You're gifted $1000. What do you buy?

Feb 15, 2018

    1. --A Withdoll Eliza because oh my god that sculpt is so gorgeous and I will never forgive myself for not buying that head when I could have, uuugh!
      --A complete servicing of my sewing machines. All three of them. Yes, I have a problem.
      --Faceup supplies and a practice head or three.
      --A simple 3D printer and Sculptris. I don't even know if this is too much, I have expensive tastes!
    2. I'd order the bustier and skirt for my Popovy Tawny Owl and a couple of the roses to put in her hair. That would still have me lacking the matching shoes with the shinegards but I suppose there is always something to wish for.
    3. Well I would probably buy the Sailor Moon Dollfie Dream. I think she is probably the most expensive one on my list so if I had that kind of money in my hands for a doll I’d get her. I realize that I could probably get a few dolls for her price and lots of clothes, but there really isn’t any other way I would ever be able to get her at this point.
    4. I think I would by the Kamine Len Dollfie Dream doll (A boy dollfie dream!!!) And then figure out who to commission for complicated doll outfits.
    5. I would buy my first volts doll.
      I would also buy clothes, wigs, and eyes for her. I may would look into buying one of their character dolls through a poxy service.
    6. I would buy a Soom Sabik head and maybe a body for my Iplehouse grail who I just bought :aheartbea
    7. I’d get Dollzone Miyou, a pair of cute eyes, and a whole lot of sewing supplies.
    8. A bunch of clothes and shoes and wigs and eyes.
    9. A crazy bear doll beibei( i want a mount for my yo's), face up and blushing for it , and face up\blushing fot my Soom Alk. And one of Batchix deco mini machina. <3
    10. Wah! I will buy my third and last doll plus a lot of a accessories and goodies for them!
    11. I'd probably grab 3 more Pukifee's, most likely a Dony, Jude & Bonnie, and the rest would go on buying supplies to make rooms, toys, furniture, wigs and clothes
    12. I would buy my last dream doll, Dikadoll Floyer and buy a bunch of goodies for all 3 of my dolls! I'd love to have a lot of things in their aesthetic to dress them up in! Or even commission someone for fancy outfits for them!
    13. Well Its quite basic but I'd get all the dolls I have saved for later on my facebook. Some of them include a fairyland boy, a Realfee fullset and many others! I'd also buy a bunch more clothes for my SD's as they have the smallest closet. :drool
    14. Iplehouse Panther with both heads or get this costume made for my Iplehouse Ashanti (character is Vivienne from Dragon Age Inquisition, I couldn't find any full body screenshots of this costume)
    15. I've really been into the Dollfie dream girls but custom heads are 2000 to 3000. one day though one day.
    16. I would probably not buy a bjd at all. Actually my grail doll is a Korean art pvc doll that is almost impossible to get ahold of. I'd also get a bunch of supplies and materials since the creativity is my favourite part of the hobby. New hair, new clothes, new furniture!
    17. I reckon with $1000 USD I could buy and complete my current doll plan which is a suntan PW FOC Mimi Crow, faceup by paulianne.dolls and some clothes from nine9style! How I wish I had $1000 USD :sweat
    18. A doll by Bjtales
    19. I would buy Ery, the doll made by Culur and probably an outfit or shoes for my Popovy.