Yukinojo wallet-on-a-chain: stupid question (be warned!)

Mar 22, 2006

    1. Cause for everything?

      I asked them since he had a wallet, if he also had a credit card.

      They laughed.

      I didn't. He needs one for all the money he's going to be making ME spend. ;)
    2. Say....... if your Yuki came with cash and cards, I'll trade you.^^
      Mine is as poor as a church mouse.....and I'm not diggin' his default things all that much.
    3. No joke. I hate that default top--I think it's the tackiest thing I've ever seen. (*chanting: IMHO, IMHO, IMHO*) The coat is a little Weiss Kreuz for me, too. But the black jeans are basic enough to be useful.

      What's really making me crazy? I want DIFFERENT SHOES for him,
      [email protected]*#&!
    4. My Yuki's didn't fit either and with me also being older and uncool, I thought--who wears chains anymore? Vaguely remeber son with with a wallet chain a few years back...I just stuffed Yuki's in the back of his belt out of the way. Never occurred to me to remove pants, insert wallet and redress. :o
    5. for me i didn't like the pants... i tot leather ones would be much better....

      OT: who applied for the volks lottery for the training set??? [it ends april 1st...]

      ah when i was about to birng my hound to work and was looking for the pants i then reliased..... Along with Hideyoshi i sent him with the pants~~~~

      sorry i promise once i get him back i shall take pictures... :D
    6. I did, but more because I want another pair of shoes for him than because I'm crazy about the outfit. :sweat We'll see what the lottery results are . . .
    7. yeah i sent mine in via EMS... dun ask... lol
    8. I couldn't get the wallet in his back pocket either. Don't like the white shirt either. The zipper doesn't let it lay right. Jacket is cool except pockets are backwards? Like the pants. Boots are ok,but kinda big. I did try for the extra outfit. I want the sneakers.
    9. Plus it bends your credit cards, rendering them useless after a while.
    10. Well, so far my Yukinojo has a suit, jeans, cargo pants and 3 additional pairs of shoes. I was given a pair of jeans that fit him great, I bought a suit a while ago that someone had a dressmaker make that was big on the SD13s (but fits Yukinojo fine), the Cargo pants from Luts fit him fine and bought a pair of Hound shoes that fit (but a different pair of boots did not), sandals and a pair of Volks SD13 boy shoes that fit him. So I guess he is pretty well dressed.
    11. xDDDD Weiss Kreuz... *goes to check out the coat again to see if you are correct* xDDD
    12. nothing wrong with a guy who has a big butt AND a big wallet!!! ;)
    13. I couldn't fit his wallet in any of his pockets, so I clipped it around one of the belt loops, not the belt, so it hangs sideways. It's weird. I don't like it too much. I don't like his boots either. They're like clown shoe huge. I applied for that expensive training set pretty much so I could just get new shoes for him. Hurry up and start an SD16 clothes line, Volks! :-p
    14. Weird :P
      I just want to say that I find this post pretty hilarious. :) And that yes, maybe you guys should try putting the wallet in before the legs (or continue to, for those that do).
    15. motorcycle riders have liked them since the 40's - the chain means that if your wallet eases out of a pocket it doesn't bounce away. there's wartime photos but.. heh.. bannable offence for posting THOSE uniforms, though americans did it too..
      they became huge in the 50's and the motorcycle culture tough-guy thing really stuck with it. leather jackets, jeans & a chain wallet - appropriated by the punk culture.

      think about it - who in their right mind is going to pick-pocket a punker? 1)they're jobless and broke 2)they've got nothing to loose by fighting back

      pickpockets go for soft-targets.
    16. ah here we go.....

      Hideyoshi: i present 4 ways of wallet wearing.... :D :D
      Kag: Tada

      1. hook it onto the back belt support

      2. in the back pocket :D

      3. in the front pocket

      4. in my hand~~~~

      THE END... D:
    17. Oh wow, did you chage his faceup Kagari? I LOVE the brown eyes too. He looks so human and beautiful!
    18. well I might as well tack this on here, but could someone please let me know which company sells this wonderful doll? I have looked all over but as a still-fairly-newbie I don't know where I should look next.
    19. volks... but this is a limited edition sd16... if i am not wrong u should head over to the marketplace and scout around.... :D

      lol no zestroy did but i found it too uke for me seme character :( ah well he;s back with her for another face up, and i hated that gray area under the chin... weheeee :D

    20. Yes it does doesn't it? *HAPPY DANCE* Can you say major coolness, because I've been wanting a Yohji/Aya pair. Now the question is who to get for Aya? Hmmmm...