YuHao - Discussion Thread

Mar 8, 2011

    1. Flickr group deleted since no one else was joining.
    2. Bats: With that character description I can't wait to see what you do with your guy! XD His face does look a lot different than ones with the official faceup. He's really cute. So crazy about the problems with the body, though. It really seems like YuHao had very little clue about actually constructing dolls before they went ahead with this venture. That, or maybe they mistakenly sent MoC a box of test casts instead of finished products (yeah probably not lol).

      AlmySidaKay: Sorry to hear about the head mix-up (that had to be one disappointing box opening). It's good MoC was able to get it sorted out. As TsukimoriKahoko said, maybe you'll be happier with her once you see her with a faceup.
    3. Wow, really?! I'm so sorry!!! :hugs:

      Funny thing is, I feel quite the opposite actually! For me, he's got one of the nicest posing bodies I own, in terms of stability and ease of positioning. His elbows work really well and he can easily touch his face---I wonder if there's some kind of problem with yours if he can't touch his face? Mine does with ease and actually stays there without any wiring or sueding or anything---just right out of the box! WOW! That's the ONLY doll I own that has been able to do such a thing without help.

      I absolutely agree his torso is kind of 'cartoonish' in sculpt, but the locking mechanisms are awesome, and since he's mostly clothed, I don't mind it. It's nicer than the Domuya or FDoll torso sculpt anyway!! He can sit so well and securely! My Domuya boy is always falling over when he sits (backwards), and this YuHao sits and poses even better than my Angel Region, CustomHouse, FDoll, Volks DollfieDream or Bobobie dolls. I also have Angel Fantasy, AoD, Dollzone and Resinsoul bjd and while I ADORE them best (sculptwise and posability and overall look), this YuHao does sit better than all 4. He clicks into place and won't collapse over. ^^ I wonder why our bodies are so different positioning-wise! My YuHao is almost as stable in position as the Obitsu 60cm bodies. It's so nice, I really feel like trying to order another directly from the company for a friend's doll I'm making, but I think the deputy fees will make it much more costly than an FDoll body or AoD body.

      I guess I was really lucky with him, since there are no problems at all with him, apart from the chipped knee. Maybe he was the only really good one of the bunch? I don't know but I do love his body VERY much.

      For me, if I had paid full price, I still would've been really pleased with the doll. The head I wouldn't have ordered (not my style), but the body is one of the nicest I've seen, or posed, in every way. (Still really LOVING those semi-jointed hands!!!! ^^)

      Bats-san! If you find you get tired of him, and ever want to sell him, please let me know! I'd love to buy another of these bodies!!! They're really so versatile and the skintone is a terrific color!!!!
    4. I've also realized the body is totally great, and I'm waiting until I get her other head back before I make any decisions. But I do have plans for an Obitsu head now in case the head is bad, but I'm definitely keeping her body. I've sent the head back but as soon as I get the new one I'll take photos showing the ear connection, It's not the best system. Honestly for the price I paid, I couldn't even get a second hand body for that price off the marketplace. And I really love her knees but they are kicky, I just wish her arms were tighter they won't stay posed. Sculpt wise, this body is beautiful. :D
    5. Amelia and I never bonded, and she's on her way to a new home. Turns out I'm a Yo-SD and MSD kind of girl.
    6. I was lucky enough to pick up on Almysidakay's yuhao doll~
      My monster high oc, Catzilerella is being shelled into her body and eventually I will dye her blue. ^_^
      So excited for that.

      I do have to say that her head and ears are kidna funky, I will probably end up modding them somehow - but overall she's such a lovely doll. I really don't like how her headcap is held on by the tension of the cord, I haven't been able to get it off but I did pull it to the side enough to change out her eyes to gray.

      Here she is demanding I make her more clothes. ^_~

      Make me some clothes by catzilerella, on Flickr

      Loves her. Can't wait to give her a new faceup~
    7. I’m really not sure if this is the right place for this but does anyone know how tall the YuHao 1/3 boy body is? I can’t find much info about it. EDIT: Apparently Luo Qing has a wiki entry and the 1/3 body is 60cm with a head.
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