Zaoll Pharaoh Luv Limited Edition

Jan 18, 2011

    1. annnnd... wiithout so much as a word of warning, a bit of fanfare or ANYTHING... mine has arrived! LESS THAN A MONTH, people! What is THAT all about!

      I haven't got pictures yet because I am just too mesmerized by her in her pink undies sitting on my lap to do anything else. She's... just gorgeous. This is definitely not going to be a "play" doll, though, as I think I might die if something happened to her.

      Pictures as soon as I can manage.

      I'm so shocked. I hadn't even looked at the "my order" area because I honestly wasn't expecting to see her for another 3-4 weeks; and they didn't send me a notice or anything. What a treat... I've been feeling so awful today and this just makes it all SO much better!

      ETA: pictures are here!!&p=7470678#post7470678
    2. Congrats Baakay! I imagine how happy you should have been when receiving your beauty :D

      I was also expected mine yesterday, but unluckily, it seems Dollmore made a mistake in my address and the delivery failed >_<
      Now the package is waiting for me in my post office. Tomorrow, I will pick up her. Can't wait, most of all, now, that I have seen your pictures, Baakay!
    3. Congrats Baakay!!

      Forgot to mention it here, but mine just came in yesterday as well. I didn't get to her till late in the evening because of work, so I was lazy and didn't figure out the outfit, just stuck her in some spare SD clothing I had. Pictures are here. I'm really suprised at how quickly they came out with her!
    4. Oh wow, thanks for sharing pics guys! I went to the post office yesterday to see if maybe my girl was there, but no luck. Hopefully soon though. I'm getting excited! I put Soom Ender on layaway to be her companion.
    5. Aa, your tanned Zaolls are gorgeous, congrats to you who received yours <3 I'm so envious because I really wanted her too, but didn't have the money :lol:
    6. I picked mine up last night at the post office! She's currently wearing a robe from one of my old Franklin Mint dolls, because her dress is too tight to fasten at the back. I'll hit up Joanne's tomorrow and find something so that I can adjust it. She's really beautiful, and I'm glad I splurged to get her.
    7. Congrats Michelle! Man, I've been stalking the post office and still no luck. Did Dollmore send anyone shipping notices?
    8. Are your tracking numbers posted on Dollmore? The email messages frequently seem to get lost in transit. I was one of the last to order, but now I'm looking forward to seeing her fairly soon!
    9. Personnally, I have received from Dollmore an email with my tracking number. I suppose next week all Zaoll Pharaoh have a chance to be sent. I hope you won't wait too long for the ones who are still waiting.
      I have received mine 3 days ago and she's stunning. I'm so glad to have bring one home :D
    10. I know I got a shipping notice before the tracking number was really in the system (that made for one scary day, wondering if my package was lost before it had even started to get here!) Maybe it got send to your junk-mail folder?
    11. oh, pics pleeeeeeeeeze? ^__^

      I'm pretty sure my girl just hasn't shipped yet. Dollmore is usually really good at sending me notices (I buy enough stuff from them >__<). They'd actually sent me email about her after I bought her, so I'm sure its not lost in junk mail. Oh well, I'll just have to live vicariously through you guys for now. ;)
    12. I have just taken pictures today ^^ Here your are!
    13. This is probably the wrong place to ask, but! I helped a friend order her tan Zaoll and she actually arrived damaged T_T And had to be sent back to dollmore. And while Dollmore has been absolutely amazing about this so far, I was wondering if anyone knew what standard turn around time was on this sort of thing? Though I guess standard doesn't apply since she's tan orz
    14. MichelleAK, She's beautiful! Some of the old "high tech" devices work best!
    15. I found her too late. She's already sold out... But she's gorgeous. I LOVE everything about her.
    16. Beautiful :).

      I still find it a bit perplexing that they made the dress so tight around the middle. I worked and worked at stretching it out a bit so that it would actually close, but it's not conductive to any sort of movement on her part...

      Beautiful dress, just too tight! Aside from that I love her fullset and everything else about her.
    17. There was someone in the Dollmore Waiting Room a few months back who had that happen to them. I think she had to add an extra.... four or five weeks(?) to her total time. But to be fair to Dollmore, I believe she mentioned that she'd shipped it to Dollmore on a slower parcel mailing, so it took awhile to get to Dollmore. When they got the package with the damaged head, it took them about the usual time it takes to order and ship (so about a week or two after getting the damaged piece).

      The user ordered a Zaoll, so perhaps if you were really curious that would help you figure out which user it was by going through the Waiting Room thread. I *believe* it was towards the beginning of the current thread, but I can't remember for certain. ^^;
    18. I had the same problem :/ It was almost impossible to close the dress. I had to fight to actually close it, and then, she almost can't move >_<