in other hobbies have been quite cheerful looking. However, every bjd I currently own (or am in the process of buying) has either a serious expression, or a downright somber look.
    15. i have found that my fave bjd's are fairyland bjd's i just ike there faces a lot. i think they are really cute. i prefer spiritdoll body's though, i like tall skinny bodies. i also everything about lillycat cerisedolls and merrydollround. they are beautiful.
    16. I prefer more realistic dolls, with slimmer eyes and natural resin colors (natural skin, light tan).

      I have thought about branching into fantasy sculpts/resin colors but I have yet to make that leap. White skin might work for my aesthetic but we'll see! The biggest eye sculpt I have is a Angel Fantasy Alice and I think those are the biggest eyes I can handle, haha!
    17. I'm all about the hands, I love to see long elegant fingers and hands when considering a doll. I actually used to hate DollChateau but now I've fallen in love with the slender aesthetic.
    18. I like smiling dolls,especially if they show teeth. I have three smiling/teeth dolls in my collection,and would love to add a Popo Lulu to it. She has the cutest doll teeth ever.
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    19. For my own "collection" such as it is, pose-ability and stability. What appeals to me most is the ability to tell stories, and for me story happens spontaneously. I fly from one pic to the next as Wiishu or Pooki tells me what they're thinking or doing and there's no time to stop and delicately balance or wire or whatever. For the same reason...storytelling...the Shiwoo face was perfect because the expression is so malleable. I find great pleasure in looking at dolls with extreme expressions, but it's limiting for storytelling. And hands. The multiple hand options and easy on/off of the fairyland dolls is another huge plus.

      Oh! Weight. Another point in the smaller dolls' favor, at least for me. Wiishu travels with me and his stories help me remember places I've been and things I've done. He tucks into my purse without breaking my shoulder. MSD and larger are just too large and heavy to be a doll equivalent of a traveling gnome.

      That being said, I'm fascinated by the larger dolls, and realistic male sculpts appeal aesthetically...cheekbones, jawlines and noses...I like a gestalt that says character, but it's doubtful I'll ever spring for one, simply because for me they'd just be beautiful setabouts. I love making costumes and it would be fun (and easier!) to dress some of the larger dolls, but Wiishu is such a clothes-horse, there aren't enough hours in the day.

      All I can say is, thank goodness for DoA where we can enjoy all the variety!
    20. It'll be a long list! Writing down what I dislike would be quicker:) I prefer unusual sculpts with prominent cheekbones and unusual or prominent noses.

      -furr and alpaca wigs in both natural and unatural colours
      -eyes without pupils, seemingly glowing eyes
      -long hair, unusual wigs
      -mature look

      -elf ears
      -white skin, lila, cyan
      -unusual sculpts
      -wide nasal root and narow tip
      -prominent or unusual noses
      -wide face
      -very pointed face
      -strong features
      -cheek bones
      -slant eyes
      -mature look

      Anthros and stylizes animals:
      -large eyes
      -small breasts

      Realistic animals: