Zaoll Discussion Thread - Part four!

Oct 28, 2016

    1. I can compare her to my Supia Rosy later. Do you have Rosy on the original body?
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    2. No, i have an AoD amd volks sd13 one.
    3. Wow everyone's Zaolls are so different. Loving seeing them, makes me miss my girl though
    4. I find that zaolls are sort of an between size, half msd half sd. Their head size is the same as a lot of msd's, I prefer them because they are more humanly proportioned, no bobbled heads. A lot of Bimong heads are similar in face and head size as well as realism. You can always hybrid to get them a partner. Ringdoll are MUCH taller, but their heads are also smaller than a normal sd and look ok with zaolles (a little bigger but kind of how some men have bigger heads than some women)
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    5. thank you :) For now I am admiring how proportionate their bodies are and I wonder what mine is going to look like when wearing super high heels :D I have just purchased mine and it got stuck on the pst office over the weekend lol xD But, yeah, people have differing head sizes irl too, especially once they're a tall person standing next to a short one :)
    6. [​IMG]
      I finally got her yay :D Now I know what she feels like to me - a more portable sd girl :) Thank you everyone for letting me know about Zaolls.
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    7. Hello there,

      I would love to know if any special thread or recensed list about Zaoll's hybridation on various bodies exist ? I'm looking for strong informations and pictures of comparison.

      Thank you !
    8. I think supia is a common hybrid (the 60cm body). I’ve also seen a modded feeple60 (there was a project journal for it, but it took a fair bit of work!). I’ve also seen Fantasydoll (male and female) and dollmore eve/adam. I have mine on a doll chateau y-06, which is just such a pretty body, but the neck gap is substantial (a long wig makes it tolerable, and it’s in proportion with the body, being a smaller head.
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    9. Thank you for your answer ! I'm most interested to make a mal hybrid (I already have a Dollmore Adam body at home for another head and I not really like it). But as Zaoll is a popular and very used sculpt, I believed a kind of "database" or detailed list about hybridation exists for her ? I found a very helpful list as a Google document for hybridation concerning Dollclans heads for example, I'm looking for something like this...
    10. Hello everyone, I wanted to share my guy Viktor. He just came back from getting a face up.

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    11. Where did you get such a perfect wig???
    12. What size did you order for him? I have an andro zaoll girl and wigs are a nightmare!
    13. My little gardener Ramie.
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    14. She is lovely! And she has avery pretty dress!
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    15. lenacat26:
      So sweet Ramie!

      For a laugh: My Zaoll Rei as Lady Door & Gobloch's Hijikata as Illiaster (he kneels) :D
      Thank Gobloch for her Soom Dia and blessed non-shaking hand with the candlestick:)
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    16. lenacat26:
      Beautiful portrait and beautiful doll.
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    17. After hot glue sueding:
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