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Your favorite doll characteristics?

Jul 8, 2017

    1. i love big glittery eyes with a fiery passion... but honestly, what really gets me is the "ski jump nose" some dolls have ^^' i just love a doll with a pointy nose! theyre so cute!
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    2. I like weird looking bjd's, elongated bodies like what Doll Chateau has, and eyes that curve down. I also like eyes that are more realistic and detailed.
    3. I like all things that make the dolls look teenage and innocent, which helps when adorning in gloomy fashions. The contrast between innocence and darkness thrills me ;) So, turned up or anyhow delicate noses, full lips, round bellies (not too visible waistlines) and small, protruding breasts. Oh, yeah, and I'm into female dolls only. If already, I like milky blond guys with super long eyelashes.