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Part of Island Dolls' First line of bjds and their only 1/12 scale line. The 10 cm size only comes as one sculpt.

  • Leshy is a little doll with two horns and goat-like ears with a gender neutral human body. The body possesses a non--jointed torso, single jointed arms and legs as well as swarricco joints at the hip that allow for cute sitting. Leshy is available in both Fullset($145-$161) and Standard($80-$96) editions; with($110-$126) or without($80-$96) a faceup. Leshy can be ordered in one of eight colors: Neutral Beige, Pink, Normal, Island, Opal, Snow-white(no extra charge), and Blue or Tan(for an additional fee). Though pictures of Leshy show only three variations of the Fullset: blue skin with blue eyes, white overalls and wig; island skin with red eyes, red overalls and wig; or island skin with green eyes, green overalls and wig; it is possible to order Leshy in any resin color and outfit/wig combination, you just have to specify these details hen you place the order.


  • Height: 10cm
  • Head:9cm
  • Eye size: 10mm
  • Neck size:2.3cm
  • Shoulder width: 2.3cm
  • Chest size: 2.3cm
  • Waist size: 5.3cm
  • Hip size: 5.5cm
  • Arm length: 2.5cm
  • Leg length:3.5cm
  • Ankle width: 2.4cm
  • Foot length: 1.2cm
  • Foot width: 0.7CM


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