Youth Dollmore Adam - Kara Klum

Nov 1, 2007

    1. I am torn between him and Barron from Iplehouse.
      This is my first doll purchase, so I'm trying to pick the right one!
    2. Yes, i saw it.. but i prefer Dollzone and Domuya bodies, they look more skinny having all the bones and muscle lines well visible..i wrote them a question about Kara Klum head but they haven't answer yet..may be it is because Sunday;))...they need some rest from their curious clients:):)..i know they can make almost all Adam heads with make-up apart, without buying its body, but there no Kara Klum and Nick Reilly heads in this list..My guess is that is just because this models are HOT items so they wanna sell them in fullset only..but lets see what they will answer...
    3. please delete post