Your favorite doll characteristics?

Jul 8, 2017

    1. Pretty faces, bonus points if they're smiling. I have a boy with a perfect smirk on layaway and couldn't be happier with the sculpt.
    2. I love the eyes and it might the first thing I will notice when looking to a doll.
      The eyes should reflect the light and also my shadow greatly, as I believe it lead me to think that this doll is real and has its own soul. Because of this, I only use high-quality glass eye for all of my children. (Always say NO with resin eyes, though I saw a lot of beautiful, impressive and creative resin eyes at Dolpa and Dollshow.)
      I prefer navy and then black eyes, but I think green, aqua and dark blue eyes are also great choices. Still trying to experiment with odd-eyes.
      I prefer the dolls to have white skin (the snow white of Volks, not the sickly pale white or too-much-white like flour which I saw from some other companies) than other skin colors, but it's OK with normal/fair skin or sunligh/tan skin if it's limited model with a great sculpt which I can't buy in white skin or any other colors.
      I love blonde or long platinum elf-prince-style wigs. A traditional in black with tied bang is also a wig style which I'm always willing to buy.
      Then, I can't deny that traditional clothes and gakuran will always catch my eyes. Still finding more and more...
    3. Thin eyes/eyeholes with condescending looking gazes right now. That and strong emotions.

      Aside from that seeing a sculpt that just matches a character I have in mind perfectly.
    4. Faces that are neither too realistic nor too anime. Stylized, but not cartoonish. Beautiful eyes. A neutral expression, but a pleasant one. Poseability is key, and I don't really like ginormous b00bage. Oh, and a doll should be pretty. It doesn't have to be rail thin--in fact I love dolls with curves!--but it should be nice to look at.
    5. My doll with the most personality development so far is my first doll. That's just because I have had her longer. She is a tsundere half demon. I have invested alot of thought all the way to blood type for her.
    6. I like unique noses and soft eyes. I also like smirking dolls and unique faces in general.
    7. I have a thing for dolls with partially closed eyes. I find they’re so expressive! And I also love exaggerated, somewhat cartoon-y features on tinies (like some Fairyland or Sio2 dolls.) And I’ve always had a thing for dolls with bunny ears...I have several of them.:)
    8. Strong facial features! If I can recognize a sculpt after only seeing it once or twice, that's a pretty good indicator I'll like it.

      Oh, and body types that aren't too dainty or graceful. Give me painfully sharp hipbones or wrists jutting out; broad-shouldered women; chubby bodies or, on the other end of the spectrum, truly skinny ones. Something with more personality than prettiness, I guess.
    9. Sorrowful or wistful faces. There's a gentleness to those kinds of expressions that I deeply, deeply adore. Often that'll also include lowered eyelids (or wide-open "pleading" eyes), soft downturned lips, and faraway gazes. Semi-realistic faces with more unusual, less rounded features also seem to catch my attention a lot. "Catlike" and longer eye shapes are sooo lovely! ;O; <3
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    10. I love white eyelashes, elegant jointed hands, and detailed faces
    11. I think the most important thing is their nose... Kinda weird but nose is a important feature for me.
    12. I love half closed eyes and elf ears!
    13. No secret here: elf ears :D hahaha and wings!
      But basically anything fantasy, and for the face style, I like a mix of realism and stylization, but I can't quite explain it. For boys though it's different because I prefer boys I can't confuse with girls and that's a bit rare for me.