Zaoll Pharaoh Luv Limited Edition

Jan 18, 2011

    1. That's actually one of the reasons that I don't keep her in the default outfit. I don't like how tightly it sits in some places and I don't like having to mess with it to keep it together! An extra centimeter of fabric on it would have been perfect, but as it is, it's kind of annoying! Oh well...I like mine better in street clothes anyway :sweat
    2. PranBran, what size of clothing does she fit into? I don't have any other girl dolls, and I know she doesn't have SD measurements (being shorter and a bit wider in the waist/hips). Can she wear SD clothing pretty well? I want to buy her some additional clothing, but am not sure where to start.

      As for the waistband, I think they may have measured it, and then forgot to allow for folding over the rough edges of the waistband. It also would have helped if they had used a hook/eye closure, rather than a snap, IMO.
    3. I have the NS luv already and I can tell you now its gonna be a pain to find pants for her. She doesn't fit SD10 sized clothes. They're baggy and too long on her.

      However, I was just at a meetup yesterday and someone had a souldoll older soul double body and the sizes looked VERY similar. I'm thinking they could wear the same clothes. Actually, I brought the souldoll girl home with me for a faceup commission, so I plan to do some comparison pics (and to tempt her mama, cuz she's thinking of getting a Luv now. hehe, spread the Luv!).

      As for the dress, I think when my girl gets here I'll try to sew a hook and eye closure on the waistband.
    4. I'm sharing shirts between her and an SD girl that I have, but I put her into the tighter shirts that I have. They fit her a little more loosely than they do my SD girl. Pants are not going to be as fun. Like tiffanyjbt said, no SD pant size that I have seen would fit those short legs. I have some pants coming from Dollmore that are specifically made for Zaolls. The black leggings I have her in were a gift from Dollmore and fit her pretty well. I've also got a set of white leggings that hit my SD girl just under her knee that work pretty well for her (they hit about mid calf)
    5. Yup, I've got my girl in leggings that hit SD10 just under the knee and they hit my Luv at lower calf. Her hips and butt are too wide for MSD clothes too. I've tried. >__< I even tried putting the Muse I had in some pants made for JID Ryan boy and they were too tight. My Luv is wearing a cute flowy dress from iplehouse for their YIDs and it fits nicely. But its loose and its adjustable around the neck. Its one of those dresses that looks cute on anyone I put it on. My poor girl, she'll probably never change clothes and I don't know what I'm gonna do with my tan girl when she gets here. She may have to steal someones skirt. :|
    6. Okay, thanks for the info. Dollmore sent me a pair of black leggings, too, so that's a (tiny) start. I may just have some things made for her. I'll probably keep her in dresses/gowns more than pants, anyway. It may be easier to find some skirts/dresses, and do up the hems a bit.
    7. If you're decent at sewing (I'm not :sweat ) hemming is probably your best option! I'm thinking I'm going to stick to shorter skirts and what should be capri pants and hope for the best for now.
    8. I didn't even think to check the waiting room thread :doh But that DOES help, thank you. :aheartbea
    9. Just curious, did any of the receivers of too tight dresses tell Dollmore about it? And what was the response?
    10. Biggy> I didn't tell anything to Dollmore because I just tried once the dress and I had no intention to keep it.
      I thought I could be the only one but it seems we all have the same problem :/
    11. My girl fiiiiiinally arrived! Took her forever, but I'm so happy she's here now! She's an absolute knockout! Got her in some plain clothes and took some pics with my NS Luv that I'll upload tomorrow. But for now, here's a pic:

      Another quick pic of Nenette. by aEthEr hEad, on Flickr

      I did put her in her default outfit when I first got her. I was able to get the back snapped together and it stayed snapped. My only issue is that one of her lashes popped out when I changed her eyes. Oh well, I'll be redoing her faceup eventually anyway, though the default is absolutely gorgeous!
    12. tiffanyjbt: ....i'm not sure what to say.
      She is so gorgeous I m not sure what to say xD
      Congratulations =]
    13. Hello everybody,
      I received my Luv yesterday and while the doll is an outstanding work of beauty my outfit does not close as well. And the belt does not close the way it should be. I have commented about this on Dollmores Q&A and they told me they had never heard of that problem before. But I still think a doll at this price point should at least have clothes that fit.

      I would be very happy if everybody who received a Luv with non fitting dress could report this to Dollmore as well, to avoid the last dolls that might still have to be shipped to arrive with ill fitting clothes as well and to maybe solve the problem for the rest of us with providing a fitting dress (and belt in my case)
    14. i received my tan luv last week and was unable to get her dress to close either... (though i think it'll fit another of my dolls...)

      i haven't mentioned it to dollmore - but i'm kinda thinking it might be a bit late to now?
    15. No, I don't think it is too late. Because if nobody tells them they assume that everyones dress fit exept mine. They have told me to send back the dress to have it fixed by their desingner, but I don't feel I'd like to send it back and wait again for it while I have waited so long for the doll to arrive and I would not like to pay extra money for shipping back the dress to have it fixed while the doll was already quiet expencive. And what if it gets lost in the post, will I end up with no dress at all? I'd rather like them to know that almost all off their dresses are too small and send new ones to the customers.
    16. I agree that Dollmore should be made aware of the problem even if we don't plan to use the outfit on Zaoll or can modify it ourselves. Just to make them more careful in the future. I received mine last week but I haven't had time to try the outfit on. Real life intervened!
    17. Thats a pretty color tan. Not feeling the clothes though. Looks more Hindu than Egyptian. But love the gauze for mummy wrap!
    18. well, i just posted on dollmore to let them know that my clothes don't fit either.
    19. I have heard back from Dollmore that I could send back the dress to have it fixed. They would even be wiling to pay for the shipping, but they said as well they do not have any more of the fabric, so I won't take the risk of sending it back and getting lost in transit, ending up with no dress at all. I guess I will have to find a way to fix it myself.

      I posted pictures of my girl in the gallery wearing casual clothtes.
    20. I checked mine and it does fit.