Soom Teenie Gem Bygg & Beyla

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Soom released limited Monthly Doll set Bygg & Beyla – The Thunder Play based on unicorns. They were the first to have genderless bodies. They represent the element of Light in the MD story of 2009. This set included Bygg in a grey skin color, while Beyla was in white skin tone. Because grey resin is harder to manufacture, Bygg cost more than Beyla. They were Teenie Gems, 28cm in height.

Order periods

Original order period was from Aug 21th to Sep 15th 2009 when the Thunder Play MDs were released.

They were later rereleased as

  • Bygg - Starlight Prince, limited quantity of 50 dolls in normal skin and in boy body
  • Beyla - Quest for the Magic Stone, limited quantity of 50 dolls in normal skin and in girl body


Head was sculpted by Marimo. Thunder Play outfit was designed by Lee Hye Young.

Fantasy and optional parts

Fantasy parts that came with the dolls:

  • Romantic head (R.head) with horn made of transparent resin
  • single horn legs and hooves (horse hooves and leg parts)
  • tail

The dolls also came with a second pair of hands, which were closed fist 'Cute hands'.