You're gifted $1000. What do you buy?

Feb 15, 2018

    1. My first reply will be a computer, but I think this subject concerns BJD :wiggle
      So, if I found a Ian and a Lavi mechanic version by Souldoll, I’ll buy it. If not, I’ll prioritize to commission make-up, and found wigs and clothes for BJD that I already own.
      Or I’ll take the SID Soo by Iple. :3nodding:
    2. One of my grail dolls, a SOOM Zinc. If I couldn’t get him, another SOOM doll for sure!
    3. I personally would buy my dolls a complete outfit, wigs, something like that. Maybe a new display shelf with glass doors and a lock. I would love my dolls to be on display, without anyone being able to grab them
    4. I'd buy my floating head a body and then spoil everyone with clothes, shoes and wigs.