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Jun 28, 2018

    1. @nufa im guessing it’s probably hard to find an echotown body though....huh. Maybe one of the 52cm doll chateau bodies would work? Or would the neck be too thin? Any other body possibilities? I just have an Emma head coming.
    2. @Frug101: Emma head takes the neck size of maximally 7 cm. The Souldoll KID NL body has the neck size of 6,8 cm (see previous photos). The neck size of Echo Town body is 6 cm, which is too small. Probably it would work with necks between 6,5 and 7,0 cm quite well. But the neck size is not everything, the whole proportions and the neck length are also important. As for me, the original body is the best choice, honestly speaking. But it was with its 47 cm too big for me. So, I don't look at bigger bodies. ^^ Hope you will find the right body for your future Emma head, it is a beautiful head.
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    3. Long time wihout news on this thread!
      I've seen on instagram that Yuliya is working on a double jointed female body. That's awesome!

      And as I haven't show her for a while, here is my Theo again ^^:

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    4. I hadn't seen any preorders for a while and wondered what Yulia had been up to lately. thanks for the info.
      And your Theo is gorgeous. I have a couple of girls and would love a boy at some stage.
    5. Hello!
      I love these dolls, their style is so unique and elegant. I was very close to ordering one around last Xmas, but I didn't do it! (I ordered from Olga Reingard/ ancient tales) but now I'm wondering how does Yukidolls look with Twigling mini dolls? Does anyone have both and could take a picture for me? :D
    6. My beloved Emma and Yuki.

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    7. shadow_takatori, sorry I have no idea about Twigling mini girls, I once owned a full size Twigling girl and she was very slender and elegant; can only say that Yukidolls are solid and different to any other dolls I've ever had. I hope someone here can help you to decide :)

      lenacat26 Your Emma and Yuki are gorgeous, so pretty in their delicate dresses. It's lovely to see them here today.
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    8. @pianissimo thanks for your reply! I already have a minipietá, and am hoping a Yuki doll will be a good friend for her since my other dolls don't really go with her, also they are so beautiful and I just want one. :XD:
    9. I visited the doll exhibition in Moscow today. Yulia's dolls at the exhibition.

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    10. lenacat26 Thank you so much for this beautiful photo, you are lucky to be able to go to this exhibition! The dolls are outstanding! Did you speak with Yulia?
    11. Today I did not speak with her, but I have spoken to her many times before. One more photo.

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    12. thank you for the photo, the dolls are so beautiful, I love the way Yulia paints them. And the costumes so original.
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    13. Hi there

      Does anyone here know where I can get a pair of shoes or boots to fit my Yuki? Her feet are such an awkward size.

      Thanks in advance for any help offered.
    14. dobby That's a very good question! I find that their feet can just squeeze into some open toed unoa shoes by Summomo on etsy , and the fit is fine for the Unoa size boots which Ajumapama used to sell, (they were slightly large for Unoa) if you see anyone selling them. Perhaps someone else has had some luck finding shoes...?
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    15. Thanks so much pianissimo for the advice, I'll check both of them out.

      I was thinking maybe boots or trainers intended for male MSD might be best as their feet tend to be a bit longer?
    16. Hi everyone! I just got my Yuki from Yukidoll and she is beautiful but like said before really hard to find shoes, except what is said before, someone know where I can find shoes for her? And also where I can find clothes? Thanks
    17. Hi Kazuki congratulations on your new doll.

      I don't have a great deal of clothes for my Yuki yet but I do have a pair of leggings made for PashaPasha that fit her very well, they're a tad long but I don't mind the minor wrinkling around the ankle. I got them from SoraBJDFashion at Etsy. And I have a short dress meant for Minifee as a top.

      Also, Tree Design MSD size T-shirts and elasticated trousers fit okay, they belong to another doll of mine but I was just experimenting seeing what would fit her. The SD size stuff I've tried is way too big.

      The main problem is the length of stuff, tops meant for slim minis and MSD can be quite short on her, same with trousers/leggings which is fine if you don't mind the 'cropped' look.

      Hope that helps a little, best wishes.
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    18. My girls wear these shoes with ebay.

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