YuHao - Discussion Thread

Mar 8, 2011

    1. Congrats on your orders, Bats & AlmySidaKay! It'll be interesting to finally see some owner pics of these dolls. The flaws MoC pointed out do seem like they'd be pretty easily remedied with a bit of work/modding. I can understand MoC not wanting to offer them if the new-out-of-the-box condition is so poor, but you're right, Bats; with their low price they still have great potential as extreme mod candidates.
    2. Thanks, I actually checked this morning after ordering last night, and they are sold out! Almost wondering if I got the last Luo Ji. :p
    3. Well I did order the high heeled feet with her, but I'm missing the Bat and Elf ears. Anyone know if ordering from the YuHao Taobao will ship outside of China? Been thinking about just trying to order the ears straight from them so I have all parts avail for her.
    4. ImmortalDarknyss-- Ahh, I know right? XD I had to finish up one of my mods to make room for this one a few days ago, lol. I'm still not sure what I'm going to do with him. >.>;
      The mini, Tart, is still available, looks like. Is it sad that I kinda hope she'll stay that way until I make an extra 90 bucks? XDD Ohh cheap dolls, you'll be the death of me.

      AlmySidaKay-- Their site is in Chinese, but if it's a Taobao you could probabaly get a service to get them for you. I'm not exactly sure how that works, but I know they do it for Y!Japan all the time.
    5. @Bats, you know if there is any "How to" manual for taobao ordering that might exist somewhere on DoA?
    6. These are the only things I found. These girls do a service for TaoBao-

      #1 -- http://www.denofangels.com/forums/s...ices-*updated-shop-list-23-1&highlight=taobao
      #2 -- http://www.denofangels.com/forums/s...-Taobao-shopping-service-...&highlight=taobao

      And here's a thread where they discuss it and what to look for in a good agent.


      It looks as though the general consensus for ordering on Taobao is get yourself an agent. I guess to order yourself, you need an account that hooked up directly with a Chinese banker, as posted here. Seems simpler just to have someone do it for you.

      I hope that helped! =3
    7. Thanks Bats! It really did, now to look into getting an... agent. >.>
    8. Yay my Luo Ji should be to my house by Friday, I decided to pay her off after I did some recalculating. Now I just get to pace while I wait for her to get here.
    9. I was able to order the Luo Qing 60cm male they had that day, and he just arrived today.

      I must say----I don't see ANY problems at all with him, aside from the chipped knee. The resin is solid and nice, the poseability is great (semi-jointed fingers!), and the sanding is fine.

      I'm not sure what I'm going to do with him yet, but I couldn't help but want him at such a great price. I'll probably resell the head---I'm not loving the sculpt. It's nice but not my style. The neat/funny thing about it, is that his EARS are separate! They are magnetized---I guess to 'switch' out for other types of ears?



      The skintone is nice---it's not quite as pink as AOD NS-P.....it's almost exactly like Obitsu WS, just a teeny tiny tad (I mean barely anything) more yellowish and bright? But not even really. I have a brand new Haruka WS head unopened in package next to the body and it's a near perfect match, with the Haruka head being a miniscule amount darker, maybe? But it's sooo close, it's hardly noticeable either way.


      It's not a too terrible match either with AoD NSP, so I might put my leftover Aod head on him. The AoD NS-Y is too dark and yellow for the YuHao skintone, so I'm glad this head is NS-P.


      The resin quality is really good! There are no bubbles or anything on him---he's near perfect apart from the chip. (Which isn't a YuHao quality issue, rather a shipping problem?)

      Maybe this particular one is just really good, but I have absolutely no complaints at all. He's a well made BJD and of nice weight and great posability. (Those jointed fingers are AMAZING!!! I never liked full jointed hands---I always think the dolls look like robots with them ^^;; but these just being jointed at the one point, really works well and they still look human!) I'm really loving his hands....



      Anyway, I'm really glad I bought him----I already fixed the chipped knee and now just deciding who he's going to be!!!!
    10. Yay glad to see your photos of him and he does look great! How was he strung when you got him? Just right, too tight, too loose?
    11. Wow, thanks for posting this, TsukimoriKahoko!! I got the other non-faceupped Luo Qing, and I really loved seeing some owner pics! I was worried about his hands too, but I'm glad they look so nifty afterall. And is his headcap really that flat? Kinda strange, honestly... Also, I'm SO JAZZED that his ears are also magnetic. This'll make modding them so much easier, lol.

      Thanks again for all the pictures! Mines supposed to arrive tomorrow, I'm super excited now! =3
    12. He's strung perfectly! Just right----not too tight and not too loose. I really don't have to do a thing!! ^^ I think you're really going to love your girl when she arrives!! These are nice dolls! ^^

    13. The hands are AWESOME!! They're actually my ultra favorite part of him!!!! He can do all kinds of poses with those hands AND not look like a robot man!!! ^^ I'm loving them SOOO much!! All BJD should have hands like these!! :laughs:

      I've made him do the "love" sign and also look how good he can hold and stroke a plushie! It looks SOOO realistic because the fingers curve around all the parts!!!!! These jointed fingers are such a great idea!!!!



      And yes, his headcap is THAT flat!!! It is strange when I'm so used to really rounded caps/skulls, but.....maybe it won't really be noticed under a wig? The headcap is magnetized, too, so it stays on quite nicely! ^^
    14. Congrats on getting one of these guys, TsukimoriKahoko! It's great to hear that yours doesn't seem to be suffering from any crazy quality issues. The partially jointed fingers are definately a cool feature (I kinda agree with you on normal jointed hands: they have all the perks of a wardrobe of option hands without the hassle, but with so many points of articulation there's something about them that just looks somehow...off).

      But oh wow, is that one flat head! XD I wonder if that might make finding a suitable wig more difficult. He could probably use some sort of stuffing up there to help wigs keep their rounded shape (or maybe someone should invent a "padded wig" lol!).
    15. Amelia's here, amidst some disappointments, I ordered her with a face up, and she came blank. And she was also missing the pillow, birth certificate, and pair of eyes she was supposed to come with. I still did a box opening for her, because every doll deserves one. I'm very upset about the no face thing. I hate doing face ups I'm no good at it and now I have to find someone who will do her face, or just sell the head. I saw that Obitsu heads match almost completely, I may just buy a Gretel head for her instead. The interchangeable ears also were not magnetized on the female and are being held in with putty. Overall, the body is perfect, the head, terrible. I will admit she looks awful cute sitting in her chair. She poses great but she's strung so tight I can't actually get her head on her body, so it's actually just kind of resting on top of it at the moment. I think I'll be able to fix it when I have another person to help me with that part.

      Here is a link to her Box Opening.
    16. I did get a good photo of Amelia today before I mailed her head back off:

    17. Awww, that sucks about the mixup! I'm glad you got it taken care of, though!! =3
      If it makes you feel any better, my boy (who also arrived today, hooray!!) didn't come with pillows, eyes or a birthcard either. For a hundred bucks, though, I'm not complaining. XD Your Amelia is looking super cute, though!! ^^

      So as mentioned before, my boy also came today! His name is gonna be BoLin Zhong, and he's gonna be my Chinese Naiad Clockwork-handed pirate boy. =D


      Squueeee, I'm pleased as pie with him, though, I gotta say... he's pretty screwed up, as far as dolls go. XD This is only my opinion, and it may just be exclusive to my particular doll, but here I go- for archive's sake, in case anyone was thinking about purchasing directly from Taobao.

      His headcap is really silly. It's so flat, it makes his wig look lopsided. All I tried him in was synthetic, so maybe a fur wig would help. His face is very roughly sanded, and there's some noticeable scratching on his nose, lips, neck, collarbone, shins, and bottom. His ears, though awesomely magnetic, don't lay flush with the sides of his head, and there's obvious gapping. His eye wells are rough and unfinished, and his nostrils are poorly sculpted and lipline ambiguous and vague without faceup. My boy's face and feet are a different color then the rest of him, and although he was strung SUPER tightly (as I found when I had to try twice to get his head on- I've never had to strain so hard to get a dolls head back on.), he still flops all over the place and his knees like to buckle, which suggests articulation design failure. While we're on the subject- if he's considered double jointed anywhere, so is my three year old Leeke boy. The elbows are failsauce, he can't even touch his face. His torso is sculpted... weird... (bad anatomy), and his "locking mechanism" (a little tiny resin slot) is super annoying, and he either sits unnaturally rigid or folds in half.

      However! His sculpt is cute. I so love his legs, and his feet are the nicest, most detailed piece of sculpting on him, their just lovely. His hands are pretty awesome, I just love the way they move and look. He's got the cutest little smile, and poses marginally well despite his obvious flaws, as I can get him to stand with his hip cocked. I love how natural his arm movements are.

      All in all, he's a good little doll, but I can see where his many many quality issues would lead Mint to discontinue their contract with YuHao dolls. I would be VERY disappointed if I'd paid full price for this, and would've been pretty steamed if I'd not been told of defects before he arrived. It's a shame, though, this company has promise... if they learned to refine things a bit more.

      Alrighty, I'll stop rambling. XDD If you wanna see all the pictures I took, here's his Flickr Gallery.
    18. I'll say that his face looks so much better with out the face up honestly. Doesn't even look like the same doll as from the site. I also had a lot of problems with her looking odd wearing synthetic wigs as well because her head was sooo flat, but she did look much better when I finally put her in a mohair. Also I think that she could touch her face... if her arms were strung tightly enough. Her legs are super tight I realized but her arms are pathetically loose.
    19. Oh I've also decided that ordering the extra ears, thru a taobao agent, not worth it. I'm definitely thinking about getting a different head still, most likely an Obitsu Gretel.

      TsukimoriKahoko Don't suppose you had a Gretel head to try on your boy did you?
    20. Hi Almy san,

      I don't have a Gretel head on hand, but she's the same color as Haruka and about the same size (just a bit wider---Haruka's a slim looking head), so it should match very well to the YuHao body, too. ^^

      I think your Amelia's head is really cute, though!! Maybe once she has a faceup, you'll warm up to her more. ^^