You're gifted $1000. What do you buy?

Feb 15, 2018

    1. Pay for my layaways up front, outfits and shoes for both of my dolls, maybe purchase another hybrid or three to work on.
    2. Would buy either a Fairyland Rendia (Wind of Hope) right now in full set or a tall body for my Dollclans Phython.
      Good grief I wish someone could give me $1000 right now for realz. Haha.
    3. Find a smiling Iplehouse male doll and get lots of shoes and clothes for him.
    4. I'd get Island Doll's Hidden Island No. 1 (just because I always go back to look at her, but never jumped in), and then whatever Doll Chateau strikes my fancy with the rest.
    5. I will accumulate an additional $1500 and then I will buy a Trinity Doll.
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    6. Assuming it'd be needed to be spent on doll hobby, a lot of heads. I'd love to hoard 5-6 artist heads then paint them and later shop company bodies for them as I have time and/or money.
      If it were not for dolls... I think I'd buy a large renaissance cupboard for our tableware. Everyone says I should get a drivers license, but I have never needed it in my life so it'd feel funny to pay for one.
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    7. Save money to buy my grail,Shinku.
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    8. I’d try to get my hands on a Lucywen centaur body :chomp:
    9. I'd buy a second Sweet Witch, in baby pink. <3 And then cry because there would be my $1k gone!
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    10. I think I would buy Ahaz Lldt in normal, he is my dream...he is so beautiful :love
    11. Doll chateau Evangeline and a TON of clothes and wigs for everyone lol
    12. Venitu... Now I am searching money for him.
    13. Buy a couple bodies for my floating heads and Faceups for the blank ones...I need some money to give my dolls a little TLC.
    14. more bjd clothes!!!!
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    15. A new faceup for my HDF31 Coco
      GalaxyNook eyes
      Code Noir sets
      Clothes for Mimi-chu
      2D Cookies w/full set
      Another doll closet but for my YoSDs
      Rap1993 Anie
    16. If it'd be doll money, probably a professional face-up and a lot of sewing paraphernalia. Perhaps commission a good 1/3 guitar, since those are impossible to find.
      But in all truth, it'd probably go towards a new tattoo for myself ^^'
    17. The newest Bimong body he's come out with, a dolleaves head for it, wig, clothes, and then put a vito body on layaway with the rest.
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    18. I'd love to add a YoSD and a boy MSD to my collection..I'd have to scoop up the new LUTS Kid Delf Filo as my boy and LUTS Honey Zuzu Delf Corni <3 I'm really hoping I get one of those next.
    19. I'd buy a Switch HD male body, then probably spend the rest on miscellanious accessories my dolls will inevitably need in future
    20. Hmm... I'd buy the last doll on my wishlist and use the rest on getting a display cabinet. The resin horde could stand to not take over so many flat surfaces, hehe.
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