Your favorite doll characteristics?

Jul 8, 2017

    1. The bigger the eyes are the better!
    2. For me its a sad, puppy dog like expression. Something about the big eyes and little pout gets me every time!
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    3. I like the articulation of joints. It's pretty fun to move their arms, shoulders, and knees around because it just feels cool and I like the sound it makes when resin rubs against resin LOL:celebrate
    4. Definitely the unique properties of the doll such as faceups, wigs and eyes. Through these three doll artists can creatively breathe life into any type of doll, seemingly inorganic objects.
    5. I'm a sucker for parted lips with a little bit of teeth showing. It's just so cute! I also prefer slimmer faces over chubby cheeks.
    6. Unusual faces and traits. I prefer realism for that reason, as I love the quirks. Smaller lips & more human proportions.
    7. For female dolls, I love dolls with thicker legs and wider hips! I also love full lips and wider noses. Almond or cat eye shapes on either male/female dolls is another love of mine.
    8. For my larger dolls (70cm, SD,and MSD) I love realistic mature faces with a neutral but somehow self confident expression. I dislike round faces. I like high cheekbones, and strong chins. I do not like dolls with any hint of teeth. I want realistically proportioned dolls, or at least as close as possible. I like ultra realistic hands with veins showing. I like a full but not pouty mouth. I prefer small or medium bust on female dolls and as real looking as possible. I like an hourglass figure, but not unnaturally so. I like perfectly straight, very real and preferably interestingly ethnic noses. Ultra realistic eyes, in both proportion and color. Faceups must be subtle, natural, completely realistic. I mostly collect Iplehouse.

      The flip side of my doll collecting personality, is that I am mad about Piposland Cheshire Cats and Fairyland Realpuki. Little cute dolls with big crazy grins with lots of teeth and fangs showing. Huge glittery fantasy eyes with weirdly shaped pupils. Pointy ears are a huge plus. Long tails with a lot of bits to bend and play with are my most favoritist thing!
    9. Teeth! But I also really love eye shapes.
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    10. I love me some nice detailed hands!! And cute noses! Which is funny because my boys hands aren’t the best and his nose is pretty pointy xD but I love him nonetheless. But that’s what I tend to go for lately! And he has new hands coming! Whoop. I also like a thinner, not so bulky body shape for my boys I’ve noticed.
    11. a pair of beautiful eye brows I guess. I like it to be draw neatly and symmetric, badly draw eye brows well make me hesitate in purchase even I really like the sculpt.
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    12. I love really sculpted collar bones and shoulder blades. I think they’re so pleasing. Elegant and gentle looking hands are also so nice!

      I also love really glossy lips.
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    13. BIG BIG LIPS! Those are what im drawn to first.
    14. It honestly depends on whether or not i’m shelling a specific character or what my tastes are at the time but in general my holy grails all seem to have:

      face: delicate noses and sad, almost drooping eyes, open mouth with a little teeth or fangs, thick lips

      faceup: beauty marks, pastel/natural/soft color palette

      body: defined collarbones, slightly prominent abs (slim muscle type), long legs
    15. Elf ears are a weakness for me. I've got four with them out of my ten dolls. But then again, elf ears are a weakness for me in general for character creation. It does make finding some dolls a little difficult because I'll find a sculpt I like but they won't have the ears I want and I have no confidence when it comes to modding. :sweat
    16. Full lips and large eyes are my favorites.
    17. Dainty, fine features and smaller breasts on girls...bish on boys, more fine detail. Less plastic aesthetic, more realism I guess. I notice all my dolls have similar lip features. I suppose certain facial proportions are important to my liking.
    18. On female dolls I really like wide hips and fleshy, soft thighs. I also prefer if they have natural muscles in their arms. All in all, more realism than simply "a doll that looks like doll".
      On any doll I absolutely love a big or unusual nose! Sadly those are rarely seen on female dolls, but there are some gorgeous male sculpts with quite unique and beautiful noses. Also hands...beautiful, lively and elegant hands. Those are just something I'm always drawn to.
      Other than that I'm a sucker for anything deer-related. Horns, hooves and other such anthropomorphic deer features. :3
    19. I love really weird non-human sculpts with like, extra limbs and things. For example, Doll Chateau Fuya is now my grail doll.

      Also, I really love the more anime styled dolls, because I'm kind of a weeaboo! I need to look into getting an anime eye option for my Resinsoul girl, tbh.
    20. Sheep/Rat themes absolutely kill me!
      Other than that, I really like cute young dolls or mature pouty dolls! Add in a slightly sad sleepy face and delicate eyelashes and I'm done for.