Your favorite doll characteristics?

Jul 8, 2017

    1. My tastes are wide and varied, as I tend to go with "I see a pretty, I want a pretty" mindset... that being said, below are some of my favorite features (in no particular order):
      • Elf ears
      • Detailed bestial ears (cat, deer, etc.)
      • Detailed ears in general
      • Unique noses (aquiline, African, broken, etc.)
      • High cheeks combined with hollow cheeks - a la Granado Uranus
      • Strong, blocky features (male and female)
      • Narrow or half-closed eyes
      • Cupid bow lips
      • Strange, unusual, fae, or alien features - Dollshe Orijean
      • Strange, unusual, fae, or alien proportions - Doll Chateau bodies are among my favorites
      • Additional body parts (eyes, limbs, etc.)
      • Scars
      • Animal legs
      • Realistic centaur bodies
      • Wings (feathered or otherwise)
      • Detailed hands
      • Hands with long fingers
      • Hands with expressive positions
      • High-heel feet
      • High-heel feet for male dolls
      • Well-sculpted Adonis belt (hip muscles)
      • Realistic breasts (can be realistic in a corset or otherwise)
      • Beefy, muscular men
      • Beefy, muscular women
    2. I like doll'men with pointy noses, dark hair and green eyes,
      for girls' dolls I like plump hips and small breasts, brown hair and gray eyes
      my personal beauty ideals =)
    3. Tall slender boys with dreamy eyes and pouty lips, high cheekbones would be a bonus
    4. I am a sucker for elf ears, fantasy-colored resin, noes (delicate and small or straight and large), and lips. Send all the full, pouty lips!!
    5. Big eyes, elegant lips, and dainty or upturned noses (think Peakswoods or even Doll Leaves Betty). I also have a thing for big headed dolls. I recently got in a Clockwork Faery Moriko, and I absolutely adore her. I also enjoy fantasy elements like faeries and elves, etc.
    6. Tan dolls seem to be a major thing for me (at least when they're more realistic tones, not the orange resins). Blue or lavender dolls (rare as they are) too.
      Sculpts/faceups with personality (by which I mean a realistic touch of attitude or emotion in the expression).
      Fantasy parts of various sorts.
      More realistic noses, oddly enough. Not something I thought I'd be picky about when I got into the hobby! :lol:
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    7. Fantasy features such as elf ears, wings, hooves, different resin colors and so on
      Large eyes, not too realistic
      Nice posing ability
    8. Number one thing for me is detailed faces (especially eyes and lips). I tend to go for asian sculpts the most since I like the softer look without them looking too childish of feminine.
    9. I'm a girl with very specific tastes (a nice way of saying I'm very nitpicky, specially when it comes to dolls) but there a couple of things that usually catch my eye:
      • Cute tiny anthropomorphic dolls (Dearmine, Zuzus... I would purchase a small an army if I could).
      • Male dolls which are very manly, realistic, and gorgeous, better with muscular bodies (I can't get enough of those).
    10. I love cute unique faces! Especially the lips and nose! <3
    11. I have a weakness for dolls with half closed eyes & slightly parted lips with teeth showing.. ><
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    12. My number one characteristics is sleepy/half closed eyes. There is something about it that gives the doll a dreamy look!
      Light/white colored wigs with the combo of white lashes are really pretty to! Detailed hand sculpts and interesting/ different face proportions are something that I like as well!
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    13. I'm only interested in male dolls, and prefer the bishie look to either the more masculine or more childish sculpts. I like realistic but idealized sculpts with high cheekbones and V shaped faces. I prefer the bodies not to be too muscular, but I'm having a hard time finding that in the grown 70+ cm dolls. I LOVE body scars and sculped veins. I prefer straight noses and thinner, more realistic lips, which sadly doesn't seem to be terribly popular these days.
    14. I like big expressive eyes and pouty lips. Also love some cute chubby cheeks xD
    15. I'm an absolute sucker for horns and any kind of fantasy elements. I'm also a big sucker for centaurs or bodies where you can switch out the legs for human or fantasy parts (like mermaids, etc). As far as sculpts I'm a huge fan of mature facial features and sort of more grim/mean looking expressions, but I also really love soft/delicate expressions too.
    16. I love me some plump and pouty lips! Downturned eyes are also super cute.
    17. I am obsessed with thick lower lip. I also prefer pale hair and eye colours as these features make a doll looks dreamy.
    18. Anatomically correct facial sculpts. I've painted well over 200 portraits as a fine artist and I'm always disappointed when there is some anatomical detail that has been left out or not done correctly. My favorite sculptors are Julia Cross and Kana by Kana. I find their sculpts to be so realistic and gorgeous. But I'm a sucker for iMda's Manon. I don't know what it is, maybe the big eyes and pouty mouth. LOL
    19. I love full lips, I've recently realized that I don't have a single doll or floating head without this feature:lol: I just can't help it
    20. two of my most favorite features include droopy eyes and pretty, full lips! droopy eyes usually give a more melancholy look to a doll and, for some reason, is my ultimate weakness. fuller lips are just super cute to me ❤️ it's even better when a sculpt has both of these, lol.