Zaoll Discussion Thread - Part four!

Oct 28, 2016

    1. She is beautiful ❤️ Did you do her faceup?
    2. I really love my Luv and Ramie, but I did not do their makeup, it was made by an artist from Russia.
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    3. I second this question - I'm toying with and idea of a taller Ramie. But what options for a female body hybrid are there except of a Supia body? Don't get me, wrong, I love Supia body, but I don't want to have more than one in my doll family ;)
      Would for example a Luts Senior Delf work?
      Anyway, the more budget friendly the options are, the better.

      (Resin match is less important for me - 50% match is fine :D the remaining 50% can be blushed :D).
    4. Dollmore matches pretty well with Doll Chateau, and I have my Zaoll on my y-06 body, which looks perfect and is taller (albeit probably thinner) than the original body. I’ve also seen one on a feeple60, though that requires a bit of modding, and isn’t much taller. The sdf type 2 body was the only one that gave any kind of neck measurement, and it might work. I don’t know if they’re measuring the shoulders with the arms on, but the neck is 8cm, shoulders claim to be 8.2, which looks small? And the chest is 25 cm. That’s not super far off, so that *moght* work, but I would get someone with the body to double check the website’s shoulder measurement.
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    5. I can't speak from experience with this, but I've heard that the DollsTown elf body works with the Zaoll head. I have one on order, but it's not for a hybrid. When it arrives I'll switch heads and see how it looks.
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    6. That's interesting. I thought Dollzone and Doll Chateau would be right out due to their neck size. (But I have to admit, I have never seen either in real life).
    7. I winged it, and I love how mine came out. The pics are linked cause I’m on mobile.


    8. Wow, she looks great! :D
    9. Thanks!! I got really lucky with that hybrid!
    10. @Chameleon - Super hybrid! Love how she looks.
    11. Thanks!!! I’m so glad she turned out welll!
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    12. Nice dress! I think I would pair it with different footwear though! My girls don't like boots!
    13. My doll also does not like shoes, but for the sake of the beauty of the image is ready to suffer
    14. hello everyone, all your girls are so lovely <3 I am planning to get a Zaoll (probably non-dreaming Luv) in some time and I would like to ask those of you who have other-sized dolls too: what does a Zaoll girl feel like? Does she feel like an SD or is she much smaller, so that you feel she's a kid when compared to your other SDs? Unfrotunately, I have no chance of comparying it IRL. Also, when you put the regular sd girl clothes on her - does it look like tad too big/baggy or is it just fine? I mean, I have rather flat-chested, slim sd girls, and I am trying to imagine what they look like next to each other but *in person*, sitting on your shelves etc ;)
    15. This is an older image but it should help! It's a Souldoll girl on a Soom Supergem body(65cm), an Elfdoll (around 60cm, regular SD) and a Zaoll Ramie (50cm) sitting down. As you can see, there's not much difference in the height because most dolls have very long legs, and that's where a majority of their height comes from. Whereas the Zaoll body has more human-proportioned legs, making them much shorter overall.

      Here you can see how their height difference is when they are standing (also an old picture, I no longer have most of these dolls). It also has a few MSD-sized dolls for you to get an idea of the size difference.

      Overall, for me the head size has been the biggest thought. As the Zaoll has a relatively small head it's been a challenge to find other SD that don't look very big-headed in comparison. In this image you can see her with some other SD and can probably see that some of the other dolls' heads look very large in comparison. And while I've been pleased enough with just sticking a poofier wig on her (in that image also on an another, resinsoul body) and calling that done, it might or might not be enough for what you're looking for if your other dolls have much larger heads.
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    16. aww, thank you so much for your time <3 the pictures really are helpful. With the head issue that you mentioned - I have two Supia girls that I'd pose with her, if anything. My Rosy has a very small head, so they should match. And abut the size - yes, I noticed that too that her legs are more realistic in length/proportion and I love it! :)
      May I also ask you - in terms of carrying her/holding her - is she heavier like an average sd doll?
    17. I tested it out and while she is definitely heavier than an MSD, she's not as heavy as any of my current SD. But take that with a pinch of salt, because I don't have "average" sizes SD to test out at the moment. The closest is my Argodoll Nelei, but she's on their plus-sized body and so heavier than the average would be. But it would make sense for her weight to be somewhere in between an SD and a MSD since her size is in between there as well.
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    18. thank you <3 I guess I'll just have to buy to see for myself ;)