Youthful looking 60cm boys

Apr 8, 2008

    1. I agree on both these choices. I have three younger looking SD10 boys and I love them to death. I think, especially if you're willing to go the FCS route, there are a lot of good choices and the SD10 boy body is awesome. One of my guys is a SD10 Sara head on a SD10 boy body and I think he looks great. I'll just add that I was thinking about a Chiwoo for his mold as well, but I like how short the SD10 body is.

      Also, I love the Little Prince, he's so great.
    2. perhaps one of the glorydolls? or a volks magical michael or a kun boy?
    3. I think the looking like a girl part is very subjective. It's really based on what an individual thinks looks "girly" and what you do with any given mold. I've also had the problem of people thinking my most masculine dolls were girls. Our boss refused to believe that my Saint and my roommate's Yukinojo were boys, so it really is in the eye of the beholder.

      As far as young-looking though, have you checked out Angelregion yet? They make some really adorable, baby-faced boys.
    4. Andrea from Angell-Studio is very young looking :)
    5. B&G Sunny is pretty young-looking too
    6. Hmm, Glorydoll Louis, the new Volks Kanata, Volks Cecile, definitely the F34 mold tends to look youthful, as well as Volks School A tend to be young looking. Crobidoll Nia I also think is pretty young looking.
    7. What about Dollzone's boys?? I think Floy and Wilka are very young-looking for 60cms.
      And also B&G Sky, his humongous eyes make him look young, in my opinion ^^