Your favorite doll characteristics?

Jul 8, 2017

    1. i love big glittery eyes with a fiery passion... but honestly, what really gets me is the "ski jump nose" some dolls have ^^' i just love a doll with a pointy nose! theyre so cute!
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    2. I like weird looking bjd's, elongated bodies like what Doll Chateau has, and eyes that curve down. I also like eyes that are more realistic and detailed.
    3. I like all things that make the dolls look teenage and innocent, which helps when adorning in gloomy fashions. The contrast between innocence and darkness thrills me ;) So, turned up or anyhow delicate noses, full lips, round bellies (not too visible waistlines) and small, protruding breasts. Oh, yeah, and I'm into female dolls only. If already, I like milky blond guys with super long eyelashes.
    4. Teeth.
      I feel I always go towards dolls with really cute fangs popping out! Some other things I always find myself focusing on is eye shape, lips (such as the curves & smiling), and oof...tongues too. Oh, and those hands? To die for. There's so much...
    5. Teeth... and hands. and feet... I fall for several details too. (veins, lovely nails, etc) I chose Universe doll body for my boy because I fell in love with its hands...:sweat It can't be too realistic or too muscled. I like IOS for the sculpts between anime and reality. And some weirdness is a must have for me.
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    6. I didn't realize how much hands mattered to me until I got a doll whose hands I couldn't stand. Facial features seem to matter less to me than expression. Smiling, thoughtful, serious, even melancholy is fine...but I had one who looked downright sad all the time that I couldn't bond with. I also realized that seam lines detract from my ability to enjoy a doll. I've been kind of slow to realize what I'm drawn to, but through working out qualities I like and dislike, I'm getting closer to understand what works for me. Proportion, natural posing, elegant/natural hands, quality craftsmanship (flaws can add quirks and be enjoyable but blatant quality control issues detract from my enjoyment), and, more nebulously, an expression that is either soothing or evokes creative thought.
    7. -mature male and realistic head-sculpts with a natural eye-size (usually small iris), grey and white hair and realistic proportions of the body
      -I am not into the cute look and almost all my characters are adults
      -Hands! I's like them to have realistic proportions as well and I love jointed hands, if I could, everyone of my dolls would have jointed hands xD
    8. Here are a few of my absolute favorite things!
      - wide hips and fat chest
      - anthro features (not just ears and a tail, but paws and a snout too!)
      - angel wings
    9. Elf or pixie ears just love those and ones that have fox or cat faces and tails
    10. Hands for me! I love detailed, elegantly sculpted hands and I think they can really bring a doll to life. This is a big reason why I don't go for jointed hands, despite their greater poseability, because they're never as detailed and convincing as I'd like. In fact, I disliked my Mystic Kids QingChen's big, awkward yaoi hands so much that I replaced them; that's how important hands are to me. And I bought a Universe Doll body with extra hands because I love the way they sculpt their hands so much.
    11. I love elf ears, though all of my dolls don't have elf ears.
    12. I don't know.. Hmmm
      I really like dolls with a more human feel to them? Not completely realistic but I like when I can imagine them as real humans without being freaked out :00... but also just dolls that look like a feeling? If that makes sense? A doll that may look sad, peacfull, happy or angry and not just looking out without any expression what so ever.
    13. Wide/sad looking eye sockets, glittery eyes with no pupils, fluffy looking hair, pouty lips, curvier body types, and pretty hands are definitely all things that get my attention.
    14. oh i love dolls that are pale tall and slender but toned, horns, white long hair, dainty hands,claw hands, black eyes with red iris's, pale eyes, gory/creepy face ups, white/black contrast, toned tan,. i love fantasy/creepy/demon/angel aesthetics with my dolls and i always get excited when i find dolls that fit it
    15. Below are a list of my favourite doll characteristics that I'd like to see more of!
      1) Well sculpted muscles on boy dolls bodies (as opposed to thin bodies with protruding ribs - not really my cup of tea)
      2) Teeth! So cute!
      3) Shapely plump lips
      4) Asian, African or any other ethnic features - I used to think ethnic groups are underrepresented in the doll hobby, but now I am seeing much more dolls with ethnic features!
    16. I love Vampires, creepy dolls, dark make-up, dragon eyes... Lolita or Gothic Outfits, elegant hands and posing options, long legs...
    17. Super pouty girls are my weakness. I'm not sure why but sad or big pouty lips always get me lol.
    18. As for girls I like full lips,opened mouth and not so big eyes, a little bit dreamy look
    19. Some of my favorite doll traits;

      - Elf Ears
      - Full/Unique Lips (especially nice upper lips)
      - Big Hips
      - Small Chests

      I am a total sucker for "pear shaped" dolls. Especially if the body is just a bit more extreme than what you'd see in real life. I just think it's such a cute shape!