Zaoll Discussion Thread - Part four!

Oct 28, 2016

    1. Very nice! I have yet to try hot glue sueding! But one of my boys definitely needs it!

      What body is he on? I just bought a previously owned Zaoll Luv that I'm looking for a boy body for! Yours looks like a perfect fit!
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    2. Dollmore Adam bodies are a common male hybrid!
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    3. Thank you! I'll have a look at them!
    4. You can also try the souldoll vito body. The matching with NS is great, and the proportions are good ! Just an old photo to show :

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    5. Oh nice! I do like that option! Thank you so much!!!
    6. Hi @kpopandkimchi , my Neo is on a ResinSoul 60cm boy body. It's the one they use for their sculpt Gang. This one here

      I actually quite like the way he poses and everything. He's my fav to do things with purely because of this body to be honest. I have better posers in my crew but I still love playing around with him anyway. Can't wait to see what sueding and wiring does for him.

      Hope that helps and sorry for the delay in replying, I wasn't online here and forgot to log back in! Ooops

      Oh and another suggestion could possibly be the Immortality of Soul Class 50 body (or the 60 though I haven't tried either of my Zaoll heads on the 60 body yet.) But here's a quick pic of it on the 50 body I have.

      and a full body shot of it

      That's a White Skin head with a Normal skin body so they clearly don't match but I think the Normal Zaoll skin will be a kind of good match.
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    7. Thank you so much for responding! I really do quite like the ResinSoul 1/3 body! I saw another Zaoll Luv head on that body on IG! Maybe it was yours??? I'm really not sure what color my Zaoll head is supposed to be. It's been modded with facial scars and is a bit yellowed from age maybe? So I'm hoping some blushing can help with skintone matching!
    8. Ah you're welcome! It's a pretty popular combo, I actually decided upon it because of two other people who have this combo and I fell in absolute love with it. So I have my Neo on there, but any other one definitely isn't mine. I am hoping to get both a Zaoll Ramie and Muse head and put them both on ResinSoul boy bodies if I ever get the chance though!

      Also yep blushing with either chalks or you could pay someone to do an airbrush resin matching to get them to match if you need to. That's how my Neo matches his body so well. He's airbrushed as he's a normal skin head originally so that's totally an option.
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    9. Oh good info!!! I hadn't thought of having a body airbrushed! I think I want to get the ResinSoul boy body too! It is definitely just sooo perfect! I also fell in love with the way it looked when I saw someone else on IG with that combo! Oh and I'm in love with Muse too! She might have to be my first girl someday! I'm just stuck on boys right now though and don't know if that will ever happen. Knowing me, I'd get her and turn her into a pretty boy too! :p
    10. I would definitely suggest getting the head airbrushed to match the body rather than the other way around. It's easier and cheaper but also the colour would rub off on the body when you move it, but it's definitely possible to do the head brushing and even the body but I definitely wouldn't recommend the body one.

      The cool thing about the ResinSoul body is if you ask Sun, they will sand the abs off the body and produce a softer body for you also. They've done it with other bodies. But yeah when I get Muse and Ramie, they're both gonna be boys. Only one of my Zaolls is a girl, although I'd literally have an army of Zaoll boys and girls if I could. They just make such cute girls AND boys. I want them all! XD
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    11. Omg thanks for that tip about the airbrushing! I just wanted to keep the original faceup, because I actually found, or should I say she found me, the person that did it years ago! She recognized the head when I posted a photo on IG! And she was so surprised and happy to see the faceup held up so well over the years!
      Awww... I kinda like those skinny little abs! So I'll probably keep 'em! And I hear ya! I want them all too!!! lol :)
    12. Ah well if he already has a faceup and you'd like to keep it, with ResinSoul there IS another option! :D Send them the headcap (you don't need to send the whole head) and they will produce a body for you in that colour so it matches! (They'll send the headcap back too, no worries.)

      OR there's always photoshop. I'm still learning but there are ways to make a head and body look like they match more with photoshop or other similar programs as well. I hope you're able to get your boy sorted soon, I would love to see him! XD
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    13. Ahhh... yes! Or even just those face filter apps might work? Hmmm... Would I be waiting for months if I send them the headcap? Not to say I'll probably be waiting months anyways! LOL Unless I can find a used body. I can't wait to have Marketplace access! lol
    14. @kpopandkimchi
      It helps a lot. Before, just standing was a big problem for my Zaoll.
    15. Good to know! Thanks!
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    16. I made my Zaoll Luv Izzy a new wig! She looks great with her g/f Aria (Zaoll Muse).

      [​IMG]zaollpink by abhorant, on Flickr
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    17. I love seeing others Luv and Muse! <3 My Zaoll Luv head is waiting for the 1/3 ResinSoul male body!
    18. Great creations!
    19. Hi. It's in my near future plans to get a Zaoll Muse. Currently I've ordered some cute summer clothes for her from Etsy as I like to have everything ready for her that I need before doing my order.

      Never had a Zaoll before and am wondering what clothing size and shoes fit?
    20. Oh Muse is beautiful! But I have my Zaoll on a male body, so unfortunately I wouldn't be able to help with your girl's sizing.