You're gifted $1000. What do you buy?

Feb 15, 2018

    1. Ringdoll Great Mentor Hui and the accessories needed for him to become the character I envisioned him to be
    2. in answer to the question "less and less as the £ plummets in value!" :...( But currently I am needing a reason to buy this, 18-Inch Dollhouse Doll Manor when I have no midi sized dolls, so at least that little problem could be sorted out, although it would then take me a very pleasurable couple of years to choose my midi's ... or maybe 'big baby' BJD :ablink: oh yes I doubt $1000 would last me long at all LOL
    3. I would probably buy a doll or 2 and the rest on clothesssssss... clothes are almost more fun to plan out than a new doll.
    4. No hesitation Doll Chateau Evangeline full set A, such a pretty doll but 920$ is just a bit expensive for me.
    5. Popovy sisters doll maybe, that's the first extravagance that popped into my head! I'd treat it as a dolly windfall!
      Second thought would be to apply it as a downpayment on a Dollmore Trinity long layaway but on reflection, it requires too much extra money even going for another big doll, I might get a Spiritdoll Dolce and wig, shoes and dress.
      This is a fun exercise in ’this or that’. I'm happily on a ’no buy’ for full dolls right now to better focus on the dolls we already own so my thoughts have not been on hunting for any new dolls. :aangel:
      Maybe I don't actually want a Trinity as much as I thought I did.
    6. cloooooothes. 14 years in and I haven't finished even one doll. Biggest issue is that I'm going to have to make the outfits myself, and I don't have much time/energy. If I was given 1000 bucks, I'd commission someone to sew stuff for me.
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    7. I'd finally get face-ups for my large amount of blank minifee event heads that I've somehow accumulated...
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    8. I would buy an Iplehouse Lahela on the new SID body with small bust in light brown, and a bit of clothes and other accessories.
    9. Lots of clothes and accessories!!! I'm currently fine with my collection, so no dolls, only stuff to spoil my babies.
    10. I'll just get a Lillian SP full set from Doll Chateau. That sculpt is so delicate and lovely ahhh :whee:
    11. Bodies for my incoming heads!
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    12. Pay off all the layaways first and then...oh wait that would pretty much eat that entire thousand...start another layaway with the scrap money I have left I guess.
    13. Bodies for my heads... faceups for the ones who need them, wigs, eyes... maybe the other head I saw >.> pretty sure my budget is blown for that body now though, oops!
    14. I think I could afford all the dolls on my wishlist from 10k and afford to get them all wigs eyes and something to wear.
      My head is spinning from that kind of dream wow!

      Edit: I'm obviously overzealous reading 10k instead of 1k oops.
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    15. I would buy a iplehouse Asa custom makeup
    16. Finish the rest of my dolls; so faceups, wigs clothes, shoes and a body.
    17. Such a difficult choice. I would either buy a new doll from LLT or a few of those on the list - let's say Serenadedoll Sophie and Little Monica Elena.
    18. For $1000, I could actually finish all my sad half-baked dolls. Clothes that fit, shoes for errybody. A Supia body for Clementine, probably a secondhand one so I don't have to wait. A Minifee Ante head for my headless 1/4 girl. Better eyes for all my poor babies who've been scraping by with cheapo glass ones. I'd buy the Dollzone head I've been waiting 6 months for secondhand. Hire someone more skilled than me to dye Tasia so she doesn't turn out streaky and weird. Splurge on a really nice angora wig for her. Aannd that would pretty much take all of it. Haha. Why am I in this hobby when I'm so poor?
    19. Either a venitu sculpt or a switch mocha skin waseon!
    20. I'd go full speed ahead on commissioned wardrobes for each doll :p